McCarthy Volkswagen / vw golf 7

I took my car for service 27/03/2016 at VW Arcadia for service. When my husband dropped the car it was in a good condition. We only took it for 60 000 Kilometres. He went to fetch it the same day.When he drove with the car immediately when he press the accelerator it started to cut.I called them on Monday and spoke to the service manager Jimmy who said I should bring the car back.They then said the coin plugs burned they have ordered the new one's that was on Tuesday.We must come Wednesday.Wednesday they called my husband and said they think the problem is with the injector they have ordered a new one.Till today they say they are still busy with the car.It seems like they do not know what is wrong with that car.What if they say they have fixed the problem.Then 1-3 years down the line the problem come back again.This so bad and I am not happy at all

Mar 04, 2016

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