Lawn Doctordestroyed entire new lawn

Destroyed new lawn. 8500 square feet of new sod. I hired lawn doctor to totaly take care of my new lawn. The reason that i hired lawn doctor was that i am a colorado native and wanted to hire a company that has been in business here in colorado since 1972. I thought that i had made the right choice but as it turned out it was the absolute worse choice that i could have made. After several treatments to my new lawn i started noticing dead spots in the lawn. I called on two different occasions to report that there was a problem. Both calls were totaly ignored. My calls were never returned. Lawn doctor came out to apply another treatment on the lawn and refused to put any more chemicals on the lawn because of its condition. Lawn doctors finally sent someone out to see what the problem was. The supervisor that came out admitted to lawn doctors dropping the ball on the misdiagnosed treatment of my new lawn and so their mistake killed my new lawn. I thought that since this was their mistake they would replace my new lawn. Wrong!! I was told by justin, the general manager, that after i replaced my own lawn that lawn doctors would give me one free treatment on my second new lawn but would not replace any of my new lawn that they killed. I told justin that i was very disappointed in lawn doctor. Justin did refund the balance of the money prepaid to them not the full amount only the unused portion so therefore i paid lawn doctor to destroy my new lawn. Do not use lawn doctor. They very politely will tell you your screwed. This is a legitimate complaint not just an old ugly guy complaining. Do not trust lawn doctor if something goes wrong with your lawn it's your fault even though they are the ones that was hired to take care of it. They assumed no liability for their admitted mistake. I am very sorry to have made this complaint public, justin, but you should have made lawn doctor do the right thing and replace my lawn and you know it.

Feb 03, 2015

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