KOA CampgroundTreatment by Owner's son

K Jul 29, 2013 Choctaw, OK Review updated:

I'm helping my Army Sergeant son-in-law and daughter move from Ft. Irwin, CA to Reading, PA where he is to complete education to become a commissioned officer. Though I could afford classy hotels, we decided to stay at KOA sites along the way to have the camping experience. We had two good nights in a row at KOA sites along Rt 40, but when we reached the one just east of Oklahoma City, we had a bad experience with a KOA owner's son. We arrived and the staff ther was extremely nice and professional. We explained that we needed a site for tents, but that we also needed to park a 26' moving truck nearby. The staff made some nice arrangements for us and we headed to the site. As we began to turn the truck around to park it, the camp owner's son came driving up in an old BMW 3-series convertible and announced that if we park the truck where his Dad's staff had told us to park, that we would receive a citation by morning. The son acted like a person with a major ego issue combined with a need to feel important (or something). He was rude, didn't explain why multiple staff people would have beeen wrong, and didn't seem to care that it created a significant inconvenience for us. We ended up requesting a refund and staying the night at a Motel 6 about 20 miles east of there. We plan to stay at KOA sites in Tennessee and West Virginia in the next couple of days. I hope we have similar experinces as with the 1st 2 KOA's along the way and not this one. I own a couple of in-home care businesses for seniors and disabled. They are growing rapidly and we are doing very well. If my clients were treated as we were at this KOA site, my businesses would fail. If one of my employees acted like this KOA owner's son, they would find themselves unemployed in a matter of seconds.


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      Jan 04, 2009
    KOA Campground - Credit card stolen using web site
    Agua Dulce
    United States

    Using the KOA website to make reservations on January 3. I used my debit card for the deposit. Within three hours I started getting charges on my debit card.

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      Jul 30, 2013

    Additional note - The truck was being parked where the staff of the KOA site had said it should be parked - an approved spot. The owner's son just decided on his own that he wanted to be mister big shot and make a call that he personally didn't want it parked there. It would be about the same as if you arranged for a hotel room, checked-in to the hotel, got the room key, then as you were heading to the room, the hotel owner's son cought-up and told you that they decided they don't want you to have the room. - Not an acceptable thing to do. Hmmm, I wonder if this owner son was discriminating???

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  •   Jul 31, 2013

    Get some ice for that butt.

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