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E Morgantown, WV Review updated:

3:40am - went to kroger to get a frozen pizza. chose one, went to the checkout. only USCAN machines were open. scanned my one item (frozen pizza). the total bill is $6.58. I put in a $20 bill for payment. The machine gives me back 2 5's and a 1. ($11.00) -- and says something like "See cashier" or "see attendant" or something. I stand next to the attendant station until someone comes to see why I'm standing there (another 5 minutes or so). I explain that they still owe me $2.42. The attendant says I will have to come back in an hour when the manager is here to get my change. I tell her that is unacceptable and that I wish to speak to a manager. Some manager comes. His last name starts with an N (I forget). I tell him I just want my change, and he says that is not possible. Repeats the same crap about me needing to wait for the store manager that comes in at 5am. I explain to him that I have a flight to catch and would he please stop messing around and either give me my change or a refund (my pizza is thawing out). He refuses to refund my money and will not give me any change. I have worked at a grocery store before and I know the attendant has a till and could easily give me my change and be done with it. I ask him for the number for the corporate office. He leaves and does not return for another 20 minutes. He gives me some customer service number that doesn't let me talk to anyone. I have now been standing there for 45 minutes and no one will help me. My driver is getting upset because we need to leave soon or I will miss my flight. Finally the store manager (Sandy) shows up at 5am and refunds my order from the till that was there the whole time. She offers no apology and is visibly annoyed that I no longer want the item. I am now an hour behind schedule, hungry, and extremely angry.


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      Aug 18, 2009

    Why would you buy a frozen pizza on your way to the airport to catch a plane?

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      Mar 22, 2011

    I had a bad customer service experience. Kroger store sold me outdated cheese with mold on it ; I was dissatisfied with this purchase no one would exchange the cheese from this store (9155 Mansfield rd) I had to go to another one on and because I ask the cashier to tell me why she can't exchange the outdated cheese the office got loud with me and told me to get out the store.

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