LuckyVitamin.comincompetent company

Have placed multiple orders with this company over a 2 year period. Every time I choose STANDARD shipping it takes around 3 days to ship out on items that claim they are IN STOCK and 8 to 10 days to get to me. This last order I placed, I choose UPS direct for $8+ shipping. My order was $75+ and I wanted it sooner this time to see what would happen. Come to find out, 5 days after I placed the order it still hadn't shipped. I'd been buried at work so I hadn't noticed it. When I logged into my account, the status showed OPEN ORDER. I checked my email and saw nothing except the initial order confirmation. So I called them to see what the deal was. I was told it was on HOLD due to some billing issue. I hung up, called my CC company who said there shouldnt be any issue stopping them from billing me and shipping the order. I called Lucky's back and told them. Only then Lucky's claimed to me they couldn't ship it because the Billing and Shipping addresses were different?!! I'd had 7 other orders that were the same situation and Lucky's shipped every one of them with no questions and they were billed to the SAME credit card, same CVV code and everything. So I hung up again, this time calling my local Heath-Food Store to see if the owner could get me the exact same items I was trying to buy from Lucky's. The stars must have been aligned correctly because she said Yes, that her delivery truck was coming the next day and if I got my order in, it would be there when it came. I put it in just in time. Called Lucky's back again and canceled my order. I canceled the order 8 days ago and the $80+ pending charge has yet to be cleared off my credit card. I am somewhat close to my limit, so I called to have them remove it before I paid off my bill. They refused saying "Oh, well it will just drop off in probably another 5-7 days, so its not that big of a deal is it?" YES IT IS A BIG DEAL IF IT CAUSES ME TO OVERDRAFT! PENDING CHARGES ON CANCELED ORDERS STILL TIES UP SPENDING ABILITY. My credit card company told me that all Lucky's has to do is call Chase bank directly and ask them to provide their Merchant ID number and request removal of the pending charge on my account. LUCKY'S STILL REFUSED.

This company also does business or something under a name called S & P Properties LLC ? something similar according to FireFox website verification. When my credit card company was looking for the pending charge though it shows on their end as being billed from a company called What's the Big Deal. Apparently they're running under 3 different names with their bad attitudes and ripoffs. Stay away from them like the plague. They're not worth it.

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