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Los Angeles Parking Violation Bureau / Fraudulent Parking Ticket

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

Recently we received a notice of delinquent parking ticket from Los Angeles parking bureau. We live in Sacramento and never visited Los Angeles, and it concerned me that we received this notice. What concerned me even more is that the information about our vehicle was not all correct. It was partially correct, but not all of it matched. I wrote a letter requesting further investigation of this matter to the LA PVB, and when I called to request the original receipt of the parking ticket, the representative on the phone stated that the case was closed and dismissed. My complaint/request is that when writing out parking tickets, or tickets in general, for officers to be a little bit more careful and make sure to get all the information correct because issues arise if someone who was not intended to receive the notice receives it, which may lead to an unpaid ticket and possible collections issues for the intended recipient.


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  • Jh
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    We also received City of Los Angeles Parking tickets (2). We are Seniors living in Sacramento area. My
    Husband has COPD and has been recouperating from Major Surgery. We, or our car were never in Los Angeles and the car was never out of our site or control and we do not lend it to anyone!
    We requested the original tickets, one was hand written with Historical Vehicle on it, no VIN number and our personalized plate! The next ticket said under vehicle make (Other), with a different expiration date of the sticker and again no VIN#.
    I looked up the addresses of the tickets. It turns out to be a BAR in Hollywood called BIRDS. Not a likely place for a 70 year old!
    We got no cooperation from the people who do the administration of these tickets. First they told us to pay them then we could challenge them! Then we said no we are on a fixed income and can't pay, besides we don't owe them. Then they made us fill out a "financial statement" and waived the up front payment and said we could have an evaluation of the situation by an "Ombudsman". That was a joke. He said "Historical vehicle does not mean anything! wrong info on the ticket means nothing! No VIN# means nothing! The next paperwork from them stated they looked up the license plate at the DMV and it belonged to us! (Duh), and we have to pay or our car will be booted and no renewal until it is paid. Meanwhile, fees are stacking up.
    What is to prevent them from putting anyone's license plate number on a ticket with no VIN, wrong vehicle description or no description and extorting them to pay??? I looked up the Vehicle code for Historical Vehicle which states the Vehicle must be 1965 or older! Ours is a 2003! It is obvious to anyone taking a look at these tickets, it is not ours. Someone is driving around Hollywood with an Historical vehicle plate with our initials on it they propably had made online. If we pay this, It means we will have to all of this guys tickets! What to do???????

  • Ho
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    Listen to this outrageous tale. I parked my car underneath a sign that said "2 Hour Parking, Meter Enforced 9 AM to 5 PM, Free Parking All Other Times". I had to run into the bank and it was about 8:30 AM at the time, so I did not fill the meter. Upon returning, there was a parking enforcement officer in the process of filling out a ticket. I pointed out the sign right above my car and the officer checked her watch and agreed with me that there was no cause for a ticket so she tore it up and threw it into the trash. I subsequently had to leave town for about 6 weeks and when I got back, there were a couple of notices in my mail regarding an outstanding parking violation. I wrote up an extensive report including photographs of the sign and pointed out that a ticket would not have been issued to me at 8:55 AM when the rule does not apply until 9:00 AM. They returned my challenge stating that because I had "waited" over 21 days from the citation, I was no longer eligible to challenge my ticket. After 6 months of arguing with them on the phone, I finally paid the $126 that I never should have owed. Is there somewhere I can go and complain and try to get this money back?

  • Sq
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    There is no where to go to complain. There is no way to get your money back. It is a racquet and California is getting out of hand. They are using traffic violations and parking tickets as revenue for the city. My auto registration has more than doubled in the past couple of years. I bought a NEW car in 2006 and here I am being penalized for "stimulating" the economy and driving a fuel efficient car. We are here for them to extort money so they can line their pockets.

    I propose that because money is the only thing that talks, people start withholding their taxes until April. It's really not that hard, just put 25% of the check in another account. If they think they can just arbitrarily set outrageously high "fees" for bulls**t violations and totally have us over a barrel then a large number of people not contributing to the bottomless pit that is our corrupt gov't might make them knock it the hell off!

  • Hu
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I got a parking ticket in City of L.A. couple days ago. I was very pissed off because the ticket was cited mistakenly. City employee officer Sanabria (SN#: 2908) cited me an wrong expired meter ticket.

    The traffic violation was mistakenly issued under the wrong parking space. I had my vehicle parked on space 858 while Officer Sanabria mistakenly checked the parking meter for space 857.

    I called LAPVB to see if the officer can stop by to verify that I didn't park on parking space 857, but they refused to cooperate with me. They said for the safety of the officer, we don't send them out there. What kinda of ### is this? We civilian are stuck with this BS bureaucratic system. Please email me if you have any opinions about my issue.

    My email is

  • La
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    Los Angeles Parking Enforcement is a SCAM! It has been known for a long time that this is one of the easiest ways for the city to make money, as most citizens dont contest the tickets because of time or money concerns. So Los Angeles Parking Enforcement officers issue fraudulent tickets all the time, it is a known and documented practice. While some of these tickets are contested, the majority is not!

    anyone who tries to give you "valid" reasons for working as a parking enforcement officer is full of it! these people enjoy doing this, they enjoy seeing other people's suffering.

  • Al
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    Hello everyone
    I had my car towed because of tickets issued to a previous owner (actually it was two owners ago). Later they changed the story and said it was towed because of expired plates. The plates were expired, but I had a temporary operating permit clearly posted. At the boot/tow hearing they insisted that there was no TOP on the car and that’s why it was towed. I went to the towing company, and luckily they had taken a photo of the car when they towed in that clearly showed the permit. I spoke with the district attorney’s office and they were anxious to do something about this. Unfortunately, for them to go after a government agency would require several complaints so it could “be treated as a class action suit”. If anyone out there has received a bogus parking ticket and would like to see something done about this, please email me your story, along with your name and a contact number.



  • Tj
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    This is the single most frustrating Government Run RACKET that I've ever been involved in. I lived in LA for almost 10 years, anyone who lives in LA obviously has gotten a couple tickets, the streets are designed to sucker you into tickets with insane small print, unheard of penalty worthy offenses, and horrible parking options as a whole..
    Fine, I figure it into my annual budget, and hope not to get too reckless. I pay my tickets when I get them, no questions asked.

    WELL, I get a ticket (apparently), never received the ticket on my windshield or in the mail, but get a notice some two months later saying I owe the amount of ticket, plus late fees of 100.00. So I call to explain my problem, and someone tells me to mail a letter explaining my situation, and the fees will be waived.

    My obvious response was "I'm on the phone explaining my situation, doesn't that count?"
    NO, it must be in writing.

    So, I immediately mail this letter, and within 3 days I get a response saying, sorry, but your letter was recieved a day later than it needed to be submitted, and because of that, you waive your rights, and accept this ticket and the late fee, and by the way, we're tacking on a collection fee of 21.00.

    I've spoken to: Rochelle, who put in a request for me to talk to her "supervisor" who is:

    Sadie, who has put in a request for me to talk to her supervisor, who she's told me won't do anything to help, and even though I never recieved this ticket, nor any notification of the ticket, I am SOL.

    This is an absolute crock, and I don't plan on stopping this process of "talking to supervisors" until Arnold Swharz in on the phone.

    This is a total violation.

  • Ma
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    I just had a parking violation ticket ($50) on my windshield in Santa Monica, CA, even though the parking meter had another 29 Minutes to go when I came back. The ticket was put there 30 Minutes before I came back... I had put in 2 hours worth of coins (two bucks). The parking enforcement officer doesn't make any (more) money doing this, but the city does... Santa Monica is affluent and they are not bothered by citation contesters as most have no time to fight the ticket while making 100+ an hour anyway. In LA anything goes, and the worst statements on this page are probably the truest ones. When the state is running the show, it's the end. Ask anyone in from the old Eastern European countries.


  • Ma
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    Just wanted to add that I'm contesting the ticket, and I'm not doing this for the money, obviously! They are getting away with this in California because people in this state let this happen.

  • Jo
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    I live in Texas, have never driven a car in the state of California and drive an El Camino. Today I got a ticket in the mail ($80) for a Range Rover parked illegally. The license plate doesn't match any vehicle I've ever owned.

    So outrageous. I am not sure whether to let it pass under the pretense that its an obvious mistake or to call and see what can be done to clear my name of this so it doesn't turn into a problem down the road.

    Any thoughts? I'd imagine it'd be tough to boot my car if its 18 hours away...

  • Ju
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Just received a parking citation today from LA, I live in the Bay Area and haven't been to LA in two years, I believe I was mailed a citation using the license plate number of my car. Strangely my car is a gray Toyota Corolla, the citation description read Mercedes Benz White. No VIN either. I've written a contesting letter with proof of my registration. I was hoping to speak with someone so I can chew some ###. This some blatant B.S., is LA that desperate for cash that they resort to inconvenience people to extort money?

    Keep in mind this citation was issue 9/23, you have 21 days to fight it. Today is 10/02, thats 9 days lost already...criminals...

  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes, LA is desperate. And you should see and hear the mind set behind this - it's war! I just heard that a friend's mother here in LA has a 10 times higher water bill than she had a month ago and she contested it but just got a note to pay or... As for you guys in the Bay Area and Texas: Knowing the city of LA and hearing of all the fraudulent ticketing and overcharging, I'm pretty sure these aren't honest mistakes. The big question is: Is there an institution out there that can help? Maybe an FCC for government fraud? Does anyone know where to get help?

  • Te
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    I just received a ticket yesterday for being in a permit parking area. Problem being, I have a permit to park there. When I went to check if the ticket was updated on the online system, I not only found that ticket, but two others for the same thing. I don't know what is going on, but it is getting ridiculous. A few months ago I found out that I had a ticket (for the same thing) and payed it, disputed, and haven't heard anything back from the city. Is there any way we can get a lawsuit going?

  • La
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    I was parked at a meter with sufficient funds, but was still issued a ###in $80 ticket 4 min after leaving the car! Thanks ###-hat of a cop Rodriguez...LA officially sucks

  • Da
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    There's an expose on the LADOT on YouTube —

    FALL SWEEPS: A Street Sweeping and Parking Enforcement Investigation

  • Di
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    Yes the City of LA is ridiculous as are their Meter Maids who have nothingbetter to do than lie, cheat and write bogus tickets. I had a run in a few years back while picking up headhsots for my teenager as we were on our way to an audition. I was clearly parked in a legal metered spot with money in the machine. This location could not have parking there after a certain time for street sweeping though, but I wasn't worried since we had to be at the audition before that time. I left all three kids in the car watching a movie while I ran in and grabbed the headshots. Time and date on the reciept mind you...then ran out to the car and we were on our way. Teenager mentioned a weird meter lady had walked up, looked at him, looked in the front window, wrote down something and then walked back behind the car to her vehicle and drove away. I thought that was strange but simply said that it was fine, I didn't do anything wrong. Went to the auditon, signed in, and left for home. A two hour drive away. Later I recieve a ticket in the mail for the date and location of Argentum Photo lab, where I had picked up the headshots from. The time cited was for when we were actually at the audition across town. I immediately called and was told I had to write it and send it in and I had to pay the fine upfront. Convenient racket I thought. I paid, fought the ticket and when that was denied, I continued to fight for the simple fact that I was RIGHT! I paid more money to be seen in person and then drove over 2 hours to fight it. I had proof, written, dated, stamped proof we were not where this absurd and crooked meter maid said we were and they did nothing. My teenager described the maid to a T...they sided with the meter maid who claimed nobody was in the car. I said she was writing bogus tickets later after we were clearly gone and they sided with her when she said she placed the ticket on my window. I reminded them I had 3 children in the car who say she did not, but they disagree'de. I asked how I could clearly be in 2 places at one time and they simply said she was correct. LA court system for parking is a JOKE!

    Then comes my recent ticket in LA. While parked in a residential area with a 2 hour limit, I was there for 45 minutes, I was issued a parking ticket for no front plate. Stupid again since you could clearly see the car had been hit recently and the plate pulled off. Its now back on the car, but I could not help the fact the bumper had been broken and the plate was ripped off. This could be seen clearly by the state of the front bumper mind you.
    I had it fixed, installed new plate and then asked a CHP to sign off on it but was told that since issued by the parking enforcement and not an officer, they could not sign off on it. I had to pay the entire stupid fee. I am appalled by the rachet that runs LA parking enforcement. Something clearly needs to be done!

  • Hy
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I had a handicap tag and got a ticket in two different locations?

    How can they ignore it?


  • Hy
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    OMG...Just wanted to add that I'm contesting my tickets as well, since I had a handicap tag having my dad with me, and I got a ticket in two different locations?

    How can they ignore the handicab tag?

    I also got a ticket for speaking on the cell while driving, and I didn't even use my cell... then I got a ticket for not having my driver licensee, but this can be fix, since at the time I couldn't find it, and apparently it felt on the bottom of my car when I opened my bag to look for my insurance.

    Any ways, my concern is, who's gonna believe me over a police officer?


  • Ju
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    These guys are terrible. Thieves and Thugs. I got a ticket because I didn't have my license tabs on (fair enough). The problem was that the DMV never sent me the tabs, instead they gave me a reinstatement proof I always had on me and would show to Police officers when needed. That is what the DMV woman told me on the phone, that I didn't need the tabs.
    So I get this ticket and call DMV and they recognize that it was their mistake.
    I file a complaint in order for my case to be heard through their web system. It reads that I should wait for their reply.
    They never write back through email, call me, or send any mail to my address. I check the charge on the web page and it continues showing. So I decide to call them on the phone. The rude dumb lady that answers tells me that they have sent me three communications to my home address (false), and that they have tried to reach me (false). And that I already went over the 21 day wait period and have to pay the ticket. [censored] these guys... who do they think they are? are they above the law? sure sounds to me like this is a very well established Mafia that should be wiped clean.
    Now I really hate Santa Monica Police department, ticket bureau, and anything that has to do with those

  • Su
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    This time it's a missing front license plate. But the problem is both my license plates are there, front and back. Secondly, I live in Vallejo, CA and I haven't been to LA for over a year now. How in the world can they make a mistake like this? The only good thing is that when I called and explained the situation, she dismissed the case right away.

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