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2:23 pm EDT
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Los Angeles Parking Violation Bureau twoed my car

I had unpaid parking tickets. I went to the DMV and paid my registration along with my tickets (they can't give you your registration unless you pay the tickets. This was a month ago. Just yesterday LA DOT, while my car was parked, ran my plates and towed my car becuase of "unpaid parking tickets". I called them to tell them that I had paid them to the DMV. They told me that I needed to get an itemized receipt from DMV. I went to the DMV and they state that they do not provide these. I went back and forth between both offices and I can't get my car out. I was told by the parking bureau that it takes 90 days for the DMV to send them record of this so that until that heppened they couldn't release my car. I can not believe that I am paying for a flaw in their system. Now I have to pay for the towing fee that will pile on and I can't get it out until I have proof. I feel violated and helpless. I will lose my job if I don't have my car. I just had a baby and I'm going to be heading to the unemployment office. Someone else needs to be accountable for this mistake. Who do I complain to?
I just dont know who to go to.

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Los Angeles, US
May 18, 2011 2:42 am EDT
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i too am a victim of what i know see clearly as endemic and systematic fraud on the part of ladot. my story mirrors many others. i went to the la traffic website to pay a ticket i received on 5/15 for parking on fairfax av on a sunday in a metered spot without paying, as sunday parking has been free there and most everywhere else for the 38 years ive been licensed in CA i never even looked at the posted signage as i ran into canters for what turned out to be a $80.00 corned beef sandwich but hey, my bad. upon my return to my car i discovered not one but two tickets on my windscreen and only then looked up to find that sunday parking is no longer free. that's progress, i suppose. so my front plate was lost and missing and of course the temporary permit that is current and designed to indicate my vehicle is being legally operated without plates and stuck to the rear window made no difference to the over zealous meter functionary. so i was ticketed twice. upon my return and realizing i cant pay the ticket immediately as it takes overnight for the ticket to hit the system, i wait the requisite day and logon to their barely functioning and yet collusive website to pay, and see a dialog box asking me which citations i'd like to pay with THREE! violations currently attributed to my vehicle. i stare with incredulity and immediately mutter "WTF?!", as i KNOW i never got a ticket on the day, and at the address of this "SUPPOSED" violation on ventura blvd, and it's dated 4/22/11, almost over the 21 day period that one is graciously afforded by the city to dispute this fraudulent ###. nevertheless, i refuse to pay the PHANTOM TICKET! while the dispute process begins. i then go check my banking records which always help me to figure out when/where i was on any given day, and realize that the very day in question i was indeed on ( Yes..) ventura blvd and had parked in a metered spot that was blinking "FAILED", and went about my business, which was EIGHT (8!) blocks away from this supposed "VIOLATION for parking in a WHITE ZONE athough since i wasn't actually TICKETED! i dont know when the supposed violation occurred time wise but when i went to check the address of the supposed violation listed and measured it against where in fact i did my business ( credit card receipt also..) it was then i discovered that it was indeed over 8 blocks away.

i knew instinctively, that i was a victim of fraud on the part of this traffic enforcement bureau and i then began to search the web, and found this site which is rife with identical anecdotal evidence that this fraud is being perpetuated on a MASS SCALE, here in broke ### los angeles.

so now i await their administrative review BS with little faith i will be vindicated as it's my word agains theirs, and again, this is endemic/systematic fraud, so we shall see but i wont be in the least surprise to be stuck with fines for fraudulent ticket(s).

i wish there were more i/we? could do. this is obviously revenue generating fraud and needs to be exposed.
any advice or contact info as to how to rattle cages locally?

at least i'm venting in a sympathetic room. thanks!

4:07 pm EST
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Recently we received a notice of delinquent parking ticket from Los Angeles parking bureau. We live in Sacramento and never visited Los Angeles, and it concerned me that we received this notice. What concerned me even more is that the information about our vehicle was not all correct. It was partially correct, but not all of it matched. I wrote a letter...

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