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I ordered a pair of #1503-Xelement Executioner Leather Motorcycle Boots from Upon trying on the boots when they came, it was clear that the sizing was way off, and that they were not the 'universally accepted' Size 10, and I could barely even get my foot down into the footbed of the boot! My girlfriend, who wears a women's size 8.5, tried them on and they fit her snugly. Clearly the company's sizing is misrepresented, so I called them at [protected] to let them know what the problem was and to ask how to go about returning them for a refund. I told the Customer Service Rep I spoke to that I would like them to please send me a shipping label to pay for the return shipping, since THEIR sizing was off and it was not that I had ordered wrong. She rudely refused and basically told me that it was not their fault that I ordered the wrong size! I reiterated that I had NOT ordered the wrong size - I have worn size 10 for the past 25 years - and that, in fact, THEIR sizing is misrepresented and is off by a good two sizes! She still refused to hear what I was saying, so I asked to speak to her supervisor.

A supervisor named David came on the line and, after explaining to him what the situation was, began to argue with me, saying that the boots were not incorrectly sized, and that "if I can't even get my foot down into the footbed of the boot, how could I possibly know they aren't the right size"!! After rudely interrupting me several times, insisting that it was I who had made the mistake, finally he said he WOULD send a return label -- however, once he received the boots back, he was going to hold them up to another pair of the same boots, and if they were the same size, he was going to charge me for the shipping! I explained to him that that would not necessarily prove that the boots are sized wrong, as all of their boots could be sized similarly! Like the first Customer Service Rep, he too told me that it was not THEIR fault that I had ordered the wrong size! I again exclaimed that I had NOT ordered the wrong size, I had ordered size 10 and received size 10, however THEIR sizing is obviously misrepresented, and there is no way THEIR size 10 would fit a persons size 10 foot! Still, he persisted, quite rudely, that I obviously did not know what size I wore, and that I had ordered the wrong size! I told him that all I was asking for was for them to pay for the return shipping, and wouldn't that be worth keeping a customer? He said "no, it wouldn't"!

All I am asking for is for to cover the cost of having to ship the boots back to them for a refund, since I did NOT order the wrong size and had no way to know that their sizes were not the universally accepted sizes that the rest of the world knows and uses! It is not my fault that the size 10 boots I purchased were misrepresented and are, in reality, more like size 8.5 women's. Clearly they will never fit my size 10 feet, and when a person orders a size 10 shoe/boot, they should have a reasonable expectation that the size 10 they are ordering will fit their size 10 foot! How else can a person ever order apparel online if they can't expect the sizes to be universally correct?!

Feb 23, 2013

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