Lvnv Funding, LLCHarassing phone calls

I keep getting harassing phone calls from this company and letters stating i need to pay $800. 00 at once. They say the origional creditor is first premier bank which i have never heard of. . . They say i had a credit card with them 10 years ago. My reply is heck no i didnt i never heard of them. . . I looked up the banks phone number they said i had the card with the bank checked all records and said they have no information of me ever having a account with them. They faxed me a letter stating that they have no records of me ever having a account there and do not know where lvnv funding got there info!!! Not only that but the statutes of limitation on collecting on a credit card in georgiia is 6 years they are stating it was 10 years ago. There has never been anything on my credit report about first premier bank or lvnv funding !!! I check my credit report daily!!! Lvnv is obviously running a scam!!! If lvnv calls or sends me a letter one more time i will be turning this matter over to my attorney and i will sue lvnv!!!

Feb 18, 2015

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