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Life Style Family Fitness East Columbus, 5929 E. Main Street Columbus, OH 43213 has the worst customer service. The main culprit it the general manager who is rude and does not carry though with his word.

When signing up for a membership he was very friendly but when trying to cancel is he went out of his way trying to make it impossible for us to get our money back even though we signed a document stating we could cancel in 30 days.

Be careful when signing a document like this because you have to cancel in 30 days they won’t let you do it before the 30 days, well they will be you won’t get any money back. Plus you have to go once a week for the 30 days meaning once every seven days not once this Tuesday, then go again next Thursday. The manger went out of his was telling me I wasn’t there once every seven days. He even got a calendar getting smart trying to show me but in the end he was wrong. I went out of my way to go twice a week just to make sure met the requirements. Then he told me I would get my money back in a check no through my back account and of course I was charged again the next month. When I called and spoke to him about it he got smart stating I had more than one person on my account so that’s why he didn’t cancel it. Even though he assured me I would not be charged on that account again.

The customer service reps. at the call center are a lot nicer even though one left me on hold for ten minutes then disconnected the call but I don’t blame her because I was quite frustrated and might of taken out on her. Overall the general manger is rude, cocky and only gives you respect if you are a continuing customer.

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  • I completely agree with this post, the LFF in Indianapolis, IN on 82 Street in Castleton was the exact same way for me. I cancled my account after I had met the requirments and I am still fighting to get my money back. The manager here acted the exact same way, friendly and welcoming at first, then when i had to cancle because of financial reasons, and I just didnt have time to work out in my busy schedule he stated that I didnt meet the requriments and he said he would "investigate it". Ya, bull****. I wrote my phone # down for him and he stuck it on his desk saying that he would call me in an hour after he talked to corporate. He never called me, so i went back in. He claimed corporate hadnt gotten back to him and said again that he would call me as soon as possible. 3 days went by and no call. I went in again and he said corporate still didnt get back to him, "he blamed it on a busy month" and he said he would call me first thing in the morning. He never called. Its been over 2 weeks now and i have begun to get very frusterated with this manager, this business, and their so called customer satisfaction. I dont know if i'll ever get my money back or if they will ever stop charging my account, but i dont plan to stop untill i get ALL of my money back !!! - Very Disrespectfull and Ridiculous customer service.

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  • Nu
      19th of Aug, 2011

    I mailed a letter to cancel my contract. Should have sent certified mail as they claim they never received it. Now won't let me cancel my membership and continues to bill on a monthly basis. They say I can't cancel until I bring my account up to date. This is unfair trade practice. Has anyone else had the same "lost letter" scenario?

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