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Market Force Information, Inc. ripped me off. If you ever decide to work here, you will most likely end up regretting it. Seemed like a great idea at the time-- even fun perhaps. Getting paid for your opinion, experience at writing AND reimbursed for your meals? Hey, I love writing and I give my opinion freely-- so why not get paid for it all, right? Hmph! Was *I* in for rude awakening!

On the initial application they want to know everything there is to know about YOU. Do you own or rent a home, do you have any type of disabilities, what's your gender, your race, are you married or single, what's your household income, what's your birth date, your Social Security number, your hair color, eye color, do you wear glasses, how tall are you and how much do you weigh??! Many of those criteria sounded very suspicious or even illegal to me but I ignored my intuitions. I knew that there were some mystery shopping jobs that were a scam and you had to be careful so I checked them out with the BBB. When I saw that they had a decent rating I eagerly signed up with them. I wanted this job. Badly. It sounded like my dream job so I ignored any skepticism on my own or anyone else's part.

They wanted me to take a written test that would test my attention to detail on the last place that I shopped. Spelling and grammar counts even though when you do the actual reports for them, you have an automatic spell checker-- but yet they still have an actual spelling test on there and they want to know the exact time right down to the very second that you started taking their test and EXACTLY when you ended it!

Then, if you're accepted, you have to read and then take a 35 question test on an 11 page manual. 5 pages of the manual are dedicated entirely on how to start and stop timing the workers at the restaurant. They devoted about half of the questions to things like: What is the timing point 1, 2 and 3 for the walk in, what is it for the drive in... which timing point is #2 and which one is #3 and then what are timing points #1-3 for the drive-thru. You only get 2 chances to get a 100% of all questions correct-- and you must get them all right either the first time or the second time!

When you're doing the actual evaluation at the restaurant though you have to be very discreet about your timings. Can't actually write them down while you're there or you could blow your cover. You're supposed to be able to remember exactly down to the second: "When did you come to a complete stop in the drive thru, what time you stop and pay for your food, what time you did you receive your food and drink, how many cars were ahead of you, what time did you go to the walk-in line, how many people were ahead of you, how many cash registers were open, what time was it when you were told the total cost of that order, what time was it when your food actually arrives... It shouldn't be more than 10 seconds or something's wrong with the worker! There are so many requirements that need to be met, so many questions that they ask, so many details that you have to remember but you are not allowed to bring these list of requirements with you because you are supposed to look and act as if you are an ordinary shopper. You can't even bring anyone else along. You must be alone, pay entirely in CASH, be very hungry, go to a specific location between a specific time frame. You must be able to eat, drink and honestly scrutinize 2 consecutive full meals all by yourself.

The night before my first assignment, I worked on my computer for over an hour downloading and printing out 10 pages of their rules and instructions. The next morning I woke up, got myself ready to snoop, took the time to go to Wawa to get $20 in CASH, (which was all I could spare this week), went to McDonald's and did the absolute best mystery shop that I could do with what I had to work with.

You would think with all of the pages that you have to download and print out, they would actually USE these pages to make it very clear exactly what to order for each part of this review but they are STILL unclear because they REALLY do not want to pay you for all of your hard work! For example, on page 3 of their 10 page "Information Sheets", they said you need to order one sandwich, fries and a beverage-- but it was unclear to me if they wanted me to do that for the walk-in AND the drive thru. They said you need to order: "either a sausage biscuit or sausage biscuit with egg, a sausage mcmuffin or a sausage mcmuffin with egg, a sausage McGriddle or a sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle. Then it says for the second order, (the drive-thru portion) you have to order one of these choices.. either: "a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, an egg mcmuffin or a bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle." It did not say to order yet ANOTHER side and a drink... and I thought it would certainly be ridiculous of them to expect anyone to eat 2 entire meals all by themselves so I just got the sandwich for the drive-thru, just like it said to do in the upper middle portion of that page.

For each evaluation, you have to answer questions about the server's friendliness, their attentiveness, their communication, their speed, the accuracy of the order, the food quality, the store's cleanliness, how the drive thru was and how the restrooms were. Ok. No problem there. That is what I expected to do but it was disappointing to me that they did not have any space for me to write in my own comments and observations, which I feel are just as important as the other things that they want scrutinized. (I thought the restaurant was fine. The only thing that could use some improvements were the fact that the tray was very wet and so was the counter top in the ladies' restroom.)

I filled out their report on the walk-in, the surrounding area, the drive thru AND the restroom then I scanned the receipts and the "CPI", which is the Contractor Payment Invoice-- the form that they have you sign that you must also print out when you print out the useless 10 other pages of their requirements...and you have to print it out right at that time, not later on.

After waking up early to go to this place, spending my time and my money, doing their report, scanning everything that they wanted, they still have to try to find something--anything that wasn't done precisely so they don't have to pay for all of this.

It took me hours to try to upload my CPI. I tried it a dozen times but every time it just made my computer freeze and then I'd keep getting an error message. I shut down the computer and started it again 3 more times before the site finally said everything was received. By then I was angry, frustrated and was really starting to feel like this wasn't worth my time or aggravation. Not too surprisingly, a few hours later I received an email from Market Research Information saying that they were not going to pay me ANYTHING for all that I did because I only ordered a sandwich, drink and hash browns in the walk-in but I only got 1 sandwich in the drive-thru!!!

It was a very belittling and condescending letter!

Now if this were a reputable company, they would have prorated their assignment fees-- especially for my first experience working with them-- but they don't. It's all or nothing with these crooks. What I did was surely worth something but THEY acted like all my hard work and money were worthless and they allegedly "could not use it".

Now that I know how crooked they are and all that they demand, I think back to what my husband told me when I first told him about this place. They simply do not pay the reviewers nearly enough for all of this even it was done entirely correct in their mind. I also feel that they expect too much from the McDonald's employees too with what scanty amount they get paid! For this assignment, if I did it entirely how they say they wanted it, they were only going to pay me $7.50 plus the cost of food.

I thought this would be a fun job even though it doesn't pay well but this anal company is clearly not worth the time, money, effort and aggravation.
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A  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I got an email from Market Force today as well. They offered me this position, but as I kept reading the email there were so many spelling errors and grammatical errors that something told me it was not legit. It sounds like a great idea, and I understand the science behind experiments, but if they don't pay and are constantly lloking for ways not to pay, then forget it!!!
D  24th of Feb, 2011 by    +5 Votes
Sorry hammer200, but you admit to your own greed, ignorance and maybe even stupidity if you truly believed that someone just sending you a $3, 000+ check and all you have to do is send most of it to a third party and you make an easy $200. That is a scam that is so old, only someone who never connected with the real world wouldn't have heard of it. It's right up there with those folks who receive notice that they are "winners" in some lottery they have to know they never played and yet send off their "processing fees" in order to receive their "winnings". I can attest from personal experience that Shop 'N Chek was a legitimate company - I shopped two or three dozzen McDonald's shops for them in 2005-2006. They were acquired by Market Force.
For Sylvia103, all one can say has already been repeated by a number of writers - you weren't scammed; by your own words you didn't follow instructions. However, Sylvia103 is certainly a true, modern-day American; she wants to blame someone else for her own failures.
N  24th of Feb, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Is marketforceshop.com & marketforce.com the same thing??? I was approached about being hired & directed to marketforceshop.com-- I'm confused.
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I received an email invitation to join Market Force as an employee. The email invitation red flags was the quality of the English and the Grammar used in the email. The email appeared to have been written by someone in their first semester of basic English.
I visited their site and was impressed with their corporate staff. However, their site was constructed as less then user friendly for responding to the email.
After reading the many comments, I think I will pass on this one. It does not appear to be worth the time and effort.

Thanks everyone for the comments.
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I received an email employment invitation to join Market Force. The first red flag was the manner in which the email was written and constructed. It appeared to have been written by a first semester English student. The grammar appeared to have been constructed by my dear friend from India, who is learning English.

Their web site contains an impressive corporate staff, however, I did not find it user friendly in responding to their email request: "register and underwrite the application."

Thanks for the comments. I would like to do this type of work on a part-time basis, but it does not appear from the many comments that its worth the effort with this company.
A  4th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too just received an email from Market Force to be a mystery shopper. My first clue also was the bad grammar used.
One Example:
"For instance, one may enjoy meal in eating house or buy things in online stores reveling in life and assisting entity at the same time."

That is NOT from an educated or legit recruiter!

The next clues were the name and the email to respond to. They ask you to go the website to apply but I always click on the name of the sender, that will show you their email address! The name said Connor Oneill but the email came from a Carlee Farmer at HOTMAIL no less!

Its been my experience that 99% of legit companies will have their own email system! Some small local will use hotmail and others but they use the company name as part of the email name.

I feel so bad for everyone who has been scammed, I know sometimes its tough to weed out the bad ones, but trust your gut! I even googled the company I work for now since I found their ad for help on Craigslist (Another place these scammers try to find you)
The old saying is true: If it seems to good to be true, it probably is! Trust your instincts, then use GOOGLE!

Take Care Everyone!
N  4th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I meant to add that if you google the company Market Force, theres tons of different link names. I dont have any idea if the real Market Force company is legit or not since I never worked with them. Im just saying thats another clue.

When I clicked on the link in my email it took me to marketforceshops.com. I then clicked on the REAL marketforce.com from Google and every link on that website did NOT use the word shops at the end!

Even though the marketforceshops.com looked JUST like marketforce.com, Im assuming that all the emails weve gotten were from this SCAM company!

I stopped for a moment and looked further! The contact page shows an address in NYC but then had the email .GMX.COM, I looked that up and thats another FREE email service. These are just little things Ive learned along the way of job searching, I hope it helps!

So please do some investigating first, it may seem tedious but it WILL help you in the long run!!
A  4th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Thanks I will!
N  11th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thank you all for your feedback. I got an email (posted below) that contains all the things we watch for in spam/scam emails - spelling, grammer, senders email address, etc. I did check out the site and it seemed legit, so I searched for Market Force scam and found this site. I will not sign up with them. I would like to send the corporate office the email I was sent and ask if THAT is the type of person they perfer to work for them - someone who can't spell, cannot use correct english, etc.
The email:
Our company is deslighted to put forward you the office of Food Critic in Market Force . after finding on your autobiography at CareerBuilder online. Our HR department did its best to study your resume and remained to be pleased. We trust that your experience will be among our most valuable assets.
Necessary Criteria for being employed:
1.Age: older than 27
2.Internet access
3.3-5 hours of free time every day for carrying out your professional capacities
4.Certtificate of no criminal record
Job Benefits:
As it goes, Food Writer is an perfect way for customers to earn revenue in the process of providing feedback, making comments, making of, commenting out to establishment. This is a real potential for you to get to the top of the career delighting in things you like above all. For instance, one may eat in cafe or acquire things in supermarkets reveling in life and assisting corporation at the same time.
Your month salary may amount to $1, 500-2, 000.
Time Limitation of the Position:
On account of the great amount of applicants for this office, this vacancy is time-bound. So, it is strongly recommended for you to provide us the necessary information about yourself ASAP.
To become the employee of our entity:
1.Please go to our site: Market Force
2.Register yoursel
3.Download, read examine carefully a agreement and sign it necessarily.
In underwriting this employment offer, you affirm that your employment will be on at-will basis and give up any lamentations against Market Force and its personnel.

About Market Force :
Our corporation is engaged in work with other companies to perfect quality on an international scale by applying anonymous resources. We deal alongside with over 300 corporations world-wide. Our main work includes marketing and cooperation with merchandising firms, private investigation companies, training organizations and other establishments that are drawn in Restaurant Critic services. Our member firms deal with their consumers in order to establish the system of perfecting level of amenities.

Regards Best wishes
N  16th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@anaon12345 Whatever this was, it did not come from an American company or from any legitimate company. The jobs mentioned--food critic and food writer--are reporting/opinion-writing positions, not mystery shopping. In addition to the spelling, the wording is as bizarre as poorly translated user instructions for Chinese products. It used publicly obtainable information, assuming CareerBuilder is similar to LinkedIn or Monster.
N  20th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I just spent about $15 doing a McDonalds shop and spent time filling out their lengthy report and they denied my payment. They said I did the shop at 7 o clock when the shop had to be done at 5. When I did the shop the receipt for McDonalds was in military time, and showed a time of 17:15. Those idiots took this to mean 7 o clock. Just because something has a 7 in it does not make it 7 o clock. You would think someone with some intelligence up there would see the 17 and realize it is military time and means 5 o clock. The exact time required for the shop. I would be very careful doing anything for this company as the staff is not too bright. I am sure my particular McDonalds is not the only store to use military time. How could they not know this or is it truly a scam.
N  25th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I got a check from blacutt brothers inc from suntrust bank- I called the bank n it ran the account # in said the funds are availiable! So idk what to do- is it krap or not??
N  6th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Based on Sylvia's bad experience with Market Force I decided not to apply for a shopper position. However, in reading some of the other posts, it seems to me that some scammers have gotten in the act by using similar names like marketforceshop, etc. These are criminals that take advantage of people by "impersonating" legitimate companies. It's a real shame that these individuals get away with murder by hiding behind - often untraceable - emails and scamming the public in the process.
Yes, maybe some companies are indeed overly picky in accepting (or rejecting) completed assignments... but that's the nature of the business. Some other posters have had a good experience with this company. Seems to me that if you are not a person who pays attention to detail and/or strays away from the specific instructions of the job perhaps you are not cut up for this kind of work.
D  7th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Excuse me but I don't know how old you are, don't care either, and I don't know how much experience you have. I am 62, ran a company who hired, trained and fielded thousands of mystery shoppers and merchandisers and so I think I just might know a thing or two about this business. Of course, I don't have a way with the English language as you seem to with your symbols for lack of words but I only gave that business up because I am now happily semi retired from the money I made from successfully running Reliable Merchandising. Market Force should have someone intelligent enough to see the receipt of McDonalds is done in military time and so it is not lack of attention to detail but my exact use of the same military time to send in the report. I deal with many companies and have never had the trouble I have had with Market Force. Did it ever occur to you that since they had the receipt and did not have a problem with any other part of the report that maybe, just maybe, since they had all the information and all the receipts they look for anything to "disqualify" reports and then submit the report without paying the field agent? They could make a lot more money that way and there is always another sucker to replace anyone who does not like it. I took note that although the shop had more time left to be done it was not reposted. I will be you that McDonalds got a very good report in military time and paid Market Force as they don't have any reason nor desire to see if the field agent gets paid. Of course, it is your time and money so be my guest.
A  7th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Very true - people could easily be getting screwed without knowing it. I'm glad that this post has so many interested parties. Obviously, people searching for Market Force International and scam are coming across our comments.
A  9th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I was refused payment because Market Force claimed that I "left the counter" without receiving all my orders.

What really happened was that I ordered a McGriddle Value Meal. The cashier rung up a McGriddle sandwich ONLY. I didn't notice until I saw the receipt on the tray. Then I told him I ordered the Value Meal, not just the sandwich. So they set the sandwice on the tray, and I had to wait for the rest of my items at the counter and then pay them extra for the additional items that would have been in the Value Meal (hashbrown and reg. coffee/soda). I waited at the counter for over 10 MINUTES. Once I finally received my drink and hashbrown, I pressed the stopwatch on my cellphone since I had already received the sandwich earlier and now officially had all three items.

Well, since they gave all of these things to me separately, I took several seconds to drop my hashbrown and drink off at a table. Then I immediately went back to pick up my sandwich... and it was GONE.

Anyway, Market Force claimed I left the counter before recieving all of my food items. I did not! In fact, I waited over 10 MINUTES at the counter, doing nothing but just watching all the associates... WAITING. I was making extra sure that I stayed at the counter until I received all items! How was I supposed to know they were going to lose the damn sandwich they had already given to me!

On top of that, the cashier did not even have a cash drawer in the register...

Yet, they are apparently saying my entire report is invalid even though their associates caused all the problems I encountered in the first place! It's like I'm getting punished for the associates being so terrible at what they do! If they had paid attention to me when I ordered, they would have heard that I ordered the VALUE MEAL. And if they had paid attention, they wouldn't have lost my sandwich! If anything, I should have been paid extra for how taxing this shop was. It ended up taking almost an hour to complete because the associates were so inefficient!
A  9th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
!!! They should have paid you an aggravation fee on top of what they so cheapskatedly cheated you out of. Cheap sneaky ###. It's like they want to irritate their employees on top of ripping them off and wasting their time.
N  9th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
That is exactly what I though!

On of the MF workers had the nerve to send me this guideline quote, as if I wasn't aware of it!:

"Please see the guidelines.
Do NOT go to the drink bar, restroom, or leave the counter area while waiting for your order.
Be sure you have all 3 items (entrée/sandwich, French fries/hash browns, and beverage/cup) before you leave the counter area."

Well, duh! I know that. And I did have ALL THREE ITEMS. My understanding is that when the associates present you with your sandwich, it is then YOURS and you officially have it. It is clear that I was aware of the rule about waiting at the counter until you received all items because I waited freaking 10 minutes to get the other stupid items.

I just can't believe how MF is reacting to this particular case. I have even thought about getting a lawyer to help me straighten this out. I have done McDonald's shops before, but this was by far the most difficult because the associates were just all over the place! I put in time, money, and patience to complete this assignment. I had to wait an obscene amount of time for them to even ring up the sandwich, because the cash drawer was missing from the register! And when I finally got my sandwich, I had to reorder the other two items because they DID NOT LISTEN when I told them I wanted a VALUE MEAL. And it took 5 minutes to place my order and pay for the hashbrown and drink separately... and then ANOTHER 5 minutes for them to get me the damn hashbrown! All the while, I STOOD BY THE COUNTER. I had to step aside from the registers to let other customers order... but all the while, I stood at the counter.
A  9th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
They are SO crooked it still boggles my mind just how low they will stoop. Well I hope you do get a lawyer and take them for everything they have. Perhaps your lawyer could even get them to pay your entire court costs too. For all the people they've ripped off this is what they have coming to them. Good luck and I wish you all the best. I hope you will write soon to tell us how many millions of dollars you took back from their greedy hands on behalf of all of us.
N  12th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Yeah. After conversing with them back and forth about my specific case, I am trying to decide if they are either extremely stubborn and crooked or just plain stupid. I have a feeling it is both. It would be one thing if I blatantly did not follow the directions, but the fact that I waited over 10 minutes to make sure I had received all 3 items before leaving the counter makes it clear that this was not the case.

The point of having that rule about not leaving the counter until having all three items is for timing purposes--to make sure you aren't jipping the place and you are there and ready to accept the order as soon as it is out. They are misusing this guideline as an excuse to not pay me. And at the same time, they are too stupid and hard-headed to see the big picture over their useless magnifying glass. They are distorting their own picture carelessly yet purposefully. All the while, they are unable to give me any good explanations to my inquiries. It's like trying to communicate with a brick wall!
A  12th of Apr, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I think you're absolutely right. It is both and they ARE like talking to a brick wall. Numbskulls.

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