La-Z-Boyarmrests cost $50 a yard of fabric $100

Ca Jan 09, 2015 Canton Michigan

We just bought our third La-Z-Boy recliner in 8 years (with fabric G994227.) This has been a disappointing experience. Not only were we charged a non-negotiable $80 for delivery, the $850 chair, which has a much higher price tag than the last 2 La-Z-Boy chairs we bought, it did not come with arm covers. We were appalled that Lazy Boy wants to charge a $100 a yard for fabric so that we can make our own fitted arm covers or $50 for two squares of fabric that can be used as an arm rests. This is double the price of any upholstery fabric. In the past, the arm covers were included. It is difficult and time-consuming to shop for accessories without a piece of fabric. To make matters worse La-Z-Boy's web site replied to our complaint with form letter . E-mails replying to the canned response are undeliverable.

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