Makeyourownjeans.comProduction Issues and Customer Service

I have mixed feelings about this site. I ordered 3 pairs of jeans over 3 months. The price is the best you will find for custom made jeans. All in, each pair was around $70 delivered. The jean material was ok, a little on the thin side when compared with Levis, but they tell you the weight so that should not be a huge surprise. My biggest issues: 1. The color of material and wash texture is very difficult to judge based on the pictures. I was frustrated with 2 of my 3 jeans not looking like what I expected. On one the color was significantly off in tint and another the fade wash was very patchy. 2. The dimensions for 2 of the three orders I placed were off. The first pair I got were 1.5 inches too long. I sent them a picture and they credited me 20% off my next order or $14. I felt that was fair. The third pair of jeans I ordered came with a waist size that was 3" smaller than the other two pairs. When I complained to customer service they said that since these were "stretch" jeans they sew them several inches smaller than what you order in the waist and seat (but not the other areas). Which was strange because my previous two orders were stretch also and were sewn as requested. I felt the jeans were significantly uncomfortable and customer service offered me 20% off my next order. I wasn't happy. The point of ordering custom jeans is to get them as ordered, not sewn to some arbitrarily smaller dimension than you order. 3. The 3rd pair of jeans I got had not been thoroughly washed and bled tons of die. Had I not noticed and washed them with my clothes I would have ruined an entire load. You can see the die in the sink, and this is after 8 rinses in warm water and soap. Again, customer service didn't offer much here.

Jan 19, 2016

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