Loveybug Ragdolls / Horrible person that is running a fraudulent cattery and will steal your money!

Kim Colorado, United States
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On 11/23/2016 I spoke to Kristie Schibbelhute Jackson about buying one of her ragdoll kittens. She had me on the phone for over 3 hours talking about how her kittens areher children, she is a "hobby" breeder, she doesn't sell kittens for the money and the list goes on. I told her about my horrible experience with another cat breeder that took my money and I had to settle with my credit card company to get my money back. She was very sympathetic and gained my trust. I decided after researching (not enough) to get my ragdoll kitten from her. I asked her how much her deposits are and she told me whatever I wanted to put down so I gave her $625; half the cost of the kitten. She mentioned that she would give me two cats for the price of one because I was single (RED FLAG #1). I did not want two kittens only 1. I asked her how does she want to receive the deposit, through PayPal, etc. She told me that she closed her PayPal account due to being hacked so many times (RED FLAG#2). Kristie would only accept money if it is wired (off course). I wired her husband Lee Ray Jackson $625 where he picked it up from Walmart and text me he received it. The following morning I told my mom I put a deposit down for a ragdoll kitten and how excited I was only to find out my mom got me a kitten through a recommend breeder from our vet and was going to surprise me. I text Kristie's husband and sent an email to Kristie to call me asap to let her know what had happened and if I could get my money back. Kristie called me at 11 am the next day (I wired the deposit at 6 pm the night before) and told me the money is gone! WHAT!! It had not been even 24 hours! She said she had to pay for the spayed and neuter which cost about $248 each. I thought that was weird she had to pay for a spayed and neuter when the kittens were only 5 weeks old at this time PLUS I only wanted one kitten. I explained to her wouldn't the other buyers that are interested in buying the kittens have to pay for the spayed and neuter and she said, "yes". Then I asked her why would you keep my money if you will be selling the kittens and the buyers will be paying for the spayed and neuter where she replied, "oh, if you can wait for a little bit where I can sell the kittens I will return your money in January 2017". I told her I could wait and did but I did keep in touch with her as $625 is a lot of money. I kept tabs on her website and noticed she had sold all the kittens and has a waiting list for Spring 2017. I started calling her 12/27/2016 to setup a date and time for her to send me my money. Never heard from her. Left messages with her children, text her husband and could not leave any voice messages. She finally called me back on January 17, 2017. I asked her when I would receive my money and she told me I had to wait another 63 days for another litter?!?! I told her I have read all the complaints against her about how she is fraud, has stolen money from people, PayPal shut her accounts down for fraud, fake kittens on her website and if you do receive a kitten from her they are feral. Wow! I think I dodged a bullet if I did get a kitten from her but now she has stolen $625 with NO intention of ever giving it back. I am filing a police report for fraud against her, posting on all complaint sites, contacting BBB and possible looking into small claims court. I ask you do your research on this horrible person and so called breeder. Read the complaints and heed the warnings that other people have given. She has had complaints filed on her 2015, 2016 and now 2017. I still believe there are good people out there and good breeders. Don't give your hard earned money away to Loveybug Ragdolls as Kristie Schibbelhute Jackson will take it and run with no remorse.

Jan 23, 2017

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