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poor service and follow up

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Lawn Doctor of Millville/Vineland
New Jersey
United States
In 2010 I decided to go with the local Lawn Doctor. I signed up for their 6-step process. I also ordered the additional Aeration at the beginning of the season in April. After the aeration and step one were complete things were looking good. The lawn was new sod laid down the prior year, however we didn't move into the home until November so unfortunately the lawn went without a winter fertilizer. Everything appeared to fine until step 2 in mid-May. 4 - 5 days after application I started getting bright yellow streaks across my yard that followed the exact path their machine ran across the yard. Also a large patch appx. 10feet in diameter turned bright yellow. Days later it was equal to hay and all the yellowed areas were breaking off. I immediately called for assistance. Basically I was told it was heat stress. What!?!?! It's the middle of May. LD technician took a bag of seed from his truck and sprinkled it by hand over the bad areas and said to saturate the area. Over the course of May-September I had steps 3-5 I believe. Each visit my lawn was worse. I had more dandelions, clovers, crab grass and other wildflower weeds all across my yard than the bare lot across the street from my property. The areas that burned out earlier, that seed was sprinkled on, were now solid weed/crabgrass. Each visit as well did more bright yellow streaks/paths appear.

I questioned each time whether or not they were chemically burning my yard. I was told no way, our stuff can lay in a pile on grass for weeks and never burn the grass. I asked are they putting too much down. My lot is 100x100 which is 10, 000 sq. ft. but there's a house and driveway and other areas that aren't grass so it really works out to just about 6000 sq. ft. Tech told me, nope it's by the lot size to which I said you aren't fertilizing my house just the grass. Unfortunately, I could see I was getting no where. I called about 2 times a week documenting all the problems I was having and requested they send a different tech. to my yard (it was the same guy each time so far) and said look I need a second opinion, because obviously this guy is doing something wrong. By late August a new guy showed up to LOOK at the yard. His reply was WOW this is bad and that he would report this to his manager and get this fixed, unfortunately though it being HOT SUMMER I would basically have to wait until next year for it to come back.

I am beyond frustrated with this by now. By the time September rolls around and it gets somewhat cooler what grass I have left is looking decent and weeds are subdued mostly. Mid-Sept I get a spot power seed to seed over all the areas that died. Within a week I had grass growing in those spots where grass wasn't all year. By the end of September and into October my yard wasn't so patchy. So I paid for a service to kill my yard, make it full of weeds and dirt, and then seed it late to then give me not even a month of decency? Step 6 was just around the corner which was the winter step. Guess what? 3-4 days after they left, large yellow streaks and the grass died AGAIN.

I called for the manager and was told himself personally would be down to inspect my yard. That was Late October, early November... I have yet to see this manager.

So a six step process was contracted. I checked my records and I had 10 additional service calls for complaints. Unacceptable for them to be here more for (supposed) fixes and redo's than for actual contracted services. I decided 2010 was in the bag and was now time to look elsewhere.

In February 2011 I get a letter in the mail saying I have been renewed for 2011 and instead of the 8 payment plan I had for 2010 I was now in a monthly plan for 2011 and since it was Feb I had 2 months due. I was livid. I called LD and said I never renewed, which I was told if you say nothing you automatically get renewed (which I did find on my original contract) so I asked for my account to be terminated with a brief explanation as to why. I received confirmation my account was closed by LD via a letter in the mail. Since then I have been flooded with mailers and phone calls offering me all these discounts and promotions to get me back as a customer and all these sorry you left notices. WHATEVER.

Fast forward to yesterday 3/23/2011 over a month since my account was closed. Guess who was outside? LAWN DOCTOR. I ran outside and said shut your machines off!!! The tech (different guy from last year) showed me the work order for my property dated a few days prior. I stated I closed/terminated this account last month. Please pack up and leave because you are not touching my lawn and I am not getting billed for this. I immediately called the LD office and asked for the status of my account. I was told CLOSED. So then why is there two techs waiting outside with a truck full off equipment? I got no real answer other than the computer must not have deleted the work load after I canceled but I was assured my account was closed. I went so far as to log in to my account and it also showed closed.

I can't believe this. When I wanted service I got lazy service or dead end promises. Now that I cancel they wanna be attentive with offers and calls and to not even remove the work order. Good thing I was home yesterday morning to catch them.

I thought it was all over then. I go upstairs and get my cell phone and see a voicemail. It was the LD tech stating he was on the way to my house to do my CORE AERATION service!!! The core aeration is an ADDITIONAL service paid separately than the 6 step program and has to be ordered separately. So who ordered this? I sure didn't. So not only did they have a work order for my lawn, it was for a service other than the program that gets renewed each year. What Nerve this company has.

My account is closed, confirmed by their office as well as my online access. We will see if yesterday is the last time I have any interaction with LAWN DOCTOR of Millville/Vineland NJ.

Alan Moore

Lawn DoctorLawn Doctor

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A  17th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree this is an unethical company. The service is extremely poor and the billing is fradulant. In 2009, I requested 2 herbicide treatments which were marginal at best. Paid for the service. Later received bills from LD stating that I had agreed to their yearly service program. I had never agreed nor signed a contract. The bills and calls and harassment continued for 19 months. Calls and letters to LD were a waste of my time. Letters to corpoate offices were useless. Later, I was summed to Small Claims court for nonpayment. Lawn Doctor was practically laughed out of the building with their claim of "verbal contracts". The shame of this matter is the other defendants that did not appear were found in default and will have to pay. All that was required was to show up and dispute this scam. DO NOT trust this company. It is impossible to reason with them.
There are to many other reputable lawn services to deal with.
D  26th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have Lawn Doctor and I have had them for years. I have never had any issues with them. My family and friends use Lawn Doctor as well. We have nothing but good to say about them. (South Jersey)
N  26th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
The services have to be cancelled and they do come out every year. if you don't want the service then you call them. I know that everytime they come to my house and do a treatment they leave an invoice and sign. Soooo Joe Demo, you must of known that they were coming out so why didn't you either pay or call and tell them to stop. You cannot let a company keep coming and doing a service. I love Lawn Doctor and the technicians and office staff are very professional.
D  28th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Did you read my post? I never agreed to a full service contract nor signed or verbally agreed to it. LD was paid for 2 services that they provided. Which were marginal of quality. When the presiding judge at the small claims court advided LD to get training in ethical business practices...do you think that he is an idiot. You are either an idiot or you work for LD...

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