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[Resolved] Learning RX


Fraud- Unqualified professional Staffs

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As a hard working parent, I was taken back to recently find out that the owner of the learning RX in Sanford Florida -Ms. Suzanne Gory was a hairstylist for the past nine years . If I would have known this important inforamtion I would have never given this person the day of light not because of her hair stylist career but this was a deep and serious matter I was dealing with. Our child's academic challenges and $5000.00 dollars of flash cards. A total fraud in my dictionary. i would like to strongly advice future parents to seek deeper into the background of the people who call themselves professional in brain development or learning strategists areas which they have very little knowledge working with ADD, ADHD or any other brian training skills. it is sad to be mislead and believe that the people involved are high prepared for the task of helping our children and only being there for the money.
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D  11th of Aug, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I understand that it seems odd that a hair dresser would own a brain training center. But let me respond to why this is very plausible. Our program is based on scientific research, but was birthed and developed in the clinical setting. We did start out in hospitals and in doctor’s offices. We have had specialist and professionals help us refine our program to the point where we are getting very significant changes in the half the time we did thirty years ago (back in the late 70’s early 80’s.) (See all three of our studies on our website.) Today we have many professionals who own a LearningRx center – Psychologist, Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Educational PhDs, and many other professionals. They all bring an expertise to our system. But, they all have to follow our system, exactly. Over the years we have found that skill and passion far out-weigh a person’s background for delivering our training and great customer service. Six years ago when we put our training into a franchise system, we opened it up to those outside of the medical and educational fields. We had parents coming to us with children who desperately needed our program, but didn’t have a center in their area. (Some of these parents would drive more than an hour each way three or more times a week, or even cross state lines to give their child our training.) The impact it had on their lives so was great and so life changing that they wanted to bring it to their community and help families in their neighborhoods. So we now let a parent, who is a great business person and will follow our systems to a T, (They also go through extensive training) run a LearningRx center.
Our training is much more than flash cards. (We don’t use typical flash cards) It is one on one personal fitness training for the brain. I urge anyone who has a loved one who is struggling or just needs an edge to give our training a try. You won’t be sorry. I have personally seen our training help student after student, after student. I have a son who was born with PDD and was told by doctors that he would never read and would have limited speech. He reads today, because of LearningRx! Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for putting LearningRx in my life and in the lives of others.
Kim Hanson
V.P. of LearningRx
D  3rd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I also have a child who went through a LearningRx program and I am very happy with the results. Prior to signing up, I did inquire about academic qualifications and requested a trainer who had an educational degree. The match between my son and his trainer was extraordinary and she was able to push him far beyond what I could do (we did the partner program where I was responsible for working with him at home also).

He made HUGE gains in his short-term memory and his confidence soared. We were required to meet with the director every 4 weeks to make sure we were doing our home training and staying with the program. I was also required to meet with the trainer once a week to learn new procedures and how to work him harder. I don't know anything about flash cards but the materials we received were outstanding and my son still uses some of them when we have time together - he really likes the golf and the puzzles. We are very happy with our experience and would recommend LearningRx to anyone that asks us.
A  22nd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I did research on this company, their claims have no basis in fact. 80% of kids have learning problems! Where's the research? Only LearningRX claims this, most well respected researchers say more like 2-8%. LearningRx is all hype.

I took my son there to see how they did things, lots of promises, flashy marketing, but short on real substance.
D  22nd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Wow! I am having a difficult time trying to decide how to respond. First of all, you complain about the owner being a hairstylist, then say your complaint is "not because of the hair stylist career." Which is it? The rest of your complaint also is difficult to "decode" because your grammar, spelling and sentence structure causes the reader to have to "guess" what you mean. Did you complete the course, how long did you attend, did you work with your child? Did you have an understanding of what was needed and did YOU have the ability to assist? You stated that you are a "hard working parent." Does this mean that you hold down a job and didn't have time to devote to Learning Rx with your child? My family also participated in Learning Rx. My daughter was matched with a consummate professional who possessed he personality and experience that enhanced the learning process. She had short-term memory, auditory, processing problems and other learning difficulties. It was a lot of hard work to pull her through the course. We worked very, very hard on all of the activities together. It wasn't a piece of cake. One doesn't just pay the money and expect the "professionals" at LearninRx to do it for you. But the end was well worth it because you find out it wasn't really the end after all. We finished up with a celebration party about 8 months ago at the Learning Rx facility. Still, today, my daughter is a new butterfly. It is wonderful that it transfers over to other things besides academics. I was just thinking today, wow, thank goodness for Learning Rx. Her piano playing has improved dramatically, she organizes her day and week so that her work gets done AHEAD of time. (How great is that for a 12-year old). The reason she can do this (and if you asked her she will tell you) is because Learning Rx helped her organize her thoughts. For her, it was too hard to sift through them and figure out what to remember, what to do, or how to prioritize. In fact, halfway through LearningRx, she picked up a book and started reading it on her own. This was something I never thought I would see. Her marks are As and Bs, not because she is so smart, but because she can organize her notes, notebook, homework, and study time. The program wore me out, it wore her out too But, she looked forward to the weekly visits in Sanford. She loved it, in fact, as did I. We had terrific experiences there. It was well worth the effort and investment. The results speak for themselves. In fact, my daughter mentions using some of the learned techniques to remember course work. How cool! Don't give up on Learning Rx and don't sell them short. They are very dedicated and knowledgeable people. Just be willing to work as hard as your kid does to pull them through it. It will be the best investment of their lives!
D  23rd of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
my granddaughter was unable to sit still, unable to focus or concentrate due to having ADHD. When she started the program we were unsure if she would be able to graduate 1st grade or not. Through the perserverance of the staff and their committment to their students, my grand daughter not only was promoted into second grade but she scored in the 88 percentile and above on the post test. She has the required passing score to be permitted to attend college according to the test results. Her ability to read has excelled because of the staff at Learning Rx and them not giving up on my grand daughter. It was a touch 9 months. But with the help of ALL at Learning Rx and myself, husband and her father, she is a wonderful little lady, able to sit still and concentrate, able to focus enough to take exams within the allowed time and pass them with high scores.My grand daughter tests out as a 140 or higher IQ but you would have never known it before she started at Learning Rx and now that she has graduated the programs. I have had both family members and friends who have not seen her in 15 months or so comment on the transformation of this child. They are all in awe. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in promoting and enhancing education with their child. The trainer that worked with my grand daughter was the best and matched up with my grand daughter according to her personality and her ability to be stern and assertive when needed but to give positive feedback for work well done.

Franklin Family
Deland, Florida
N  11th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I love complaint boards (not!). The initial complaint is always so vague and meaningless: "I went there, I didn't like it = A SCAM!"

Then, when asked to clarify, the OP is never heard from again. Based on the behavior of those who post to complaint boards, we can conclude they really don't care about what they have written, because they don't bother to make it useful for the reader.

I treat all complaints this way, whether in person or on the 'nets.
D  7th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
There isn't even a LRX in Sanford, FL, nor is there a Suzanne Gory as a franchise owner in the company. Secondly, the 80% is not that 80% of children have learning disabilities, it's 80% of learning and reading difficulties are the direct consequence of cognitive skill weakness.
N  7th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
There is a LRX franchise owner named Suzanne Gory in Lake Mary, Fl. and she's amazing. Does it matter your background or just that you want to be a part of changing lives? Thousands have seen the positive effects of LRX. Learning and reading difficulties don't have to be permanent.
A  6th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I worked for learningRx in a management position and as a trainer. I can tell you that the relationships built between students and their trainers are genuine and kids typically will see results if everything is followed correctly., .. However i witnessed test scores being changed to persuade parents to sign up or continue after completion... It is grossly overcharged without a flat rate so each family pays what the owners can get out of them! All LearningRx does is play the same kind of brain games you can find on children video games or in toy stores. That coupled with a motivational trainer who does nothing but uplift is positive, its not the program itself that's a problem it is the fact that now franchisees can open up shop, claim to be pseudo-medical and exploit children with disabilities by taking advantage of their desperate families...

N  3rd of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
The charges made by "thetruthbetold" are very serious. The fact the he/she worked within the organization makes them even more serious.

I was thinking of sending my son to the LearningRx in Chester, NJ, but now I'm not so sure.

Yes, LearningRx is a for-profit company--there is nothing wrong with that. However, if they are interested solely in profits, and if they are taking advantage of parents' desperation to help their children, then they are guilty of the worst kind of offense: exploitation of children for financial gain; children who are developmentally disabled, no less. They certainly wouldn't be the first.

I'm waiting for a plausible response from Learning Rx on the comments made by "thetruthbetold".
A  5th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I worked for them for many years, and they are EXTREMELY corrupt. The trainers are all great people who do exactly as they are told, and help motivate the students. However, they will scam you out of your money and falsify test results. I felt guilty being a part of it after a while.
N  7th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Wow. I guess there will be all types of opinions here, and here goes mine. I worked for a LearningRx franchise in one state and now own a LearningRx center in another. I have never witnessed, authorized or even thought about falsifying test scores or anything of the like. One of the reasons I have been with this company for over 5 years is for the home office staff and the caliber of people that I have met through the system. Honesty, integrity and a true passion for helping people is the common thread among franchisees. I'm sure there are some out there who have had bad experiences, but I would encourage those parents interested in getting help for their child to check out their local center for themselves. Ask to meet with the Director, take a tour, even talk with other parents who have been through or are currently part of the program.
D  15th of Jan, 2010 by    +2 Votes
As part of the LearningRx home office staff I would like to respond to some of the comments.
I have worked with LearningRx and the programs for 14 years and have never heard of someone falsifying test results. If this did happen I wish that the employee had contacted us at the home office, we would never allow this and would have taken swift action. The reality is that we have wonderful test results, but if parents didn't see the huge changes in their own child the test results wouldn't matter. For over 10 years our company doubled every year on "word of mouth" alone, way before we had any magazines and nice graphics.

The founder of the company, Dr. Ken Gibson is one of the most giving people I have ever met. There is not a corrupt bone in his body. If you want to get an idea of how this company is run and how he asks his franchisees to run their business I suggest you read his book, "The Purpose Directed Business". I am happy to send you a free copy of the digital version (tanya@learningrx.com). Dr. Gibson has set up his company so that a large percentage of profit is given away to charities. The company actually received an award last year because or their charitable giving.

The majority of our franchisees came to us because they have a passion to help people. Many of them have children that had learning difficulties. They didn't just join us to start a business and make money, they joined us because we had a real answer that helped their own child.

LearningRx has worked with over 25k students. Parents rate us a 9.3 out of 10 for the likelihood of referring their friends and family. (a top score across any industry). I understand that as we grow and help more people it's possible that a few customers leave uphappy. Just know that this is a rare exception.
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
As a future franchise owner, an experienced Learning Rx trainer, and cognitive skills testing administrator I can tell you that falsifying test scores is something that definitely should have been brought to the attention of the home office. I believe the testing administrator undoubtedly would have been fired, and possibly fined. As a trainer I personally witnessed my students gain self confidence, self esteem, and improved academic skills (due to stronger cognitive skills as a result of Learning Rx). I had letters sent to me from teacher's stating how proud they were of their students' gains in such a short amount of time. From D's and F's to A's and B's in just a few weeks is something we all can be proud of! All of my students and their parents will tell you it wasn't easy: the home trainer must also work just as hard as the trainer at the center in order for these results to be gained. I have seen the tears and a level of frustration like no other. I would not allow my students to say "I can't do it", "It's too hard", or "I'm stupid". I made sure each and every one of them knew they could "do it", and the end result was absolutely amazing! For me, there was an internal reward: to see the smile on their faces when they had scored an "A" or "B" on a test, when they came in to the center ready to work, and upon graduation of the program I would read a letter to them, stating top improvements (which there were many!) and I would get the "Oh, yeah, that was a piece of cake" attitude. All of my students had the guaranteed years gain, some even had scores literally off the charts!
My background is in Psychology, I research brain cognition and neuroplasticity, and have all the faith in the world in what Learning Rx is doing for people of all ages. In my opinion, it is not necessary to have a background in Psychology or to have conducted research on brain related issues in order to be a Learning Rx owner; what is important is the passion to help others, which includes continued research in brain development and the issues surrounding learning disabilities, faith in what you believe in, integrity, and honesty.
I thank you all for your posts, positive or negative. I hope each of you continue to research what Learning Rx has done for so many, and let the home office be made aware of such things as "falsifying test scores".
N  15th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have a 9 yr old son who has autism. Over the years the school teams have said his non-compliant behaviors have impeded his learning. However, for the last couple of years his behaviors have not been a problem but he is still basically illiterate. He has had DI with the Wilson Reading Program and more recently Horizons for the last 10 1/2 months. My husband and I are thinking he probably has learning disabilities and are looking for additional intervention. PACE (Learing Rx), IM, etc. My question: If he really cannot read, can he even participate in PACE (Learning Rx)? Would he benefit as a non-reader?

Thank you,

D  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
LearningRx can absolutely help a non-reader. In fact, the CEO's grandson, Max, has Autism, and he went from being a non-reader (the doctors said he'd never read) to reading. Here's the link to a webinar that tells the details of his story: http://webinars.learningrx.com/index1.php. You can register for the webinar, or just watch the pre-recorded version (the link is at the bottom).

Carla, I'm encouraged by the fact that you're still asking this question after seeing the comments on this thread. Obviously, we're sorry that anyone has a complaint - but the overwhelming majority of our graduates don't have complaints at all -- in fact, quite the opposite. Furthermore, Ms. Sowersby's complaint is inflammatory and patently false. The LearningRx program is not $5, 000 of flash cards. She's making claims that cannot be backed up, and making a straw-man out of Ms. Gory in order to defame her and defame the company. I hope readers will take this into account.

Ms. Gory, and any of our other Directors, are perfectly qualified to do what they do, no matter their background. They are simply running a business that provides the LearningRx program, which has been proven by multiple professional tests: http://www.learningrx.com/doctors-only. Our researcher, Dr. Oliver Hill, testified to our program's legitimacy before congress at the STEM Education Hearings just last week. You can read the government record of his comments here by following the link I've provided at the end of this sentence. See page 2, paragraph 3. http://appropriations.house.gov/Witness_testimony/CJS/2011_STEM_Ed_Hearing_1_Oliver_Testimony.pdf

One final note: If you are a trainer and you have a complaint about your center, the ethical thing to do is to contact LearningRx Corporate and get it squared away. Why, oh why, did you not contact us? Will you contact us now so that we can address this issue and make sure it does not continue? We are interested in making sure all our centers are operating above board, and an issue like what you described is grounds for serious action to be taken on our part. Dr. Gibson is a very principled and ethical person, and falsifying test results runs completely opposite to the sort of company LearningRx strives to be.
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am really confused. I got a shiny advertizement in the mail, right after I discovered that my 9 year old daughter was not going to qualify for any special education in her class room unless we can get a diagnosis of ADD on her record, and even then, we are not sure. I did the quiz that came with it, on line and submitted it and sent an email inquiring about cost. I am sorry to say that I haven't really gotten a straight answer to that question. I have from the other "learning centers" I have been considering.
I am also somewhat disappointed that I can't find any scientific studies on Learning RX, that give statistics. I think I would be more confident if the advertisement wasn't so shiny, if the emails were more information and less advertisement and if I could get personalized answers that were not simply "check our website". My husband and I are almost through climbing out of a mountain of debt and not anxious to build another one. I just want to make the right decision for my daughter. I found the initial complaint very offensive, but was unnerved by others.
N  10th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Hmmm...what was the initial complaint? I just read through 4+ years of comments. As a public school teacher of students with learning disabilities, I struggle to be allowed to provide some of the educational lessons and activities that I see children need because they do not fit into the paradigm of current educational trends. When I had nothing but a college degree and a few years of experience, my LD students made minor gains, no different from those they had made for other years. After I received training in Orton-Gillingham strategies and thinking through visualizing (all part-to-whole) strategies, I started seeing HUGE gains in some students, particularly those with home support; not all students, because not all students are part-to-whole thinkers. I also definitely agree that the rapport between the student & trainer is as important as the program. That includes parents teaching their own children. You aren't going to get anywhere with a kid who just wants to go play video games when you're done, and one-on-one with a private tutor is the way to go. If you are paying high dollar for small group instruction, you are getting ripped off. Also, no one can promise you that after a certain number of sessions, your child will gain a certain number of grade levels. Having said that, I don't know Learning Rx or PACE, and I am very interested in working at a job where I can see what a child needs and actually be allowed to deliver it.
N  11th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes

I began working at a LearningRx branch from its conception and climbed the ranks into management within the first year. I ran a group of 9 trainers... Again, the trainers and their relationships are real, and changes CAN be seen but again...

Test scores are adulterated
People are exploited for money

After working in management and still training students myself i was at some point asked to learn how to administer the woodcock Johnson cognitive achievement testing/... A testing i am certainly not qualified to do...

I was asked to conduct interviews in which racial selection was emphasized

asked to fire people based on petty social indifference, basically, the owners just didn't like them and for the most part this was because the owner/ director of this center wanted a staff of friends and not employees...

She manipulated me throughout making me feel as if my position as director of training was contingent on things such as making copies and tying bows onto wedding invitations sometimes even while a student of mine would be waiting to start our scheduled session... Many times parents complained about not starting on time consistently which was always disregarded by the owner scoffed at actually...

However when i was taught to score the tests within the computer system i was reprimanded when satisfactory results were handed in as NO PARENT WOULD SIGN UP IF THE TEST LOOKS LIKE THAT...

I tried to quietly resign and told them i would finish out my students who i had obligations with and continued to do so while the working atmosphere was becoming very hostile and i was yelled at in front of clients as it was clearly visible through the glass doors to the Owners office.

I was taken off of my direct deposit but was assured i would recieve my checks on time... In the end i did not recieve my final pay as i was fired from my position with 3 hours left in my last students program.

Because of this i was told by the financial officer ( Also the owner's Husband who i have email and text message confirmation of his promising to pay me)- I owed THEM money for breaking contract and not fulfilling my obligations as a trainer by finishing my student. So until i can pay them back i would not be paid the check that WAS ISSUED from the payroll company and withheld from me!

Again i was purposely fired 3 hours, 2 sessions away from my final graduation...

I still have wonderful references from parents of children i worked with and continue communication with them.


_ I Have spoken PERSONALLY to KEN GIBSON himself as well as ROBIN GIBSON ( Who himself chose me as the center's Director-of training, during our first corporate visit at the center.) And neither of them were willing to do anything. They told me i can pursue any direction i need to but other than a corporate name they cannot be held accountable or responsible for the actions of the center.

WHAT!!!???!!! Even a Dominos pizza will get shut down if the crust i'snt right consistently...



IF anyone wants further information regarding this, especially families considering going to LRX, please leave an email address here i can contact you at...

I have somewhat tried to not identify myself howwever parties involved will know who i am. Any attacks on me personally
regarding this or anything else will be 100% prosecuted. After years of dedication I was treated with disrespect unlike any i have ever experienced and probably ever will...

Good luck to everyone struggling with children with Learning dissabilites, there is hope out there, play brain games, be consistent, set goals, be motivational, YOU can make a difference in their lives!

I apologize for the grammar and lack of capital I's in this post, i was typing quickly and with passion
N  14th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am a high-functioning adult with ADHD issues. I had a number of accentuated problems when I was younger.

I score better in math and English than most others, but in a pool of my graduate level peers, misconstrue the main points of an essay topic and misfire when solving certain math problems.

Being that I already am at a high-level of ability, can Learning RX even benefit me? I've spoken to a LearningRX center (who of course sound hopefully expectant) but I remain dubious.

I would greatly appreciate any information that can be forwarded on. Despite its costs, I am sure the program can benefit some children, and adults. I just don't know if the program can reasonably benefit me.

Respectfully, Brent

spudhalvorson @ yahoo.com

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