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i had no ideal that lobel financial was so awful. from the time that i brought my car i have ran into some money issuse and i have spoken with vast of thier reps, i am always 1 month behind last time i paid my car note i was told that i could get an extion and after i paid it they told me that they dont grant extion for hardship after i posted my payment, they call my job even when i tell them that i will be in to pay on my account we make an agreement and they still call, my job is tried of thier calls where now they tell them that i was transfer out to a diffrent location so they can stop calling. is there anything that can be done??? if you ever need a car and have bad credit like i do just go to drive time i hear they are way better i wished i would of went with them instead of lobel financial

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  • Ma
      Jan 25, 2010

    lobel financial is a pice of ? i having trouble my sealf with does [censored]in people, excuse the language but im so ###in pist off they want to repo my care when im almoust done to paye it off... only for a ###ing payment that i miss... what kaing of ### is that...

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  • Th
      Mar 24, 2010

    They lost their ### off in a class action law suit . I'm sure Gary Lobel and his brothers are sorry now .. ja ja ja

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  • Ma
      May 18, 2010

    lobel is a bunch of crooks they gave me a ext then pick my car up and they always told me i was a month behind but i paid every month i want to sue there butts now stuck without a car and i paid them my money and all they have to say is what i need to do or should pay to get the car back now they want me to pay the repo man why i didnt even know they could take it since i was not a month behind will according to them i am 19days late on a ext one of there ref gave me and every month after i pay the note they call and say you are 5 days 10 days late dang i just paid a car payment they new when they approve me for the lone i was on a fix income

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  • Ma
      May 18, 2010

    sorry about the word loan but i spell it lone but i am so darn mad

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  • Dt
      Jan 04, 2011

    You r right i sued lobel and won thy tried to repo my car after i made a payment 50 dollars short i took garry to court and won thy had to pay me to get my car back from repo bad car dealer .

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  • Ar
      Jan 09, 2011

    dturner, Where are you? CA? I am in AZ and am starting a law suit against them, I am looking in to different Lawyers, both in CA and here in AZ. Who did you use to sue?

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  • 41
      Feb 13, 2011

    I was 41 days past due and they came and got my car in the middle of the night!!! WTH I have financed before but never ever have delt with such ignorance in my lfe. Lucky my husband talked to the repo mand and he isn't going to charge any fee's. I am paying my car off ASAP! SO I will never ever have to deal with this company anymore! I to am lucky to join a class action suite.

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  • Ju
      May 06, 2011

    I have never been late and have never lapsed on my car insurance. They've tacked on their insurance fees even though my insurance company and myself have sent in proof of insurance over and over again. Today, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the California secretary of state.

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  • Ra
      Aug 16, 2012

    At the car dealership I provided all documents requested got a courteous call from Lobel on the same day.
    Today, which is a week after;
    I got a call from an underwriter named ALMA @[protected] who was rude and condescending and stated she didn't receive those
    documents, perfect solution, I would think would to be able to have me fax her those same requested documents myself. No matter a solution she was constantly speaking to me horribly, I finally said I wanted to speak to someone else who isn't so "mean and condescending" and she stated that "I could not, only her, she is the underwriter and she will make the final call".
    Wow, what happened to customer service, Im certainly able to keep up my end. I chose this company LOBEL because I used them successfully before and thought Id use them this time rather than someone new. Now I guess I will call the dealership to find someone else when they were already in the works all because of one rude underwriter who says I can't talk to anyone else but HER! I guess one person can ruin it for all the other nice employees I spoke to previously. (one bad apple ruins the bunch)

    Roseanna Necochea

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