Magazine Service CenterBank account charged w/o permission

Upon receiving my bank statement this month, I saw three charges I didn't recognize: EW Magazine, Time Magazine, and Blender Magazine. I don't subscribe to any magazines, and I certainly do not read any of these three. Upon calling all three (different) contact numbers listed for the three charges ($22, $27.50, and $13.50 respectively), I found that they all connected me to Magazine Service Center, which I had never heard of. I looked them up online, and every single thing that came up on Google seemed to have the word "fraud" or "scam" attached to it. Apparently they can take money out of your account to renew your subscription whenever they want, but I don't recall ever subscribing to these magazines in the first place. I have no idea how these people got my credit card number, but I plan on contacting them tomorrow during business hours.

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