SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / illegal recurrent monthly charges on my credit card for a fake newsletter I never signed up for

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I bought a book about a new technique for eliminating backpain. I charged the book on my credit card. I realized (3 months later) that I have been charged everymonth $19.95. When I called the company, they told me I checked the box for a "free" newsletter -- which I am sure I did not check any box, as I never do as a matter of fact -- the free newsletter being "free" only the first month, then they charge you a whopping $19.95/month automatically. That information they claim is there, but I know that I am extremely careful with these things, and I did not see that information anywhere (since I did not click for any options). They said they would reimburse me for the current month, but not for the previous two. I insisted but they refused. This is clearly a SCAM. I never requested a newsletter, and certainly not at $19.95/month!! They need to be stopped. And by the way, I NEVER received any newsletter!!

  • LoseTheBackPain Customer Care's Response, Jan 17, 2019

    Hi Diana,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. As we cannot identify your account from the details given here, we request that you please contact us with your email address you registered with us and details of the matter via the link below so that we can look into this with you.

    Thank you so much. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Eva Klein
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute

  • LoseTheBackPain Customer Care's Response, Mar 21, 2019

    Hi Thomas,
    Thank you for your feedback. I'm proud to say since 2003, we have help change, improve and support the lives of those in need of pain relief, when no one else would.

    As part of the free trial, you will receive a $59 product (for free, you pay a small S/H fee, and you will never be billed for that first bottle)

    In order to complete that free trial order, we provide you with our Terms and Conditions in a clear and conspicuous way, so much so, you need to click on our checkbox, agreeing to the terms and authorizing the HBI to bill your card, only then are you able to submit the complete your order button.

    The terms of the offer are reiterated in your confirmation email and in the physical letter which is included in your first shipment.

    We provide several easy ways to contact our company, allowing you to cancel or modify your subscription. The following methods include phone, fax, postal mail, support ticket, and self-cancel option in your MyAccount. These options are presented to you in a clear can conspicuous way making contact with our company or changes fast, easy and hassle-free.

    If you have any other questions or concerns I’m including our link to our contact us page so you can choose the best option for you to communicate with us.

    Our Contact Us Page

    We advise you do not leave your email address or account details on any public site but contact us via the links given please.

    Thank you so much. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Eva Klein
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute

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  • Mj
      Jan 04, 2010

    I have run into the same problem however it is with their new supplements. I ordered their book and made sure that I did NOT click the box to receive their monthly supplements. However, a month later they billed my credit card for $58. Since I am in Canada, I didn't receive the product for another 30 days due to slow shipping. I had to pay $8 to customs and $6 to ship it back. Now I have to wait another 30 days for them to receive it and they have 30 days to refund. A nightmare that lasts 4 months. Do not buy from this company!

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  • Ni
      Jun 07, 2010

    I gave my credit card number to pay for the shipping of a free book entitled The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. Only after paying for the shipping $7.95, does the disclaimer information come up on line that it only contains an overview and the techniques and or exercises required will NOT be explained in the book. I felt duped because there was no opportunity to cancel the order at that stage. When the packet arrived I did not even bother to open it. That was in Feb. 2010. Three months later I noticed a $19.95 charge on my husbands credit card from the same people so I called them only to find out that I had been charged and paying for their newsletter for the last 3 months. I never received any newsletters. I was told that the first one came FREE in the same packet as my FREE book so I finally went and opened up the loathed package and yes there was an old issue of Livepainfree, August 2009. It is an absolute joke that I can not imagine anyone paying $19.95 per issue {$29.95 for a non-member} when 3 of the 4 pages were advertisements for books or products that they sell along with 2 filler articles completing the issue. Heather, in customer services, assures me that I have received the pricey issues--although I never knew that I was A MEMBER and have never seen them. As a courtesy she can refund the last billing but nothing more. With the refund{fingers crossed} that is about $48.00 for something worthless. This company should definitely be stopped. It is a sleazy operation.

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  • Ev
      Aug 04, 2010

    Hi there,
    The 7 Day Back Pain Cure book is charged a shipping fee only.
    However, when our customers add our Complete Healing Formula for free with a 30 day trial of Live Pain Free Newsletter and do not cancel further issues of the newsletter it is charged and mailed. We explain in great detail the billing of the newsletter before you add the item to your existing order and that you are not obligated to continue with the newsletter beyond the first free issue. It can be cancelled for any reason at any time.
    If you are not interested in adding this product to your existing order you can click on the link- No Thanks.

    Same thing for our supplement – if you add a free trial bottle and do not cancel within 30 days a new bottle will be charged and shipped. This is explained also in great detail before you add to your existing order. The link to decline this offer is there as well.

    We I will be more than happy to provide all with the link(s) that will take you to the order form where the additional items were added and billing explained. Please contact our Customer Service should this be of interest.


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  • He
      Apr 12, 2018

    If this website would allow it, I would not give the company"the healthy back intitute> not even the one Star, because they certainly do not deserve it at all.They are a company, which does bad business at best, and sleazy, covert, nasty business where they think only of themselves and how to get one over on the customer or, most importantly, get the customer, s money, legally or not, at their worst (I could think of a lot more adjectives, but I won't at this point.)This company and their "Business attitude " makes me very angry!
    I had and I am still having the same experience as mjim and I also live in Canada.I was charged for a bogus digital Newsletter, which the company swore I ordered(only they could not prove it).I had $US21-94 withdrawn my account without my consent (because they had my card # from a previous purchase and were able to do so)the first month and $US 14-95 for the next 3 months(with the same card) before I noticed anything.When I asked them in an email, if they had an explanation for their withdrawals, I received no reply.The next emails I wrote to them were more explicit and I told them they actually withdrew money from my account without my permiison.then a got a reply back telling me, I had ordered this"digital newsletter" of theirs and this was the charge for it.I denied ever having ordered such a thing because that is just not what I do or had even ticked any trial offer or whatever else there might have been, I just do straightforward orders.nothing else.After a few emails back and forth, they offered to reimburse the 2 #US 14-95 withdrawals, a total of 29-90 and had already initiated the refund before I could answer, However, this was a long way off $US 66-86 which was withdrawn by the healthy back institute without my knowledge or permission and I am not satisfied.I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Austin, TX, not sure, how far this will go.I want all of the money refunded, I have never ordered this "digital Newsletter", I actually doubt it even exists, I have certainly never received anything resembling a newsletter from them and I want my Money back.Business like that should be put out of business, they just cause regular people a lot of grief and hurt, because of their greed and unwillingness to admit, they did wrong.I would never recommend this business to anyone.I am a senior and I should be treated with some dignity, which this company does not do by any stretch of the imagination, they do not treat anybody with respect or dignity!!

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  • Di
      Jan 05, 2019
    LoseTheBackPain - Cancel
    4610 prime parkway
    United States

    Please call today to discuss this matter for unsubscribing to the order.
    Diana winchester
    269 424 5553
    This company will not answer my calls. They have hung up on me 3 times.
    Last month I cancelled my order and this month they sent another bottle of pills and charged it to my account without permission to do so.
    This is Fraud.

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  • Mi
      Jan 22, 2019
    LoseTheBackPain - can no longer afford the product
    91 Exeter St

    Wednesday 16 January 2019

    Due to change in circumstances I can no longer afford your product and most other things. Please cancel my ongoing order immediately and do not send me any more product.

    Mike O'Keeffe
    91 Exeter St
    Torquay, Queensland, 4655 AUSTRALIA

    Thank you for your service.

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  • Lo
      Jan 25, 2019

    @Mike O'Keeffe Hi Mike,

    As we need to locate your account in order to help you we request that you please contact us via "Submit a Request" on our online Helpdesk system, with your details via the link below.

    Thank you so much. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you Kindly, Our Very Best Wishes.

    Eva Klein
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute
    Healthy Back Institute

    2407 S. Congress Ave,
    Ste E #100 Austin,
    Texas 78704

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  • Th
      Mar 16, 2019
    The Healthy Back Institute - Illegal payment of £28.23 taken supposed for insurance without my knowledge or permission
    2407 S Congress Avenue !STE#100 Austin TX78704
    United Kingdom

    This payment was illegal

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  • Wo
      Jun 30, 2019
    LoseTheBackPain - Heal n soothe
    6623 North Hillside Ave= Indianapolis, Ind
    United States

    I ordered some pills but did not give permission to charge me and send me more, cancel all future orders or they will be Refused shipment id 12948368 =Sent to 6623 north hillside ave indianapolis ind mr worth baker from the healthy back institute 1301 ridgeview dr, Mchenry US

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  • Ro
      Jul 06, 2019
    LoseTheBackPain - Auto refill of Heal N Soothe to Roger Rush
    United States

    I want to cancel my auto refill of Heal N Soothe. Address 6509 Tabor Street, North Richland Hills, Tx 76180. E-mail [protected] Please confirm that the cancellation has been completed. Shipment ID 1947122 and part # C HNS Bottle

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  • Lo
      Jul 16, 2019

    @Roger Rush Hi Roger,
    Thank you for your question. Shipment id # 12947122 was shipped in June and delivered to you, however further shipments will not charge or process. You would have been sent a Cancellation confirmation by e mail 6/28/2019 when you contacted us to cancel.

    The best way to contact us about any questions regarding orders, subscriptions and any concerns is via one of the methods listed on the Contact Us Page link below, where you can choose the best option for you to communicate with us :-

    Our Contact Us Page

    Please do not leave any personal/account information on this site but contact us directly through the links given.

    Thank you. Our Best Wishes.
    Eva Klein,
    Customer Service Loyalty Manager
    The Healthy Back Institute

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