Loan Solutions / Ripping of Consumers

1 North Palm Beach, FL, United States
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As a former employee I can tell you the only thing these guys are looking to do is take your money. Almost every salesmen is on some sort of illegal drugs. The owner Aaron Cushman who has taken more STEROIDS than I think is humanly possible walks around the office telling everyone about his brand new Mercedes and how expensive it is. They actually have an employee who's only job it is to write positive reviews with the BBB. If you ever check you would notice that after any negative review, miraculously minutes later their is a positive review. Most of the office is unlicensed as well as probaly 75% has some sort of criminal background. That was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. This company is only out to decieve. Do the research, you will see for yourself. Call your local attorney general office and see for yourself.

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