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Kroger / terrible experience

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As a former employee of Kroger, I had taken a few years off to care for my children, one has autism and the other had renal failure. When I felt it safe to return to work, I met with the Customer Service Manager and she explained I would have to go through training, which I did. I also took the oral swab test and indicated on the form which medications I took regularly. Well I worked a couple of weeks and when I came in to pick up my schedule on a Friday. I asked why there was none posted. I was then taken upstairs and told that my test had been sent back 'FAILED'. I was then instructed to call the lab that conducted the test, which I did. They told me if in fact I felt it was an error to go back to the store and have another sample taken, which I did. Mind you the first test was done on May 25th, the second on June the 6th. I keep in contact with the recruiting manager at the store about this and at first she said she could put me back on the schedule if my 2nd test came out alright. I called the lab again and they told me to call Kroger, I keep getting the run around.

Now the recruiting manager tells me that even if my 2nd test is a PASS, its up to the store manager to put me back on the schedule or not. I am sickened by this as I am the mother of 7 and grandmother of close to 3. I am 47 years of age. I have had friends of mine go into the store and be told I quit. Family members have been told I was terminated for failing a drug test. I also have e mails from the recruiting manager telling me that all this information is confidential, but if it were the rumors would not be spreading. This has damaged me, mentally and emotionally to the point I can't even shop there, which by the way was a daily thing for me to do. I also had offered the recruiting manager my detailed hospital report for May 12th, as I had just gotten the itemized statement which she refused to see, even though the lab told me to take it into her. My point is, if I were a drug user, I would have never taken the test in the first place, or attempted to clear my name on the 2nd. If you have any advice out there let me know the lab in question is QUEST LAB/AKA LabCorp.

Additionally I did go to my own doctor on June 6th for my own peace of mine and given a complete clean report, which they again refuse to acknowledge. Whats bad about this is that many companies use the same lab and go by your social security number and can legally tell any potential employer you had a 'FAIL' before.

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  • St
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    I have used the "LabCrops" before, since they are the ones that are on my insurance to use.

    Every time I go in those places, I see a lot of people working there, and all seem to be people that do not look real medically inclined. I mean, that the people in there look like every day people that they taught how to use a sering and take blood and put it into a little bottle.

    I realize that THEY do not actually do the testing, but it makes you wonder who they are employing there as well.

    I had to take a Cholesterol blood test there twice. The 1st time was extremely high...VERY high - and I know it could not be correct. So I did a 2nd time, and it drop way low. It figures, that the 2nd test was never sent to my Doctor, as the 1st test was. I started to get the run-a-round like I was suppose to play the role of the LabCrop and locate it?!?!

    I well enough did not even peruse it. After all, the doctor that was treating me for my high blood pressure was the one that wanted this blood test for Cholesterol and she is a vegetarian - go figure...and tries top tell ME what I should be eating?!?!

  • Ab
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    "she is a vegetarian - go figure...and tries top tell ME what I should be eating?!?!"

    You're clearly of very low intelligence if you think a vegetarian diet is not healthy. Any doctor. ANY doctor will tell you to reduce or completely remove meat from your diet of you want to lower your cholesterol.

    Still, go back to your TV dinners and Fox News.

  • Ms
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    First of all, Labcorp isn't aka Quest Diagnostics.. They are 2 separate reference labs that are infact competitors, not partners. They are both very good labs and offer the highest quality of testing and results.
    Secondly, yes they are just everyday people. They have been trained as phlebotomists, and when their 8-9 hour shift is done, they go home to families and their other life. Do you also think teachers live in schools?
    Get real. If you can send comments on the internet, you should be able to look up the labs and become enlightened to real life.

  • Re
      30th of Nov, 2015
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