Mediclinic Klein Karooworst service ever!!

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I have never in my life felt like such a burden as I did at mediclinic klein karoo. Last time I checked, I paid for medical service... Why is it that the saff makes you feel as if they are doing you a favor when you need assistance??? My 11 month old baby was admitted, and I needed to stay with him... Now plz tell me, if klein karoo mediclinic does not want you as mom to be there, why not just say so??? Instead, when asking for a cup of tea - it gets plonked dow and the person says "there"... I live 100km away and am not able to get linen from hom, when asking for linen I am told "you dont get linen"... Jeeeee thanks! So ill just sleep cold for 4 nights. Then the "kind" lady plonkes a blanket on the chair and says "you can have a blanket" from 12pm to 7 pm I was not able to even go to the toilet, seeing that the staff when awal...7:30 I go and fetch someone, and ask her "would you plz stay with my baby, I just want to take a shower" her response ;"cant the baby sit in the cot alone?" are you serious you ffffff'ing [censor]!!! My baby is sick, has not slept in 3 days, has been stuck with needles is in a strange place and is scared!!! No he can not just sit in the cot and cry!!!


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      Aug 10, 2019
    Mediclinic Group Services - I've been sitting in the emergency area for more than two hours
    South Africa

    I came to hospital for consultation but I've been sitting for more than two hours. I want to know if this the way you treat your patients. I'm very disappointed. I will never come to this hospital and I will write this on social media

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