Lifestation / System will not work on Verizon network and they still charge you

United States

Lifestation shipped me the wireless unit supposedly to work on the cell phone networks. I get great Verizon net work service at home but that is the only carrier that reaches are home. Their system will not work on Verizon. They did not tell me that before selling the service to me. I could not activate the system because it won't work on Verizon. I never signed Their contract. They are still charging my credit card for the service plus 30 days even though the unit could not work. When I called about my refund they hung up the phone on me. I will be doing a credit card charge back for item not as described because it did not work. They will also have to eat a charge back fee but I'll get my money back one way or the other. It may take some time. I gave them fair warning and an opertunity to refund my money and avoid a charge back but the simply did not care. I got the impression they have a lot of returns for failed equipment. One employee did acknowlage that the system would not work on Verizon but they do not state that on Their web site and they don't tell you on the phone when ordering. This whole company is a scam. Knowingly selling you a product that they know will not work and refuse to refund your money. This is a 100% certain fact. The day after we tried to get the device to work they had the service department call me and tell me they checked the cell network coverage areas and stated my address was not in a coverage area that supports their. Even though we great great Verizon service here they won;t work with Verizon. Which is the largest cell phone network in the country. What a sleezy company. Beware don't trust them. If they are willing to scam me on this that can not be trusted with your life.

Apr 24, 2014

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