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Bought a patio set on sale, but then found out this store did not have all the pieces. They sent us to two other stores in two different towns. Each store was supposed to have our missing items, not! We then asked them to order the items. Couldn't, item discontinued, but item in sale flier for another week! At the third store, a couple was going to get a rain check for the same set. I told them it was discontinued. They had the employee check it and yeah, dah, no rain checks allowed. Item discontinued. We ended up getting our money back.

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  • Ma
      19th of May, 2008
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    Recently, I have gone to Menards to purchase items from the plumbing, electrical, and the seasonal deparment. In my last three visits they were out of the items.

    I approached the Pewaukee, Wisconsin manager, Dave, about Menards practice of keeping their shelves full. I was told that replenishment is done strictly by computer. Obviously this does not work.

    I suggested that department managers, upon coming on shift, to a visual walk through of their departments. Upon noting empty bins to go on their own website to see when items will be coming and put a sign in the spaces where no products are to be sold.

    This is simply good customer service. Menards does have a definite problem if the rely solely on their computers as delivery is to occur twice a week. I asked the plumbing department manager when the last item (the item I was looking for was sold). It was over a month ago! So delivery every two weeks is not happening if Menards are relying solely on their computer for ordering.

  • Me
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    The Manager was partially correct about the replenishment system. The restocking of shelves is far more complicated then at first glance. There are 9 ways to restock shelves which include computers. If an empty shelf is not caught by the operating system then there might be a bigger problem, possibly an incorrect count or vendor backorder. Menards spends 2x the industry average on restock and adjustment.
    The items you were looking for should have been looked at as soon as you mentioned it and I hope that the problem has been fixed. If you do not find the first person you speak to receptive then ask for the next manager higher until you get a straight answer.

  • Ve
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    This is my complaint with MENARDS store located in Melrose Park, IL. Store Manager who will remain nameless needs to take a course in Customer Care and Relations Class 101.

    I purchased a snow-blower that was on sale and displayed in front of the store upon entering. The unit was assembled and looked new. The unit was marked down by $15 dollars. I inquired why the unit was marked down and was told the first buyer had put the wrong gas in the unit and couldn't start it.

    Now I agreed to purchase the 24" MTD SNOW-BLOWER with my Menards credit card and paid for delivery with total balance was$689.00.

    I got a call from Menards later that evening. The person informed me that they couldn't get the blower started. I said OK I'll be in the next day to have all credit transactions reversed.

    I got another call 3hours later from Menards stating the snow-blower is now starting, and delivery date is still scheduled. The blower was delivered and stored in my garage. Two weeks later a huge snow storm hit us, well I'm ready with my NEW snow-blower.

    Except one problem, it won't start. I tried over and over again, nothing. Eventually I called Menards and spoke to The Manager who informed me that I should look at the small print on my packing list which states no returns.

    Mr. Manager, I'm not a happy "Guest" right now so I offered to buy a new snow-blower even if it cost more. NO, said The Manager. Now I'm thinking you turned down a chance to make a better deal and you said no. So I asked to speak to his superior, his reply was no he has no superior.

    So he gave me the address and phone number to a company that takes the warranted machines and other units for Menards.
    I informed The Manager that I was going on line to E-Mail a complaint against him for his total unprofessional conduct over the phone.

    The next day an employee was sent to my home to see if they could start the snow-blower, but he couldn't, and was told to leave the snow-blower there.

    So I paid a delivery charge again for a pick up and delivery to the recommended repair company. I was just informed today that the blower was fixed.

    The repair company informed me that the gas tank had water in it, the oil had water in it, and the carburetor had water in it. Total repair cost $117.00. I would like for Menards to pick up the repair and delivery cost. I agreed to buy a working snow-blower, not a snow-blower that needed repairs.

    Sincerely Yours, Unhappy "GUEST" Mr. Byers

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