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Lifestyle Family Fitness / Watch out when canceling membership!

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First we should say that Lifestyle in Venice FL has a wonderful facility! We have not seen another gym as well equipped in the world! BUT their policies on canceling are not so nice. We informed them 58 days - not their required 60 days - that we are moving out of the country - and their corporate office said "there is nothing we can do to back date it". Guess they need the money more than they need referrals. Unfortunately this leaves a sour taste in our mouth and we warn everyone - if/when you cancel watch out! Lifestyle is only looking out for themself!

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  • Je
      23rd of May, 2007
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    By far THE most horrible experience I have ever had with a gym. The manager lures you to enroll with false promises that you can cancel within 30 days. But in my case, I signed up and saw the fine prints right away, I went back and tried to cancel the next day, which I was entitled to. Once again, the manager, his name was TOM said that it was fine and that he'd still cancel it if I wanted. I told him I couldn't afford it as of the moment but he told me how I shouldn't miss the promo. 30th day came, I had only went twice, he completely disregarded his promises and didn't give me my money back. It was about $200+. Even if you call corporate they will still tolerate the managers' actions.

  • In
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    Some of these complaints against Lifestyle Family Fitness are truly outrageous!

    * The cancellation policy is 60 days on a month-to-month agreement as opposed to most health clubs one and two-year contracts that you are locked into. You are complaining that the terms of the agreement which you signed and appear to understand should be altered to fit your needs since you only gave 58 days notice.

    * The 4-week comfort guarantee clearly states that you must workout 12 times during that period to be eligible for a full refund yet you admitting that you only worked out twice.

    * To the woman complaining about the group fitness room: When you enrolled as a member did you not notice the windows or the "fishbowl effect?" There is one easy solution if you are not happy simply cancel your membership as it is month-to-month and go somewhere else to whine.

  • Je
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    I signed up for the 4-week comfort program and I did go to the gym 12 times within 30 days and they are still giving me a hassel about my refund. Apparently, when I signed up, my key card wasn't working so 4 out of the 12 times I went to the gym weren't recorded in the system. I explained this and they entered me into their "4-week comfort sign-in book" for those 4 times. When I brought this to the attention to the manager (Tom) he told me that they weren't supposed to do that. Well, you know what pal, that's not my fault or my problem!! I understand that some people lie and cheat and they don't know me personally at the gym so to them I could be lying. But I'm not - I actually went the 12 times and did what I was supposed to do and they still won't follow through with their promises. I am out almost $300 and I am not going to back down until I get all of it back.

  • Gl
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy while I was a member with Lifestyle Family Fitness. This was back in 2005. When I found out that I was unable to continue exercising I informed them I was cancelling my membership. This was in the month of March 2006. To this day and 9 letters later they are still taking out the 44 dollars and some odd change. I have the written proof of the leters but they say they never receive them and my account is still active. This company is a theif and shold be turned over to consumer division. I receive $770 dollars a month and $45.00 of this has been going to them for the past 26 month's. I finally turned them into my bank and thank God I have the written proof of my trying to cancel my membership. I have found out from others this is their game they play . It is time to stop this way of business.

  • Jo
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    I seemed to have cancelled my Lifestyle membership with little problem. The contract says 60 days written notice. I called and they agreed to send me an email with instructions for me to respond to and receive a confirmation to save.

    If I have any problems after one more deduction from my account ($36.11) I will let you know on this same board. But for now they seem to be doing what they say. A simple phone call won't do. I called the customer service number and was polite and they were polite to me. They have every right to make you take a written notice to the gym, that's what the contract says. I am mostly annoyed by my own apathy about the situation, not theirs.

    I'll let you know in September if the billing has stopped I will be happy. I suspect most of the complaints are from not following procedure. I hope I am correct.

    Jon Hanson, Pickerington, Ohio former Lifestyle Member.

    silly song about gym memberships:

  • Da
      29th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    i have a Month-To Month agreement with Lifestyle Family Fitness and have called them to cancel because I moved out of town. every time I call they put me on hold or i get an aswering machine, leave a message. These people never returns my calls. When I finally get through, I'm told to send a cancel notification letter. i did this and they are still witdrawing from my account. This Club is a REAPOFF. I would encurage anyone to signg up Elsewhere. Next step is to file a complaint with the state's attorney.

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