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Lifestyle Family Fitness / Membership cancellation and sign up information

1 IN, United States

January 2009, my husband and I, my in-laws and uncle all joined Lifestyle Family Fitness. Joining cost about $90 down plus what we were told was our first and LAST months dues, monthly dues at the time were $65. We were told by our sales person Nolan that we were paying for our last month up front, that we could cancel at any time because there is no contract, and that we could put our membership on freeze at any time for a small monthly fee. Spring 2010, we decided to place our account on a freeze because of our financial issues. This freeze cost $22.98 per month. In October of 2010, I chose to unfreeze our account-which COST us money-$20.00 to do so! Un-freezing was a mistake, because we have recently filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, so in February I decided to cancel for good. I would like to say that, even though the sales staff may have misinformed us, they have been helpful all along, the issues I am having are with their corporate office and how they handle cancellations and billing issues. When you cancel, you are directed to call a corporate phone number. No one ever answers the phone number and you are forced to leave a voicemail. Finally, after 2 messages, my husband receives a call back. They instruct him that he will receive an email, in which he is to respond to with CANCEL in the body, and our membership would be cancelled. My husband did so on February 21st. We both thought that was that, until he started receiving call after call. The calls were because our charges had been declined (declined because our Bankruptcy attorney instructed us to empty that bank account) my husband spoke with the customer service agent and explained that he would have to speak with me regarding it, because it did not seem right. I again called the corporate number with no response, so I decided to call our local club, which is when I found out that Jason was cancelled but not myself, and this was because the cancel came from his email account not mine and his. I called corporate again, twice with no response, so in frustration I went online to their website and filled out their generic comment email section about my issue. After discussing with my husband all the issues I had run into, he decided that he could forward me the email they sent him, and then I respond in the same way he had before. In addition to this email, I also emailed the same address regarding all of the issues I've had with no response to date. Jason has continued to receive phone calls for the TWO months+$15.00 returned check fee that they say we owe because they are now stating that they never received a cancel for Jason. I spoke with a customer service rep, Lee A. today who said that they would we willing to waive the last month’s fees so that we only owe $69.00+$15.00. We should not owe anything. It should not have been my husbands responsibility to forward me an email to cancel my account. In fact, our account should have been cancelled in February. I have since filed a complaint with the BBB and in retaliation on the 25th Lifestyle withdrew $169.96 from our checking account. This company’s cancellation policy is not only nearly impossible but archaic and maddening. The customer service agents are rude; treat you as though you are delinquent, even though you can never get a return phone call. Not to mention that they lied to us from the get-go. Liars and Thieves!

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