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2004 Subaru Outback
118, 000 Miles

This goes out as a warning to everyone about Manchester Subaru and it's Service Department.

I Strongly suggest whatever you do stay away from this Subaru Dealership!!!

I have been a Loyal Subaru Customer for over 10 years having purchased 2 Subaru Outback Wagons (99' and 04')

I have had service work done quite regularly from this dealership and always keep up my cars, buy them new and drive them for as long as possible. Again these cars are well designed and are like tanks in the snow!

Fall of 2009 I had a simple oil change and tire change over to all season/winter tires and alignment.

The car shimmied down the highway at 65 MPH, I had know idea what the problem was and not being an auto mechanic, thought that that maybe they forgot to do a proper wheel balance or got the alignment wrong.

I proceeded to go home anyways as the Manchester Subaru service shop closes up shop pretty early on friday and would catch them in the morning.

The next morning I proceeded to head out to the store and notice that the wheels were not quite sitting right and noticed that the Lug Nuts were sticking out further than normal. I had grabbed one with my hand and notice that it was very loose in fact that whole wheel had loose Lug Nuts. Shocked I proceeded to look at all of the other wheels, and inspect the Lug nuts closely. The Manchester Subaru Service Tech had forgotten to tighten 3 out of 4 tires Lug Nuts. They were hand tighten only!!!
Come on guys such a simple job, My family and I could have been involved in a serious accident or even worse killed!!! You only tightened 1 wheel while three wheels lug nuts were only hand tighten??? WTF

I tightened every single lug nut with the Tire Wrench even rechecking the tire that they had gotten right.

Fuming at this point I called the Dealership and they wanted to check for damage. Ok I said fair enough I will be down. They checked the car over and Thank God there was no damage. The Service Manager did take care of me but again this is an example of carelessness and negligence on the part of the Service Technician.

Winter 2010 We just recently took the car in for an oil change and thinking that while it is in there have them look at the suspension as it is making a noise. No noise found, but they mentioned that they found a control arm bushing needed replaced and one of the valve covers is now seeping again.

Rear Control Arm Bushing was understandable so I had them do that service, but the Valve Cover Again!!! I had them done at roughly 94, 000 and now at only 24, 000 miles later. This is definitely a poor design on Subaru part but to do the same service again within such a short time period of a year and a half? Did it not get installed properly the first time?

Manchester Subaru wanted $1200.00 to do the service again for which they had done the service before and in such a short time period. (Extortion!)

I called Subaru of America and recorded the fact and they mentioned to keep an eye on it? They did not want to provide any assistance or help at this time until it got worse? The first time they did pick up the tab for half of the cost outside of the warranty period.

How can I tell if it is getting worse? How can I see the dammed thing underneath the car? I am no mechanic, nor do I have a lift in my backyard! WTF Come on people, whatever happened to servicing the customer? Taking care of the customer?

Tonight after driving the car for a few weeks, I am a teacher and so my total roundtrip to work and back is 2 miles. I just so happened to check the rear wheel where I presumed that they had done the work. It is missing 1 Lug Nut, while the others did need to be torqued down. WTF

Never again will I be taking my car to Manchester Subaru!!!

I can not trust them to take care of my car or more importantly my family and I!!!

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  • Jt
      4th of Apr, 2011

    I agree I have been a loyal customer as well to Subaru. Like he says state away from Manchester Subaru or you will regret what you're about to get into.

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