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My family moved from Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Seattle Washington.
We used Mega Moving in Gloucester New Jersey. The owner is Mami Amram. These guys did a fantastic job of communicating with us, and answering any & all questions we had.
My husband had been through a few corporate moves before and knew pretty much what to expect. He did the bulk of the packing making sure all items were packed tight and used alot of paper and stuffing to cushion everything.
We had Mega pack the delicate items such as dishes, lamps and our television sets, and purchased the zero deductible insurance package so that anything would be replaced if broken.
I had read the stories from others experiences, and had come to the conclusion that I might have to just "suck-it-up" and be ready to refurnish our home once we arrived in Seattle.
Our packers arrived as scheduled, ready for work, and were thorough and quick with packing our dishes and breakables.
The day of loading, our driver greeted us on time and with 5 very neat, hard working gentlemen who took great care to put down floor protection and padding to the stairwell, doors and walls, so that the home wasn't damaged as furniture went out.
All of our wood furniture was heavily padded, our sofas and chairs were shrink wrapped. Any boxes marked "Fragile" were top loaded so as not to get crushed.
Our items arrived intact and on-time in Seattle. Our driver Steve, supervised as well as worked alongside the loading and unloading crews. He kept in touch by cellphone while he was enroute.
The unloading crew placed our furniture where we wanted it, and even had good suggestions for placement.
This move exceeded all of my expectations.
Nothing was broken or missing. We moved from a very full 4 Bdrm 2 story home into a 4 Bdrm 2 story. It took almost the entire 51 foot semi trailer.
I wont say that our move was cheap but we payed for what we have.

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  • An
      Jan 08, 2009

    This is a fake complaint and it's very sickening! DO NOT TRUST MEGA MOVERS!! They use to be Destination movers and are the worst moving company ever!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Dd
      Mar 02, 2009

    Fake Fake Fake review! There is no way that anybody could say anything kind about this company. I have dealt with them and they are horrible! Please do not use them!

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  • Ex
      Mar 08, 2009

    Mega Moving Complaint

    I am sorry, but I cannot believe that the review that they were "great" is true. They are decietful and dishonest. This review MUST be a lie, because they are not capable of doing good work. They were the rudest and most careless company I have ever done business with, regardless of the service. Whoever posted the good review is either an employee of the company or was paid because Mega Moving and Storage is nothing but a scam artist comany.

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  • He
      Mar 22, 2009

    I have only good things

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  • Ap
      Mar 31, 2009

    STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM MEGA MOVING & STORAGE of North Miami Beach!!! I've worked with four different moving companies in the last 15 years, I never had a single problem with Graebel, North American or Allied. Mega Movers is by far the WORST I've ever encountered. HIGHLY, UNPROFESSIONAL & HIGHLY, UNETHICAL.

    The Pickup: They arrived several hours late, refused to give my boyfriend (Aaron) another estimate based on the changes he'd discussed with their sales agent, loaded everything on the truck, then proceeded to charge him double the price they'd quoted in writing, on a BINDING estimate. When Aaron called to discuss the matter with the very belligerent supervisor(Samuel), the supervisor resorted to threats and name calling.

    The Delivery: After picking up Aaron belongings on a Monday, they broke their promise to delivery the following weekend. Instead of giving 24 hours notice of they're arrival as promised, they gave us six hours notice ... only AFTER Aaron called to inqure about his delivery. Upon arrival at the new place they refused to accept a money order from Aaron's bank (Bank of America) and insisted on a postal money order, not that there's any difference between the two. At no time during their earlier converstation did they say they would only accept postal money orders. The delivery guy actually tried to argue that there is a difference between postal money orders and bank money orders. Keep in mind, they had accepted a check for the first payment at pickup.

    Aaron's belongings were not placed in order of delivery, so they actually spent the first hour taking some other poor, unsuspecting customer's belongings out of the truck and leaving them on the front lawn, so they could unload his stuff. After four and a half hours a crew member announced that everything had been delivered and they were leaving. My boyfriend insisted on doing a final pass through the truck and found no less than 12 more of his boxes, the movers had missed because their load was so disorganized.

    Use these guys at your own RISK folks!!! This was my boyfriend's move, but I witnessed the entire process from start to finish. "Google" Mega Movers and you'll see the customer complaints far outnumber the compliments. You'll also notice that many of the complaints describe the same unprofessional, unethical and perhaps illegal, practices over and over again. I am APPALLED!!!

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  • Ra
      Jul 09, 2009

    Its Mega Mover is a scam. They have YET to deliver our household goods. Now they are not answering the telephone. They took everything. Its unethical, disgusting, unprofessional and if they don't deliver anything which they haven't today it appears they stole it. But it three weeks and no call, no delivery date. Located in Florida--I would report them to the FBI but seriously believe they are so evil they would harm us.

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