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Lifetime TV Station / commercials

Fort Dodge, IA, United States Review updated:
I would like to bring to the attention of Lifetime TV that the commercials during your regularly scheduled programs are awful! Every commercial is filled with static so you cannot even understand what they are saying. Very annoying. The programs themselves have no static but all of the commercials do. Why does this happen. I for one do not change the station each time a commercial comes on but am now tempted. Why are all of the programs on this station ok but the commercials are full of static and garbled voices. I do know this does not happen on any other channel, only lifetime. I checked with some friends of mine and they tell me they have noticed the very same thing. It needs to be fixed, not only for the viewers but for the companies paying for those commercials. I'm anxious to hear from you concerning this problem!
(Channel 29 with Media Com in Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501)
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  3rd of Sep, 2008
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I have a complaint regarding that little icon at the bottom corner of the screen, of an upcoming show that you are promoting. I used to love to watch the movies on the Lifetime channel as a lot of them are true stories. It is very annoying to try to watch the movie and that stupid icon is in the picture.. I'll be back on Lifetime when you are showing one show at a time!
  22nd of Sep, 2008
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I agree with the complaint concerning the icon at the bottom corner of the screen and the writing concerning upcoming shows as well as the pop up advertisements. It is very distracting and irritating!!
  28th of Oct, 2008
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Every morning my husband and I have enjoyed the Frazier reruns--what happened??? Tuned in this morning - October 29 - and got no Frazier. Did you cancel the show and if so WHY????
  31st of Oct, 2008
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Bring back Frasier and the Golden Girls. Will not watch the programs you are currently running.
  12th of Jan, 2009
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I am very upset at myLifetime TV for airing any shows depicting homeosexualism to be normal and acceptable behavior. Such as the one coming up called Prayers For Bobby. God calls this perversion sin! It is very sinful and shameful that anyone could believe homeosexual behavior to be even close to normal or acceptable. God hates this sin so much, he destroyed two cities by fire because of these rampid acts of shame and filth. Those who would promote these type of shows will have to face God on judgement day alone without excuse! Christians write your congressman, senators, governers, and stop this sinful use of our airwaves. Our children should not be exposed to such trash on TV!
  16th of Apr, 2009
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Golden Girls, Golden Girls, Golden Girls, Take em Off Already ! Once a day is plenty !! Reba is a good family show, and The Waltons . Kids these days need good quality tv shows. Not the same thing over and over !
  11th of Jan, 2011
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Lifetime TV Station - weak volumn
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why do your commercials come in loud and clear and yet the wonderful movies you offer are on the hushed side with no option of control at the viewers descretion?
  14th of Apr, 2011
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Please bring back the Golden Girls in the morning and remove Frazier and the Martha Stewart Show. Empty Nest can replace Frazier at 10:00 pm. Please !! Take em Off!!
  14th of Apr, 2011
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Please bring back the Golden Girls in the morning and remove Frazier and The Martha Stewart Show. Empty Nest can replace Frazier at 10:00 pm .Please !! Take em Off!!
  20th of Aug, 2011
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I am really starting to hate the lifetime channel and i can't even complain about it at there site because every time i submit a complaint it gets sent back to me as mailing error. They constantly switch there schelude around. I got a reminder today for a movie that dissappeared from there schelude appparently they don't know this themselves. it is like being teased and i'm sick of it. I am fed up. i want to scream!!!
  29th of Apr, 2012
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Army Wives has been one of the greatest "family" shows on television. Why is it being ruined by the promotion of homosexual relationships? This is a family show why did you have to ruin it? As much as we enjoy the show I would have preferred it ended with last season than to see it go this way..
  1st of May, 2012
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I am in 100% agreement with Randal C from April 29, 2012. The addition of the homosexual story line is horrible. It used to be a family show. I choose not to watch lesbians kissing on what was one of my favorite television shows. They can live whatever lifestyle they want but I don't have to watch them. Just let the show end and we will all be better off!
  26th of Aug, 2012
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Omg! To many commercials during movies. Love most of the movies but have changed stations because soon many commercials.
  10th of Jan, 2013
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Myself and many of my friends want Drop Dead Diva back for another season. What are you waiting for. New Years is over...
  10th of Jan, 2013
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My friend and I want another season of Drop dead Diva. Come on you can't leave the season end like that. Jane in Owen's body. We want more...
  22nd of Mar, 2013
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am not happy with this station i used to love watching frazer but this am all thats on is flipping san antonio what happened to frazer according to my tv lineup it was suppose to be on
  21st of Apr, 2013
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Wayy too many commercials during movies.. its ridiciouls
  30th of Apr, 2013
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I am very annoyed with not only the little icons on BOTH sides of the screen constantly posting, but with one in particular - I cannot stand the one for Preachers Daughters! I am very offended that the icon suggests it is a Bible -- and then the statement Thou Shalt Watch Preachers' Daughters appears - as though this is a command from God. Between this and Christian Mingle constantly telling me that these are directly from God - I'm ready to live without a tv. This media should not tell me it is God and I am so offended that I feel sick to my stomach!!!
Lifetime Viewer...maybe
  29th of May, 2013
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In watching Lifetime channel on TV it has been brought to my attention that the show airing Pretty Wicked Mom's is not a expectable viewing having children. Drinking. Drinking, Drinking is not a Safe, Secure environment for raising a child. Also to show a Baby chewing on a Computer Laptop is unrealistic and no parent in there right mind would give there child a Laptop Computer. I see know humor in that scenario! If you choose to live a promiscuous life then don't get pregnant and have the responsibility of a child now or in the future. I feel strongly that these Woman should not be able too conduct there immoral s on the public viewing. Especially the children who are subjected too this program.!...Stand Up! and Be a Responsible Parent!! Do the right thing!...
  1st of Jun, 2013
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I am very disappointed that Lifetime is chosing to show such trash as Pretty Wicked Moms and Expreme Moms... even the commercials of these shows are not appropriate if a yound child is in the room, and I am offended to see these women lowering themselves to even make these programs. Well, shame on those who find this entertaining. A good movie, comedy, mystery without sex is almost a thing of the past, and these programs just do not live up to what Lifetime started out to be. Shame on America for allowing others to chose what is put on the TV we pay for. My comments aren't going to make a hill of beans of difference, and these programs will continue to be shown, but I just had to say "shame on you and those who find them entertaining" - God is surely disappointed in what we have allowed to happen.

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