FL, United States

Ordered a bag for my motorcycle. They immediately took the money from my account and sent me an e-mail saying the item had been shipped. When the item didn't come on the delivery date, I called them. Was told, we didn't really ship it yet, the e-mail just says that the item is being shipped. When I asked to speak with someone as a supervisor I was given a suppesed person who basically said, there is nothing you can do. When I asked for a refund and to cancel the order suddenytly the item was shipped today. if you want to send it back and pay for the shipping you can do that at your expense. When I asked to speak with someone else, I was told there is no one else to speak with. Sent complaint e-mail to both Amazon and to the company with no response from either of them. As of now, I do not have the item, I cannot speak with anyone else and I can't get a refund. What a bunch of crooks.

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