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I had bought my car back in January of this year. My first payment was due in February. I havnt had any problems making my payment till last month. Which was July, I had a family emergency and had to leave out of state for a month. I was not able to make my payment. Now I'm back at work and Ive told Lobel that I will be able to pay them just as soon as I get my next check. Ill be able to pay what I owe for last month and this month.

They have been calling and calling. Not only do they call me, they call my job, my boss. Which my boss has already told me that she is fed up with them calling so much. And I can end up losing my job. Because of them calling and asking her so much information. And you know what Lobel told me. They told me well I guess youll lose your job and your car. Can you believe that? I'm so stressed and tired of this company. They also have a way to change numbers around so it looks like someone is calling you from your job or house. When really it's them calling. This should not be legal.

Anyone who has bad credit or no credit I suggest not going through Lobel Financial. They rip you off and add so many fees. That by the time you do pay what you owe, you still are oweing more because they tack on so many late fees.
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A  23rd of Oct, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Attorney General Brown Forces Lobel Financial to Stop Harassing and Intimidating Borrowers

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today forced Lobel Financial, a sub-prime auto lender, to stop its "illegal campaign of harassment and intimidation" against borrowers behind in their bills.

"This company charged its customers exorbitant interest rates for car loans and then waged an illegal campaign of harassment and intimidation when they couldn't pay up, " Attorney General Brown said. "Now Lobel must stop its abusive tactics and comply with the law."

Lobel Financial is headquartered in Anaheim, Calif. but makes loans to customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, the Bay Area, the Central Valley, and other areas of the state.

Lobel provides financing to people with poor credit who purchase vehicles through used-car dealerships. The typical interest rate of their loans is between 21-23 percent. Lobel performed its own debt collection efforts when consumers failed to make the required payments.

In 2007, the California Attorney General's Office initiated an investigation into Lobel's debt collection practices. The investigation found that Lobel frequently violated California's Fair Debt Collection Act by:

- Calling its customers repeatedly and allowing the phone to ring continuously;

- Calling a customer's employer and family members; and

- Using a false name when calling.

Additionally, the company used more sophisticated "pre-texting" tactics to obtain confidential information of their customers.

For instance, Lobel deceived ATT Wireless into providing confidential telecommunications records of at least 190 California ATT customers.

Lobel also used a calling card scam to con consumers into providing their calling information. Lobel had a third-party vendor send the customer a "free" phone card; the company would then obtain information about the calls made by the customer using the calling card.

Hundreds of California consumers across the State were victimized by Lobel's constant harassment and illegal debt collection activities.

Lobel Financial will pay $150, 000 in civil penalties and $100, 000 to the State for attorneys' fees and costs.

News Release March 10, 2009


Contact: (916) 324-5500
A  14th of Dec, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I agree 100% I made payments on time for one year straight once my job started laying employees off i was in a bind but was still making some type of payment that was fifthteen dollars off from what i owed. But once I could'nt make the payments anymore they began calling private from the time they open til they closed. Then my number changed and they started calling my old job telling asking them when did i lose my job where did I go and why they were calling. That was very embarrising for me to have my personal business put out there like that to someone who knows nothing about my dept issues exspecially when it was only one payment. So one day i get a private call and its them and i asked how did you get this number and the lady blaintly lied and said my wife gave it to her. I said no way possible cause she doesnt have a phone and she wanted to argue me down saying thats how she got the number so I said honey where is your phone she said are you being funny you know I dont have a phone. So she says well this is the number we have on file for you I said from where she says your phone company so I said so sprint gave you my number then she says this what we pulled up on your credit report. So she gets very mad cause I'm telling her she cant do that and says look are you gonna make a payment or what, so i hung up on her and she called and called and called. I leave that day and make a payment and she calls right back and says we need another payment by next week. At one point I just wanted to say come get this car but it's my only transportation so i couldnt but this company should be shut down for good.
A  10th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
My husband and I have a car loan with Lobel, not a good thing. This morning I woke up to go to work and the car was gone. We called them immediately because they had been harrassing us regarding our insurance which we had provided them when the car was purchased. Little did we know that they had not contacted our insurance which they have record of to make sure we were still covered, instead they repoed the car and said it was our fault!!! They won't help us at all and said we have to come up with the repo fees when it is their fault all along. We have had insurance with the same company for 10 years and have never had a lapse in coverage. I am not happy with this company at all and we should file a class action law suit, how many people does it take, let me know and we will pursue legal action. In these days time are tough and they have no compassion or care for people whatsoever. I will never do business with these people again!!!
A  16th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Lobel just repo'd my car last night at 1am...after me missing one month's payment and only having 3 more payments to make. I paid close to $11, 000 towards my car already and don't understand why all of a sudden after missing one month payment, they would repo the car unless they will be losing money and want to do anything possible to make the money they need from reselling my car! I have always had problems paying on time due to my huge layoff back in late 2007, but have paid my full monthly amount each time to be caught up entirely!

Besides all this, each month I am a few days late, they didn't call me but my ex boyfriend! He would call me angry telling me to have these people stop calling him, he has nothing to do with my car or my bills. This company has gone way over board with their business dealings and I WANT THIS COMPANY TO GO UNDER!

My attorney will be contacting them first thing tomorrow morning to straighten this mess out and get my car back. Please help anyone. This is mine and my daughter's only transportation. Not only that, but being a Girl Scout Leader to have to have her car repo'd is embarassing enough, let alone I would hate to know what they are saying to the law office I was laid off from!
N  18th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
A  11th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Lobel Financial is a total rip off, my cousin purchased a suv from a Ivan Truck and Cars in San Diego and was financed by Lobel Financial and a month later he was stopped by the SDPD and told it was reported stolen so after all the legal documentation it was still impounded and Lobel Financial took possession of the suv and auctioned it out and they sent a letter to my cousin stating that he volunteerly gave it up. i think this is a scam between Ivans Truck and Cars and Lobel Financial. so to everyone out there beware of Lobel Financial if you need to be financed opt for in-house finance and please make sure that the dealer you purchase the vehicle from is not associated with Lobel Financial THIS IS ESPECIALLY MEANT TO ALL THE UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS THEY ARE THE REAL VICTIMS BECAUSE OF THEIR STATUS HERE IN AMERICA. AND I AGREE LOBEL FINANCIAL SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS LETS ALL PETITION TO CLOSE THEM DOWN .
N  22nd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
TO ALL LOBEL CUSTOMERS... Please review your contracts. Look to see if you signed anything disclosing a GPS device in your vehicle. If your find that your did not sign anything mentioning a GPS divice. Have your car inspected for the device. Cause you can sue LOBEL for invation of privacy. Also not disclosing that they added a GPS tracking divice. I was at a friends house where my wife was staying. Note that they had no idea of this address. I came from the LA area and they knocked on the door and said they are taking the car. So this other dealer said that LOBEL is known for shady dealings and bad business practices. To they put a GPS in my car. I looked at my paperwork and no mention of the GPS device. This is invation of privacy and the wheels are turning for me to sue them and have them pay for my new Yukon. I was 42 days late after being laid off and they took my only vehicle. If all goes well. I want to bury these guys and advertise what happened so the would go under!!
A  9th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Completely agree 100% to all grievances!! I too have the misfortune of having my car financed through them and am currently wondering how long until they repo my car as I have lost my job & am more worried about feeding my 3 kids than the car payment.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am into my 2nd of 20 payments w/Lobel and allready haveing problems w/them adding extra fees for thier auto insurance. I have and had my own full coverage auto insurance since day 1 of buying the suv. We even did a 3way phone call w/my insurance co.(21century) to show my policy # and required info. I paid $17'500. cash Downpmt and wanted to finance the remaining $3'500 to rebuild my credit.I was looking for thier online address when I came across this complaint site.* Heres a fact that most of the public does not know, If you are the registered name on the auto registration and are in possession of the auto or are with your auto and any repo crew trying to gain possession, you have the law on your side.If law enforcement arrives thay will remind the repo crew of the law and send them away without the auto. Dont let the repo crew get possession, just get into the auto! Law enforcement only gets involved to keep the peace but this is a civil matter not criminal unless you loose your cool and get arrested then the repo crew can gain possession.Once they repo your auto thay have to report the repo to law enforcement within 2hours. That gives the repo crew plenty of time to strip and steel items from your car like ALLCAL Adjusters 7364 mission gorge rd San Diego, ca. I hope/pray I dont have problems like the others but if I do and thay come "THIS 285lbs COMBAT MARINE IS ALWAYS LOCKED AND LOADED AND JUST WAITING TO TAKE OUT MY FUSTRATION AND WRATH OUT ON THESE PUBLIC PARASITES! singed mpruittsd@gmail.com 9/22/2010
A  28th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
My car was repossed on June 2, 2010! i made a payment on May 4, 2010! I was at work, they lied to gain access in a privately secured building! i was IN MY CAR and was forced out by being tassered in my car! i called the LosAngeles Police to Protect me and i was told by the POLICe that i was in the wrong and that The repo company had the right to come and get my car! while i am it! i dotn think so! I am going to file a suit against the repo company and the car company for assault on me at my job in my car! I now have a private investigator looking for me, i assume to serve me some papers to be sued by this SHEISTY Company! they are a joke and everyone on this website that has any dealings with LOBEL should call the Attorney General and make a complaint! i have even tried to talk with the owners! they have already had a class action law suit for the same tatics that they are using and it seems form all these complaints that they have not learned! we all need to do something!
N  29th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Hi I just purchase a car from used car lot.. and my loan is with lobel fin. I bought bmw 2001 already having problems with antifreeze link out today. Only been a week should i get my down pymt back and cancel the contract now?
N  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
VERY DISHEARTENING TO SEE THESE POSTS. I have a car financed through Lobel in Sacramento. So far so good. Except for the proof of insurance thing. I will keep looking here to see if more people are victmized by loan sharks and IF I have an issue I will sure be posting it. I am a Social Media Network professional and understand the power of the people through the web. When you post, make sure your facts are clear and well stated. No spelling mistakes. When people are mad it is harder to express oneself, but a well written complaint is more effective than venting. State the facts and name the people involved. That is how the web can be used as a consumer advocate resource. Find other review and social media sites and let Lobel know that we, as customers in good standing or not, deesrve to be treated with dignity and respect, not to mention, within the law. Good luck to you all! Keep posting.
A  5th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
i have been with the company for one year and my payment was late ONE MONTH AND 10 DAYS and they repo my car and besides that they wont give me any reciepts that i have payed them im going to get my attorney involved because this company if fraud...
A  5th of Nov, 2010 by    +2 Votes
We have been with Lobel financial 2 yrs . 1st year made payments on time then the next my wife was without work we still made our payments but a little late. My wife and I have two girls that we share one vehile we finance through Lobel financial, we have at least a. 60 -65 mile drive for the day. On 10/21/10 my car had given out and to fix was well over $500.00 . My car payment alone is $336.00 that was eough to have to deal with already. We called Lobel and informed themthem we would be a little more later on payments but could still could pay them and get caught up befor the close of the year less than two months. They act as if they care but, asked us to send information and receipts that we payed to fix the vehicle, we did this didn't bother us the person we spoke with name was Erica she spoke to my wife and I as though she had compassion. We are current at 43 days late. On 11/02/10 We received calls at my job repeatedly on my cell. My wifes job even the company cell phone how they got that nunber is still a mistery. This conversation on we had just yesterday is when the wolf came out from its custom. 11/03/10 Lobel financial rep Erica calls ask what can we pay ? We explain we have $50.00 and we will will come current my job is gonna give me a loan on 11/08/10 my pay day remeber Lobel knows this. 3rica said "Melony you know this is your finance company for your loan" my wife replied yes my husband will take care of it on pay day. We were told our$50.00 wasnt enough then Erica said bye and good luck! My wife kids and I are up at 5am getting ready for school work and my wife the 1 of two days she gets to work for her company we all walk out and our car isn't there. We call the police only to find out lobel has repoed to car. I only had to wait till pay day four days the owner of my job gave me the loan today it was for only. 700 to come current with payments now the price is $1026.54 for tow fees police records strorage fees .some please we need to shut this type of pratice down this isn't business as usaull this is opression of the middle class bad credit people this is not right I hate this company they have put me in more dedt and bad credit with this.
A  5th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
This is not only a complaint, this whole web site is a cry for help. I too have been with Lobel Finiancial since 2009 if i'm not mistaken, it has'nt been easy. I have'nt always been on time with my payments. Knowing that, Lobel Financial was always notified when I couldn't make a payment on time. Even having a Verbal agreement with Lobel Financial regarding payment planing, it never stopped them from calling the Office of my Employment, my Husband's Personal Phone and Place of His Employment.
Last month the car broke down on my husband and I, getting off on the 805 south to the 8. It was a bad day, not to mention the car did'nt start back up and it was raining. My husband had to push the car as I steered, off of the freeway exit. The damage of the car rounded off to $500. All 6 spark plugs, heating coil, battery, and terminals, Co2 sensors all needed to be replaced. I faxed reciepts to show proof of the set back. Erica my rep was notified when they were coming in and why they were sent. Erica was the one who suggested if I had all of my receipts, to fax them to her or Gabbie her supervisor. Erica said that her supervisor would see and understand why my payment is late. On the 3rd of Nov. Erica called me before I could get settled in the house. The converstation went like this: Erica asking me, how will I pay check or somthing else. I said I cant pay all of that right now. Erica said well you need to make a payment of at least of $200. I told again sorry i dont have that and If you wont except the $50 then I guess I'll call you back when I get that $200 (I'm actually rounding that off it was 200 something).
My car payments are $336 a month, and I've recently been cut from full time hours. Because of the $500 invested in just making the car to run, I can't make my payment on time, also at this moment I can't make a full payment. This morning my husband and I came downstairs thinking we'll be at work no more then 20mins. but the car was gone. We were'nt notified during Any phone call recieved or answered, no one knocked on our door. Longer story short, they gave my husband the run around on the phone regarding the car. CAUTION: IF YOU DONT ALREADY HAVE LOBEL. DON'T DO IT. THEY GIVE THERE CUSTOMERS FALSE HOPE, I thought Ericas supervisor would understand AND CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS ARE HORRIBLE.
N  10th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I bough a car at Buena Park Nissan early this year. I have asked many times to explain me in detail in writing, why their numbers and my numbers don't match. My car payment is much higher than my accounting results.
What a dissapointment! I tried to return the car (a voluntary repossesion), and they refussed it. After I bought the car amy income dropped considerably and I called them to take the car, their answer was that they will accomodate me. Once I paid late (I told them that will be the case for a little while), they began calling telling me that they will set up a voluntary repossesion. When I told them that my main issue was that my doctor has placed me on temprary disability. One of their enployees made derrogatory coments concerning my disability, treating me like I was destituted with no means to comply with my contract obligations. Since then, even making my payment the harasssment din't stop.
N  29th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Back at the end of 2009, i was out on materinty leave. Money was not coming in like nomral, so i was not able to pay my car note. I called a spoke to a lobel customer services rep, and she simply told me to try a sell something in my home. She even name a few items, tv, rings, or anything of value. I was floored that a csr would make such a statement. I do not understand why lobel employee's believe that it is ok to talk to anyone in such a manner. It does not matter what their situation is, everyone deserves RESPECT. I recently find out that after more then a year and a half of service with them, that half of my personal information they have is incorrect. How this is I don't know, because the company called my perivous employer to verify all information and the company in returned call me. Therefore the information was correct at some point. I don't know why it was changed or who changed it. I mean address, ss numbers ( but Lobel is on my credit report with my correct number) phone numbers and work information all wrong. However, references to contact me are correct. I don't understand this company. I will say that it is a lesson learned, and I will not only research the dealership that I get my car, but the finance company as well. I am so ready to be done with this company.
N  14th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi, this is a mother that is helping a daughter to get her car back from Lobel. My daughter had called Lobel and explained to them that she had paid the bill through bill pay and something had also went through at the same time that shouldn't have and it was rejected.
She told them she would give them the very first payment owed this next payday. They didn't even know the payment was rejected until my daughter called them to tell them. The girl said she would tell her supervisor and they would get back to her and that was on a friday. BUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT DURING THE NIGHT, THEY TOOK THE CAR! So she couldn't contact them until this monday 12-13-2010. they told her to send them the payment plus the 375.00 repo charge, then when they received the payment, they would contact the person that took it and she would then have to call them and make an appointment to go and get it. Which that would require 95.00 administration fee and 25.00 a day which is already at 195.00 and today another 25.00 is added. Lobel also said if she had any valuables in the car when it was taken that she might have to pay a fee for each item to get them back. We were told to send the payment through Western Union and it would cost 12.99 but when we tried and they said it would cost us 86.00 through them and then they also told us 9.50 through Money Gram, but they said it would cost either 60.00 or 25.00 depending on how many days it would take. So we sent a Cashiers check last night for overnight express mail which cost us 18.30. Now we have to wait for them to get the check and then they have to contact the towing company and have it released and then my daughter and I have to pay the towing company for every day until we can get them to make us an appointment to pick up her car. They charged her supposely 23.95% interest for the loan, but if you figure it out, it is actually 26.986% interest on the loan, plus my daughter had to pay down payment of 1100.00. We have no idea of when we will actually get the car. BUT AS SOON AS WE GET POSSESSION OF IT AGAIN, I WILL GO TO MY BANK AND REFINANCE IT SO MY DAUGHER WILL NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS!!! I agree that something has to happen to these people as this is TOTALLY WRONG to do this to people.
N  9th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
WOW mother of daughter, I am dealing with this company, only having them less than 2 months paying 2 payments, 2nd payment still NOT TAKEN from my bank account, my check is just out there not being applied to my account, this is after this company took my car from the tow yard it was taken to here in AZ, the night a lady plowed into me and my car from this accident was not drivable. My 1st payment to them was credited 12-6-10 with no issues, but they repossessed my car 12-22-10 stating fraudulently I had not paid! Taking it from the secured place my insurance was investigating the damage totals, doing who knows to my car, giving my car back to me, then not cashing my 2nd payment. How long can they hold on to my 2nd payment? They are trying to say I didn't pay again maybe? Again, I have only had them since the end of November 2010 and it is now January! How can this keep happening while they have been sued over and over? When do they get shut down?
A  13th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
let me add mine. i just bought a car from these people and since i talk to them more than my mother. Finally i told them to "QUIT [censor]ING CALLING ME". And i never curse...2nd, my best friend is an insurace agent. i have the best car insurance policy you can buy but for some reason the best isnt good enough. Now my car payments are near $400 a month...SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM ... well i'm not paying it and they can come get this car...and i will have my day in court...with me being compliant and the addition of all these complaints i bet the judge will halt everything and investgate them to make sure they are legit...3rd, on the computer i'm pretty good...everyone on the internet will know there name and when they change it...I will be there to inform their new customers...Class action is an option...i'm in...the other thing, i am going to start looking for their finance//investors and start informing them of their practices...

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