LeatherUp.caDelivery date delayed while parcel is in the hands of canada post

On January 15 I ordered a leather vest online from the c/n company.

On January 17 I was advised that the item had been "shipped". (Order #8091531). A Tracking Number was assigned as well. (R0000002467353). The original carrier was USPS, Consolidator International, and the transit began on the same date, January 17.

On January 20 I was advised the parcel had been transferred to Canada Post. A new tracking number was assigned ([protected])

On January 20, Canada Post recorded receipt of an "shipping label"

On January 25, Canada Post recorded that the item had been received at the Richmond facility. An estimated delivery date was listed as January 27. The record also advised that the Item had been processed and was "travelling to its destination". This suggests that the item had left the Richmond facility and was consistent with the estimated delivery date of January 27.

When the item did not arrive on January 27, I checked again and found that the item was still in Richmond, being "processed" and an estimated delivery date had been revised to January 30.

On January 30, I again checked the tracking number and was advised that the expected delivery date had again been revised to January 31. Ref #R000002467353

I succeeded in contacting a CP Agent "Courtenay" and was advised that my parcel had been downgraded in its priority because it had "arrived late". I now see that preceding its actual delivery into the control of Canada Post, an electronic "shipping label" had been sent on the 20th. I assume that an ETA had been included on the label and that the actual parcel arrived after that time.

So what?! The parcel was in your hands on the 25th and the item was labeled has having been shipped and "travelling to its destination" on the 25th. The following day, it appears that the parcel was still in Richmond and has remained so since then.

What has caused the delay? Do not blame the shipper.

Is it the policy of Canada Post to subject the receiver of an item to inconvenience, sanction, or punishment because a parcel arrived late. The consequence of you downgrading the shipping "priority" as suggested by Courtenay, who by the way was courteous, professional, and polite, throughout our conversation, is to further inconvenience the receiver who is, among the three of us, i.e. shipper, Canada Post, and me, who is completely innocent of any problems created by either LeatherUp or Canada Post.

Why has my parcel been held in Richmond?

Jan 30, 2017

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