LabCorp / customer service - billing

Fr Jan 22, 2016 Seattle, WA

I have been trying to get a hold of a LIVE body on the main customer svc line. No one ever comes to the phone and I don't have time to sit on hold endlessly. I need them to REBILL my labwork to NEW insurance that it shld have been billed to in the first place.

But the longer I can't reach someone, the worse this will become and I guarantee they will send the invoice to collections. What is the pt of having a flipping customer svc line if you don't have enough staff to take the damn calls - or no one ever answers?!!

These days with technology the way it is, there is NO excuse for shi**y customer service or anyone sitting on hold this long. I am off work and don't have time, I can't imagine how ppl working deal with ridiculous hold times. Then on this website you don't even have a category for just "medical" or just "Healthcare" now it will prob say it is required to choose a category when i try to submit. Yup - I had to choose 'Doctors' which isn't accurate.

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