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Lifestyle Family Fitness / Before You Work Here

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Forgot to mention in my posting below, I left of my own free will. I was not fired. Getting fired seems to devalue the worth of a legitimate complaint to some people (at least according to these posts) so I just wanted to provide this information.

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  • An
      25th of Oct, 2007
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    Lifestyle Family Fitness - Before you Work Here...
    United States

    I am writing this to spare anyone the awful mistake of working in a dead end job with a company that views you as expendable. I base my comments on my knowledge of all of the FL clubs. Below are factual observations but obviously, names are left out for legal/safety reasons.

    I was a manager at Lifestyle Family Fitness (LFF) in FL for 2 years. I had a first hand view of how they treat the customer as well as the employees - they are viewed as expendable. LFF values NEW members (they pay the most money) and feels that employees are expendable and easily replaced. This is evident in their extremely high annual turnover rate (it runs close to 50%).

    The Sales Team at LFF runs the show. No matter how well you do your job, your paycheck relies on how much they sell and your department will never be equal to or in front of the Sales Department, no matter how hard you work. If you are considering Sales there, plan on long hours (9am - 8pm plus weekends if it's mid month or end of month) and spotty sales.

    Sadly, many managers come and go and LFF lets talent slip through their fingers. Managers work themselves to the bone and end up leaving because they have no more to give and their work goes largely unnoticed. The upper managers routinely blame the club managers for their shortcomings and to make excuses for poor sales or club issues.

    The upper leadership of the company (with one notable exception who unfortunately shall remain nameless) worship the almighty dollar. They have absolutely no clue what goes on in the field and what the club managers actually go through. The pay is WELL BELOW what it should be and the hours are RIDICULOUS. No overtime either. The customer service aspect alone makes the job grueling because many of the issues cannot be resolved because the corporate office will not release the funds necessary to make the situation better (ie: maintenance issues and cleanliness).

  • Ze
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    Absolutely Right about all the expandable attitude from the upper mgmt. I was a Sr Sales Manager and am aggressively pursuing LFF. I need to get T.O. numbers or contact if anyone has it. I am also looking for stories (complaints) to possibly take part in something further.

  • Co
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    I whole heartedly agree with not working for this company! I was let go to insubordination supposedly for telling my boss it was ### for him to not to be able to supply his best workers with a schedule at least a couple days in advance. I had asked to speak with our district manager, and when he said I didn't want to do that I went next door to speak with our operations and they saw I was upset. They agreed with me and gave me the number to contact corporate, but said it has happened to many females that worked for this man.
    I had to show up to work based on last weeks schedules many times, and on monday after I clocked in there was the new schedule for the week. He said that morning when I asked him about the schedules that from now on everyone would report to work on monday and then we would get that weeks schedule. The funny thing is I made up 3 weeks of schedules in advance and he couldn't even put one out for 2 days prior, even with a reminder call on Sat. It sucks how people don't speak up for you, because they are afraid of losing their jobs in our economy. From what I hear the manager's brother runs the sales area, so that is why he even still has his job. He was almost fired 3 times, and look who is still there. Thank little brother for that because he certaintly does not act like a manager should. Now wonder he doesn't have kids, the man only has compassion for his 30 cats. Probably because they can't talk back when he is being an idiot. Well what goes around comes around, and I am out of a job I loved helping people commit to fitness. Hopefully all the managers do not operate this way, but the Jacksonville District does! I tried to contact a lawyer and they said that in the state of FL, because of the at will law, it is hard to prove wrongful termination. Well at least I can warn others about this company. Oh and they tell you are hourly when starting plus commission, but you end up either or based on if your commissions exceed your hourly, if they don't well your screwed! Oh and they give promotions to people who don't perform well, or at least they say that so they can move a good person who knows the companies rules away from the manager who doesn't know anything, accept um, you know, see, etc... May God have mercy on their souls for continuing with a person who cares nothing about their company, and provides fake corp. disc. to people so his overall paycheck is big! At least he is feeding cats!


    Another girl with hormones who didn't get along with him. Oh yeah and to the guy who wrote the letter about my disagreement, you were not even there so how did you write a letter? Also make sure in the future you don't share personal information with another employee about your sex life, when your gf is also an aqaintence of mine, and is dumb for staying with a womanizer, cheater, that you are.

    That is all for now, had to get that off my chest!

  • Co
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    I can back you up for my recent wrongful termination. Also I have many other tips to add as well. I believe I would make a credible witness. I tried contacting a lawyer but with the at will in FL, they are saying because I said that is was ### to my boss for not supplying a schedule each week early or even one day prior, I was let go. I went from 5th in District sales to 2nd in 1 mth. Another employee who did not make draw who had been with them for 7 mths, got a promotion!LOL! Crazy people to work for, I am just upset, because I loved my job, and the people I signed up to workout there, won't ever really know why I was gone.

  • Co
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    Also not to mention all the hours I put in, and no over time either, how is this legal?

  • Jo
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    Is there something wrong if my anus itches?

  • Fr
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    I signed on to the gym, and so far it has been alright, but the intake process was to say the least very odd. A trainer told me that he could eleminate my high blood pressure and diabetes, and when I told him, "no that is not possible", he became smug and continued to boast that he could indeed "cure me". Now I am a registered nurse, diabetes educator, and I think I have enough knowledge base to say to him, "not a chance of your curing me". I have both my blood pressure and diabetes under control, as I do not take any medication, and use diet control, which I have done for almost twenty years. I went to the gym to get into better shape, not search of a cure, from so stupid trainer. I told him that he had no right to tell anyone he could cure them, and what/who and how many poor unfortunate people has he told this to who would trust and believe him? I shudder to think, of this person's impact on some poor soul who would stop taking medications because he said to.
    Aside from that, it has been alright, kind of a titty and ### convention some days but what gym is not?

  • Av
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    I worked as a sales counselor in the past and have seen quite a few people like the one that wrote this come and go. First, I will agree that front desk is under paid! however, Sales and PT side of things pay a lot better. Anybody that is able to conduct themselves in a professional manner should have no problem making 35, 000 - 60, 000. You are responsible for going out and marketing... if you take your maketing time and make it an extended lunch break or refuse to make phone calls then... you will not make money and probably end up writing a letter like the one above!

  • Se
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    Dear average joe,
    Are you enjoying your cocktails in the ivory tower? I will agree that 60, 000 is an attainable goal and have come close myself. The comment above yours is addressing the fact that Once you calculate the hours required to make this you have lowered yourself to near minimum wage. Don't forget the families left at home missing their mommies and daddies while close out or mid monthe is the #1 priority of Lifestyle "Family" Fitness. Let's quote a recent email sent out by the VP of sales "kiss your girlfriends, wifes and children's closeout" (not exact but very very close I do not have the email at hand). Point being you have a serious reality check coming your way. I wish you the best and hope that in the future you obtain the balls to stand up for employees who need to spend time with there families. P.S. I can attest to the unpaid overtime as I have done payroll and was taught to slide time or remove time from kronos.

  • Su
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    There is so much curroption within this company. In Columbus the District Mnanger Will P. lies and manipulates constantly. If the company in Florida knew of his antics he would not only be fired he would be prosecuted

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