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Lifestyle Family Fitness / Refund and discontinue procedure sucks!

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Read your paperwork Entirely before signing. I purchased a membership but unfortunately I was injured at work and had to discontinue the membership. But when I tried to stop my membership and get a refund, following there explicit rules to discontinue my membership due to health reasons, I supplied medical reports from Doctors and Specialists that they asked for and after faxing them and bringing them into the facility. I was given a bunch of garbage from the management and was denied any refund and had to pay for something I could no longer use due to my health problems. Shame on Lifestyle, Explain your rules better and enforce them properly and with some compassion. Your refund and discontinue procedure sucks, and what happened to the Customers always right. Corporate America at it's best or worse here.

Thanks a lot for nothing. A very unhappy ex-Customer.

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  • Ar
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    I am a member in Ohio, but actually started my membership with California Fitness back in 1999. I had paid $200 downs to have a lifetime payment of $9.52 -- until I canceled (this was the very first gym located in a strip mail, which was small, if you were wondering how my payments are so low; trying to build there membership to become big)

    Lifestyle has recently bought California out and had sent a notice saying that my membership would not change, which this should be; but now Lifestyle has sent out another notice stating “allowed by my membership” that they are increasing my dues.

    I called to get my signed contract mailed to me, but the rep “Kathy” said they do not have it on file and only keep them in their database for two years. I asked her then how she knows this is true for my membership and she said that the “Billing Analyst Manager” Mike, was the one that did all the research and provided this to his boss(s) on who should be increased.

    I then asked to be transferred to Mike and you guessed it, I had to leave a message; well, I never did receive a call back regarding my signed contract... So, I am sending a letter out, but I think this could be a class action lawsuit due to breach of contract and the fact they do not have my signed contract... Please let me know if anyone else has run into this problem...

  • An
      19th of Mar, 2007
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    I recently cancelled my membership with this very inconsiderate organization due to an extreme increase in membership fees. Upon cancellation, I was informed that I had to give a 60 day notice of cancellation and would owe two months worth of fees.

    I asked for a copy of my membership agreement. I received a call to settle up my unpaid balance and I explained that I had yet to receive the agreement that I asked for. This person rudely exclaimed that he personally sent it and it does not take 30 days for mail to get to my location. However, when I tried to explain that I did not receive this, he stated that he would not send another copy and would mark my account as delinquent since I would not pay this without a copy of the membership.

    This company has a motto of a commit to a lifestyle not a contract yet when you try to leave their lifestyle they try to degrade and belittle you.

  • Su
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    I 110% agree. LifeStyle Family Fitness sucks big time. They are the biggest cheaters in the business. All they want to do is rip you off your money. They would not refund your money easily.

    Please do your self a favor NEVER join this gym, especially the one in Sawmill Area in Columbus and Polaris.

  • La
      6th of Apr, 2007
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    To Whom It May Concern:

    Hello my name is LaTasha Murray and my husband joined a new gym in the Queen City. When my husband joined Lifestyle Family Fitness on Feb. 5, 2007 he was told that they have a 4-Week Comfort Guarantee. What that simple means is you have 30 days to try out the gym and they want you to visit at least 12 times to give them a fair try. My husband explained to them that with his work schedule it was going to be hard to make 12 visits since they were not open 24 hours. He expressed to them that he needed a gym that was 24 hours and Troy Wilkinson the Sales Manager stated to him if you only came 9 times to give them a fair chance, I do not have a problem giving you your money back. I make the approvals for the refund. So my husband joined on this Sales Managers word. Once he canceled on March 5, 2007 and explained to Troy that this is just not working out because of the hours of operation.

    I had a hard time getting here the 9 times that you stated back in Feb.that you would work with me. My husband was told that he should receive a refund in about 7 to 10 days. Well on March 20, 2007 we had $32.99 taken out of the account and when we called Troy at the University location he stated that he was on it. He told my husband that he would call him back that day and we did not hear from him at all. My husband called on March 27, 2007 about the refund as well as now the addition $32.99 that was taken out on March 20, 2007. Someone told him in customer service that they had not received anything from the Charlotte location about his cancellation and he was still active. So my husband called Troy again and he stated that he was on it and he would call back later on that day. I called the corporate office and was told that it was pending and the reason it was denied was because he did not have 12 punches. Come to find out each night at closing they are suppose to enter the punches manually and they did not do that with the 9 sign ins that my husband did. Troy did got on the phone and emailed the corporate office asking them to stand behind the guarantee.

    Jason from the Corporate office called later that day on March 27, 2007 and stated that the refund had been approved and he was going to expedite the refund. On all my husbands paper work they state they have 30 days to refund the money. Today is April 5, 2007 and we still do not have a check. I was told today when I called the Corporate office that since the 1st call was not made into the Corporate office until March 27, 2007 that they have 30 days form that date. I explained to Disa the Supervisor that it is not our fault that the University location is a new facility and they could not view the punches and that we have no control over what day the checks are printed on. (They only print checks on Monday for refunds)

    We was told that the check would be in the mail this week and we are still giving a song and dance about why our money is not in our account or in route to our address this week.

    I keep getting the run around with this company, once representative says this and another says that. I cannot
    get a straight answer and I do not know where else to turn.

    LaTasha Murray

  • An
      22nd of May, 2007
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    Lifestyle Family Fitness, a fitness center dedicated to personal fitness through exercise and a healthy lifestyle is load of crap. Fitness clubs are located throughout the Southeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic. I went into the gym and asked pay for a year membership in full all up front. The one girl they had working was not experienced at all, so some sort of senior membership guy named Timothy Cox (Largo, FL) did the paperwork for me and told me that I was paying a year in full and getting a discount for doing so... WRONG!!! MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PAPERWORK!!! I received this membership as a gift from my current employer and I left them halfway through the year. Apparently, my membership was a 6 month down payment... so when I quit, my company card was cancelled. Lifestyles put a $10 penalty every month on top of a $54 charge and kept charging the card!! I found out about after my previous employer said that had to make up $400 in charges because I WAS LIED TO!!! The company comes off as professional and I think all the membership guy (Timothy Cox) wanted to do was sell a membership to get his commission. I wrote Lifestyle Family Fitness and told them the situation. They don't care, they're still sending me a $129 statement every month and telling me that I didn't cancel, even though I have a printed out sign form that I got when I physically had to go to their facility and sign a cancellation form. This is the most ridiculous company I have ever dealt with and I've heard some other horror stories from friends that have worked there... if you're going to get a membership I would recommend a privately owned local gym, at least most of those have integrity and not a huge marketing budget to lure people in to take advantage of.

  • Ke
      25th of May, 2007
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    I absolutely agree. Lifestyle Family Fitness people suck. They are scammers. They want to take your money - period. Had an awful experience with cancellation. The entire thing is set up in a way that it makes it hard for you to cancel.

    I was told by one representative that I had to write in and send a physical mail that I want to cancel. When I joined, I was told that I would be getting the last month free since I paid for it at the time of joining. But no, the rip off is that if you read the fine fine print, they charge you for the last TWO months, which is in direct contradiction to what the manager told me.

    They just want your money, that is all. This gym is a total rip off.

  • Ji
      1st of Jun, 2007
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    Lifestyle is a bad idea. I went in with a friend and joined. She did not. 4 days later they called her telling her she could have something like $70 off the sign up fee price. I called asking why, when I signed up the day I walked in, I had to pay more. He said that it was just how business work. I am dreading when I will want to terminate my membership how that will go. I should prob attempt it about 6 months in advance.

  • Co
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    I cannot say I am amazed reading any of this. I found this website after doing a search on this company because they just ripped me off. I went to a new location the opened in Cary North Carlina. I currently live in Baltimore Maryland. I was planning on moving to North Carolina and was just looking at gyms to see what they had to offer but had no intention of signing up until I actually moved there. I got the whole sing and dance with a my mother but this would not be available later if I moved.

    Because of this I joined.

    Found out later no free membership for my mother and a few other promises were nothing but lies. I went to the gym and said I wanted to cancel and get refund of the $125 I paid to them at sign up. Now also I never had active membership. My membership was put on hold until I moved there.

    They told me I would not get a refund. I did not follow through with COMFORT GUARANTEE (kinda hard when I did not have active membership to use the gym).

    I called home office to complain. They said basically they had to go on what the people at the gym are telling them. Basically what I got was I was not telling the truth and staff denies saying these things to me (interesting with a commission job). However the home office said they would have someone from the gym contact me in 24 to 48 hours.

    Week goes by no phone call. So I call home office again. they tell me their records show that several attempts were made to reach me (this is at all not true. Not one phone call or message). I said the staff is lying and ducking my phone calls. (They take no phone calls from me at the Cary gym).

    I asked the home office to check the phone records so we can get to the bottom of who is lying and who is telling the truth. When phone records show no one called me I think it is fair to say they are scared to call me because they have to face the person they lied to.

    Long story short this gym is a nightmare and will do nothing to help you and hide behind anything they can. However I do not take to being ripped off, being lied to and then being branded the one who is lying. I fully tend to protest outside this gym. After reading what others have written here I think maybe it is time to take a class action suite against this gym. These people need to be taught a lesson.

  • Ke
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    I strongly agree. Last April (06) I had surgery, so I contacted the gym to place my membership on freeze. More than a year later I am being charged full dues still, and they claim to have no record of the change in status. After a visit to the location I used to go to and a call to corporate billing, I see how they do business. I even asked if I could come down to the corporate office to straighten things out, but was told that their office was in a "heavily secured building" and do not accept any visitors. They have it set up where getting out is not only frustrating, but next to impossible. I am not going to hold my breath on getting any sort of refund. Class action may not be a bad idea. Businesses that use strong arm techniques to keep their customers, or rather their customers money, should be held accountable.

  • Sh
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    Just to echo the complaints above: The lifestyle cancellation procedure is nothing short of a scam. I hold in my hand right now the contract I just signed today and in order to cancel, you must submit a cancellation request 60 days prior to the day actual cancellation takes place. This means in short that you will likely be forcibly charged for at least another month and a half of membership that you will likely not be using. This is in addition to a previous charge of a "Last Month's dues" which is mandatory when you sign. Also be prepared to pay about 90 dollars in random processing fees when you sign initially. That said, in summary, if you indeed want to join this gym (I again remind you of the 90! dollars in "processing fees"), keep in mind that you must cancel about 90 days in advance of when you expect to actually stop just to get the amount of service you are already paying for. Good thing there is 3 days to cancel the contract right after you sign, so I will take advantage of that right now, as I hope at least some of you will be able to as well.

    Overall: Lifestyle Fitness, what a SCAM.

  • Li
      30th of Jul, 2007
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    I won't tell the whole story, it pretty much goes as those above. I canceled, it seemed easy, no mention of the "60 days" and the remaining payment they would take out of my account and incurred 4 overdrafts due to purchases made after canceling membership. I was then told that this was my own fault because the procedures are clearly stated in my membership and cancellation paperwork.

  • Jo
      19th of Aug, 2007
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    I not only had an issue with the membership department but also with my so called personal trainer Jay Ratwani. I joined the Apex club in North Carolina when it was in presale. Jay told me he guaranteed me 30lb weight loss within 3 months and showed me pictures of his client and now wife Danielle. He told me that he was the manager and was the most "qualified" out of everyone in the club so I was in good hands. After 3 months I lost 2lbs after following Jays wonder diet plan and meeting with his 3 x a week for 30min. I should have known just by looking at his appearance that I shouldn't of hired him as my personal trainer. We did a lot of machines when we worked out and I watched other trainers work with their clients doing more interesting exercises and all getting results.

    I checked into Jays certifications on his business card with very reliable resources and they said based on his current certs I was overpaying him and he shouldn't be charging that much. I also bought 36 sessions from Jay and when it came to the end I had marked 32 used sessions in my calendar and Jay told me I had no sessions left I was outraged at this news and LFF wouldn't do anything about it. As far as I am concerned Jay is a rip off artist pretending to be a personal trainer. I don't know how this guy has lasted this long in a " reputable company". Jay was the main driver for me leaving the club combined with the billing issues. If you join LFF make sure you have a QUALIFIED, HONEST, PROFESSIONAL personal trainer and not a rip off artist like JAY RATWANI!

  • Va
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    I just moved to the Apex NC location and planned on joining the gym. I was trying to set up my membership to start at a later date while I finished unpacking etc. Yesterday evening I was told to come in to the gym for a VIP event. I was being helped by two very nice associates when the "manager" Nick stepped in to help. I told them that I was just trying to set up my membership for a later date, and that I was not ready to actually start there yet. The "managers" whole demeanor changed and he very nastily told me that "we do not do layaways". I got up and left. I was just trying to get things set up so that I would not have to do them later. If they insult people like this before they even join, I cannot imagine what it is like after.

  • El
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I should have known better but the lure of the location right next door to my work was too great. I called to get rates over the phone, which they would not do. Once I got the high pressure to appear in person, I knew the scam. So I hung up the phone can got on complaints board. Lifestyle Family Fitness is just another high pressure, multi-level marketing scheme. Maybe we can drive them out of business just like Bally.
    The next story you hear about them will probably be them selling your name and credit card information to the highest bidder.
    Thanks everybody for the heads up!

  • Ma
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    I also agree 1000% worst Gym in the world. I being trying to cancel my membership for three months, and nothing. They just keep billing me. Furtunatly, I had cancel my credit card so they could not bill me a cent.

    But, they have call me harrasing me, and have send me letters demanind payment. Sorry Lifestyles (aka. Crooks). Not getting any more of my money. This tit is dry.. LOL

    DO yourself a favor stay away from lifestyle family fitness. They WILL rip you off!

  • Be
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    Due to the "$0 Enrollment" a coworker and I joined on 8/31. We work for a company that can get a discount...however you have to pay for the discount!!! They call it a 'conversion'. Basically, we walked out of there paying $99.05 and then they wanted another $35 for us to get a discount. Apparently they think the public is stupid and that we will pay for a discount. We were told by the idiot sales girl (she looked 12) that we did not have to pay for the conversion and so when we went in to clear things up with the SM Mike Ertel (OH), he said that we had to pay. There was also an issue of them claiming to call my coworker but not really doing it as the dumb girl entered the wrong #. So when my coworker called her a liar, the SM said that he 'Stood behind my employees 100%'. I then asked him if he was a SM, and he said 'No'. I said 'Well what is your exact title?' He said 'Sales Manager. Oops! I just lied to you." He did this to my face!!!!! He had no remorse for how we were treated and lied to. THERE IS NO $0 ENROLLMENT. We are now dealing with Corporate and the CSR we spoke to was great, but would only offer to waive a few fees and not refund our money. There is NO way I'm going to continue to give this company $$$. Also spoke to his manager to get a full refund and now it's being escalated to the DM. But we have to write a complaint first. Thank God I recorded all the conversations in order to nail them. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I will forever warn people to stay away from them!!!!

  • Pi
      20th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I fell for the high pressure LFF "Free Trial" where they make you ding a credit card but promise a refund after a month if you dont want to join. I asked the sales dolly if there were any obligations, and she said "No." READ THE FINE PRINT CAREFULLY! To get a refund you HAVE to show up a minimum number of times! Unknowing about this, I did not. When I asked for a refund, they said TOO BAD! I asked for the sales dolly, and OH she doesnt work here anymore! Calls to management were fruitless and frustrating. Very rude. I had to work with my credit card company American Express for months until LFF gave up. I think all LFF associates are Scientologists or some other sort of cult-nazi ....

  • Un
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    My 83 year old mother joined LFF in order to stay active and meet new people. After a brief orientation by their "trained" staff----she was left on her own. The thirty minute work out routine resulted in compression fractures in her back leading to surgery and she is now in a rehab home. We are in hopes that she will recover enough to avoid a nursing home. When I attempted to cancel her contract, I was told first that she would have to come to the gym and sign a document requesting the end of the contract, then I was told that they would release her from the contract with an exit fee which was company policy. I asked what if she died? "We would have to send them a death certificate." I told them to charge us the exit fee and end this charade because I didn't have time to screw with them. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he sent me to a voice mail box because she was off for the next two days----convenient, huh???

  • Bd
      23rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!!! This company is a joke! I had all of the same problems mentioned above while trying to cancel my membership. Same song and dance....I don't feel so bad now seeing that is all over the country. Oh, by the way, I won. Just dispute their charges through your bank.

  • Bt
      24th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Complaint filed with BBB, Clearwater, FL:

    Basically, it can be summed up as unfair billing practices. In my case they made mistakes and double billed me for one month. It took a couple of months and many, many phone calls later to get it resolved. And, no thanks to Lifestyle. I had to dispute the charges from my bank to get anywhere. They refused or could not "see" where they charged me twice in a month, even though the Bank of America accounts reps could plainly see it. Like I said, no help to them, but I eventually got it fixed after several Lifestyle "late penalty charges" later that also had to be removed. The other issue is how they can jack your membership dues up three dollars a month and never tell you. I have it auto debited from my checking account, which they make you do, and it had already gone up from 32 dollars a month to 35 in just over a year. I had to find this out on my own as they NEVER tell you by means of any communication (personal, email or phone) that they are raising your rates. I was good at 35 for about a year until I balanced my check book online and saw that they had been taking out 38.59 without me knowing it. So, for months, I was paying 3 dollars more a month that I thought and, in typical Lifestyle fashion, was never advised by anyone. How hard would it be for the cute little 13 year old blondes they have running the front counter to tell me on the way out..."Oh, have a nice day Mr. Smith, by the way, you will see a rate increase on next months membership dues." ? I probably would have also been ok with at least an email, but to find out months later is just poor business. My last and final Lifestyle complaint is that when I canceled my membership I was billed for two more months. When you sign up you allegedly pay your first month and last month in advance in addition to the 90 or so dollars in administrative fees... but when you cancel, they still bill you for two more months. So you do pay for the last month, but they make you pay for next two months so you get to keep going to their gym for another 60 days. Thanks... but I would rather not pay two more months and get my last pre-paid months worth, but you don't have that choice. Having quit them before, years ago, I know that they will continue to bill you for months long after you have given them their required written notice. That is a whole other can of worms that took months to fix, again no help to Lifestyle, but I did learn my lesson. I contacted my bank and made sure that they could not take the last EFT payment out of my account as I wanted to pay it in person at the front counter. Well, even though Trixie or Katie or whichever of the Olsen's were at the front counter that day said that was OK... they obviously do not know how their billing section works. It is not OK as I was hit with a 10 dollar surcharge when the EFT was not processed on 11/12/2007. Well, they re-submitted it on the 14th, took money out of my account without my approval, and added their 10 dollar surcharge as well. After repeated calls and me explaining how I was told by their employees that I could make the last payment in person I was told that I would see a refund credited to my bank account. Well... still waiting... so I have had to waste a ridiculous amount of time calling my bank to dispute yet another charge from Lifestyle Family Fitness.

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