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I was on for about 5 months and found a very nice man, and we started dating. One morning this nice man had received an email from apparently another member saying that they and I were stilll involveled and that that this nice man shoud stop dating me, because he wanted me back.
So in return I get an email from the nice guy saying he is sorry he cant date me anymore as he found out someone is stlll in my life. What? This ruiend what could have been a great relationship!
How in the heck can another member get the email of one of the guys I am dating? Is it possible? This has to be the work of hackers and someone I do not know, because I have no unfinished business with anyone... There was no reason for this cruel intrusion. This is a breech of privacy for your clients! Your talk match email system is suposed to make things secure,. So what happened here? I found him, and lost him both because of
Dont trust this site!!

Jan 21, 2015
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