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It had been so many complaint found! Why this business still operating and hurting more customers, family, parents!
This business must see their license terminated.
Here my experience:
I found a dealer in Craigslist who stated had some good car! He sold me a first vehicle who was good but lie in the maintenance. I let it go belivong it may be a mistake. After my accident ( total lost ) Lobel ask me to go back to the same dealer to get another vehicle. I saw that 2004 Mercedes benz C240 but since I was new in buying vehicle and need it fast to go work! I trusted the dealers but I did forget that many person are not honest.
He did not let me try the vehicle, stated that everything had been checked, that it was a used new vehicle.
So I got the vehicle but only after one months the break start to make noise! I had to replace it! I try to bring their vehicle back but in the contract they said you must return it between one month and I already sign the contract with Lobel Financial who did finance me and sure! Knew the dealers! 2 cricked in business abusing customers.
Lobel start to created problem after 3 months to had the vehicle back or treating me over the phone to sue me for not sending them insurance coverage that the dealer sent to them already. What such bad service? Not respecting customers!
I strongly put them in their place.
I always pay my vehicle and had to fight with them each months.
But their website so poor! You can not pay online, log in to your account, see your payment history, answer question to had help etc...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Anaheim, CA
They promised to add the online payment! We are 2 years! Nothing happen!
To pay I had to drive from LA to Glendale since by phone they charge us 10 dollars fee? For what?
Money order as ( money gram or western union ) you had to pay fee.
By mails they receive your payment but play like they did not receive it and ever sent you a receipt for your payment! So I de use to start traveling to their branch to pay and receive a receipt who surprising me it a print paper. Not a légale receipt! And their branch are unable to give you more infos about your account! Either print your payment history or statement!
Now I had a balance of 90.00 dollars that I agree to pay this Friday but they keep sending me by mails a statement that I own 500 something! Is like 2 months.
I call them and make agreement to pay the balance again this Friday! They agree! Then they call me again! Saying that I had to pay! I inform
Their representative that I had made an agreement and will pay the 90.00 plus the current months on Friday! He said that it was fine but they only needed 165 as minimum.
Friday morning before going pay! They took my vehicle 1) without proper notice
2) at midnight

I am suing them and will order the judge to had their license terminated. Too many complaint in too many state.
Why? Should they keep hurting people feeling and getting their money!
I am losing money since I can not work 2 jobs and my jobs equipment in my vehicle.
If anyone had something to said to support my case as witness or had been in the same situation please step forward or to email me at [protected]
Or contact the Glendale courthouse soon as possible! Small claim court!

  • Updated by Pitchu Simba, Jan 10, 2017

    Now They found out that I paid them 160 and had to pay my current bill for 230 plus the 165 already pay is a total of 395 who gone even over what they keep state I own them 320
    They are very crocred people to state that they use my vehicle payment to pay that toll fee for the towing! How can you do that? If you want to skip law sue by trying to name your action legal!when you know it was illegal! I had a balance due of 90.36 but in their record 100.36 plus the current bill.! They ask 165 minimum that I agree to pay Friday so I had not balance for 1 months or 2 months bill. This Thursday I am paying 230 dollars and now they are telling me that I had to pay for the toll fee plus storage fee! Are they serious? No! I am suing them even if I had to go to superior court! They had been doing this to customers for decade but now they get the wrong one!

Jan 10, 2017

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