Makrohisense refrigerator has not been exchanged in 12 days of complaining

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I purchased a hisense fridge from makro in september 2016
It stopped working on the 30th december 2016
I called makro
Was promised help within 72 hours
A hisense tech came out 3 days later
He mentioned that the fridge can not be repaired
We were promised a new fridge
10 days later I am still waiting
In this recent hot weather can you manage living without a refridgerator? In durban
Being a buisiness woman I have to shop every day as I donot have a fridge, an inconvenience and financially killing me,
My previous items all went off. On the eve of new years day I had to throw out r2000 rands worth of luxury food gone bad, purchased for a new year party
Your services are pathetic
I spoke to customer services several times
Tracy is aware at the springfied branch - I logged complaint with her twice.
So is pricilla
I was told by pricilla today that I did not come back to her and complain after the technician came out. I should have got back to them.
What happened to customer services?
Was I supposed to contact them?
Do they not do followups with the tech. Is the client happy? Was the problem resolved etc.
I am appalled at the way this matter was handled.

Was this fridge on special because it was about to break down?
I am sitting for 13 days without a refridgerator
I am not happy.
If the fridge is not in stock I want another fridge with no additional. This is unfair.

  • Updated by s hansraj, Jan 17, 2017

    I agree that Hisense and Makro should compensate us for the food. I dont have household insurance as I just moved into a flat, and try to settle in.
    Fixing fridges and swopping fridges is just not good enough considering the amount of time we had to wait and the inconvenience of still purchasing food items /titbits daily. Have a look at the Makro card and see how often we shop there, and does MAkro want us to come back, depends on how this matter is dealt with. I have no faith in Hisense. Maybe that's the reason it was special. My fridge was exchanged on the 15th day :-(
    I heard nothing since the exchange from Makro. Not even a follow up to see if Im happy. No offer to or gesture of goodwill to send the fridge with a few food items or anything. I am totally appalled.

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Le
      Jan 17, 2017

    I am also waiting for the technicians to come out and fix my Hisense fridge that was bought on 30/10/2016 and also stopped working in January 2017 I bought the Fridge at Makro Wonderboom. What does this say about this product. I have been without a fridge for 7 days. When I asked about my food that had gone off, I was told to put in a claim with my household insurance company. (which I don't have). Christmas time is bonus time so a person stocks up with food. When we lodge a complaint they always say 48hrs but nothing happens.

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