Massachusetts Health Connectornot provide insurance or denial letter

Smita anthony
89 grace ave
Shrewsbury, ma - 01545
Mahealth connector


Dear mahealth connector :
This letter is to complain about service I recently received from a mahealthconnector customer service representative. I called mahealthconnector on february 1, 2017, to find out medical insurance for our kids.
We received disqualified for masshealth notice (notice id – [protected]/510/appr-cmsp-121216) on dec12th for members :abel mathew, dob : september 15h 2010 and abigail mathew, dob: july 23rd 2014. along with the disqualified letter letter we got another letter mentioned about the same members are qualified for another plan named “connectcare plan type 3b with advance premium tax credit;
Abel mathew temp member id : [protected] and
Abigail mathew, temp member id : [protected].
Practically these plans are not active and we didn’t receive any id cards or anything so far.
Both the kids are sick now and we cannot take care of our kids because we don’t have a plan.
Through our work place in order for us to get the coverage we may have to show a denial letter but we asked the customer service representative for min 100 times but they said “ we cannot send a letter like that”
If you cannot provide masshealth is fine but atleast provide a denial letter so that we can try from another source or private for a qualifying event.
Smita anthony

Feb 03, 2017

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