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I placed an order back in October 6, 2016 for a presale bundle Protest the Hero was offering through Merchnow. The item was to ship and arrive mid-November. There was a slight issue with the address. The order shipped fast enough, but I entered a friend's address due to the fact I hadn't made the my move to the area yet. The package couldn't be delivered by USPS, so they sent it back. That was my fault. I should've never placed the order in the midst of moving. I reached out to customer care to see if once the warehouse receives the order, if they can send it back out to my new address. This is where things get horrific, ... From what I've read from reviews of this company's customer service, basically if there is ANY problem at all with the order, .. your s### out of luck. None of their customer service reps will even make the mildest attempts to help you. I've contacted them on 4 separate occasions. I've been speaking with Olivia. Mind you, she takes at least 5 days to respond. She mentioned she notified the sender's of my address update several times. Then made an excuse that because of the holidays, many orders get returned. Fine, understandable, ... So last reply I let her know to message me with an update. We are now in the new year. 2 months after this was suppose to arrive. She never responded after my last message 3 weeks ago. They pretty much just stole my money. It seems like my order is lost, but she's being incredibly vague and just saying eventually they'll get to it, .. but they offer nothing as far as help. They don't offer any store credit, or refunds. It's honestly the worst customer service experience ever. As I mentioned, if there's no problem with your order, everything works out fine. They ship promptly. Otherwise, good luck getting any help. I won't order from them ever again, but they don't care. They stole $50 from me. I guess at this point, it's whatever. It's unfortunate because Protest the Hero is my favorite band, and many bands use sites like this to get their merch out. Your better off buying merch in person at a show because dealing with these websites is a horrific process.

Jan 14, 2017

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