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Marshall`s / Olivia Jones store number 1071 Henderson nv Marshall`s

1 290 W Lake Mead Pkwy Henderson, NV 89015Henderson, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (702) 558-9235

On Thursday around 7.00 pm i was in your store in Henderson Nevada with my wife. I was trying on some clothes in the men`s fitting room area it was completely empty ( there are only two fitting rooms for men and they both were empty). I asked my wife to come in with me in case if i need to exchange something to a different size.She had a visiting tag. We always do that so I don't have to get dressed and then go look for different sizes and come back. The fitting room attended was fine with this as long as there are no other male customers, in which case of course, my wife would leave the fitting room area with no problem.
As we walked in the fitting rooms, miss Olivia Jones shouted to my wife to get out and that she was not allowed in there. My wife said ok and came out. As she was leaving the dressing room, miss Olivia continued to tell my wife that she was not allowed to be in there and that she was on cameras. My wife said ok. A minute later I asked my wife to bring me the item in a different size, so she walked in to grab jeans I was trying on to go get another size for me. Miss Olivia came back to shout at her again that she was not allowed there. My wife said she was just grabbing clothes to go find another size. I got dressed and came out and asked the lady what is the problem for her bringing me clothes. She said it was not permitted, and that my wife, who is a employee with this company but was off duty at that moment, was told by this lady that she would be written up for that and i said she was not on the clock and that its unfair to scream at her or anyone else in front of customers like this. She stood in front of myself and really felt the need to keep arguing and proving her point and how she was RIGHT, she never changed her tone or attitude and stepped even closer in my face and didn't care that there were other customers around.
We stood there in a yelling argument while other customers around where wondering what is going on and why it was her need to yell and scream at a customer. After 5 minutes of this i had just left my things that i was going to buy and walked out and canceled my tj maxx card.
I always heard from my wife who has been working for TJX company for a couple of years now, that TJMaxx and Marshalls are always about great customer service. Well I guess this is not what miss Olivia Jones stands for. This was a very upsetting and unpleasant experience that day. And nobody thought it actually was worth the argument, especially as miss Jones is one of the supervisors at that location and suppose to set an example. It was upsetting to other customers around to hear all that and it was upsetting for us, as we really believe we never violated any rules and the situation wasn't worth the yelling at all. I think either she needs to rewatch a training video on customer service or she needs to be told that customers are the reason why your in business.. i will never shop at your stores again and will let family and friends know plus all social media outlets

Aug 15, 2015

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