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I was really disappointed in the services of I ordered their services through the website, but they only took deposit from me and that’s all. I waited for any info, but nothing. After that I contacted them and asked about my order, and they excused and started to provide some excuses, blah-blah. I believed them and again got nothing. These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

Jun 29, 2014

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  • Pa
      Nov 10, 2014

    John - This is Pat with LawnStarter. We only charge money after services are performed, so I'm not sure how we took your money. Please contact us at (703) 951-3163 so we can look into it and resolve this issue. Even happy to do a free mowing for you.

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  • Br
      Jul 26, 2016

    I recently contacted LawnStarters for services. Everything seem to be what I was wanting in a lawn service. However once my billing information was provided. I received an email with information regarding fees that was not provided to me before hand. If I had received this information first. I would not have provided billing information or agreed to their services at all.
    I was quoted that it would be $45. To mow & trim the lawn. I asked for biweekly service. I did state & was only aware of a long grass fee. Which I knew was extra. I asked about weeding services & was told that would be taken care of on the 2nd visit. That sounded reasonable. Here's what is wrong & was not provided prior to my decision.
    There is a $50. per hour fee per crew member with a minimum of 2 crew member team & a 2 hour minimum charge. I was not informed of a 3 service requirement & no mention of the cost of cancellation of your account if you do so.
    These facts should have been given so as to make a complete informed decision. They were not & now the company is trying to claim I owe them these dees when I cancelled their services 3 days before the scheduled date of first service it was the sane day I signed up with them . no services have been performed and they should be trying to collect for work on a closed / cancelled account
    Bryan Adkins

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  • Ks
      Aug 28, 2018

    I started with the weekly service in June and they did an okay job for the first month, then everything went crazy - I went through 4 different crews as the crews didn't show up for the set window or didn't do a good job or the crew actually went to the wrong address and cut someone else's lawn!!! Supposedly Lawnstarter discussed with the crews what happened but nothing was ever communicated to me, they just assigned a new crew... and new problem. As of August 29th I have not had my lawn mowed in over three weeks, despite customer service reassigning the service. Customer Service can only pass a notice to the "assurance team" or "managerial team" and promise they will follow up with the customer, which never happens. Customer Service can also schedule additional services (like long grass cutting or bagging the clips, since my lawn is over two feet high) but if a crew doesn't pick up the job, nothing happens. Also, these services are at additional cost - to get them covered by the company, another department needs to weigh in. If I did not call them to check up, I did not get any information. I do not recommend you use this service - it can go well initially, as they have access to multiple crews but when it goes wrong, it goes WAY wrong. I'm now looking at spending over $200 to have my grass cut, not to mention what other issues may arise from letting the grass get this long. I would have changed company sooner, but I wanted to believe they would address the issues and I've been traveling so not able to be home to locate a single guy with a mower.

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  • Wa
      May 03, 2019

    Stay away from this nefarious company! They promised to have 5 different contractors arrive in a 2 week period to cut our lawn. They never showed up! Now the lawn is atrocious and the customer service "lip service" did not resolve this issue. Cancelled and going with a reputable firm that will actually show up and perform the services we agreed too.

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  • Jo
      Jun 19, 2019

    I’ve had great luck with LawnStarter for two seasons now. They Mow, Trim and blow off all hard surfaces. Their App is convenient and they are very responsive to messages. Plus you can adjust frequency from weekly to bi-weekly or skip mows and quit whenever you want after third service since they give you the first one for $19. They notify before the mow via email and immediately after it’s mowed asking for feedback such as praise, quality, problems or concerns. It’s flexible and quality work for the price point. I pay $33 for my yard. VJohhn is incorrect, LawnStarter doesn’t charge anything until after the lawn care is complete.

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