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KG Suzuki / scam artists, criminals

1 NY, United States Review updated:

Anybody who cares about their hard earned money should stay away from the scam artists at KG Suzuki. Here's a recap of my horrible experience with them:

1. When I was talking to the sales person I was very clear that I needed to see the price that included all the fees. After he quoted me the price (which was $2000 higher than the advertised price) he said they needed to check my credit and specifically said if I didnt like the terms they offered me I could walk away without getting charged anything. When they started doing the paperwork they added around $2k in all kinds of additional fees. When I said I didnt want that kind of a deal they told me Id have to pay cancellation fee in the amount of 10% of the purchase price! When I complained that the sales person told me I wouldnt have to pay anything if I didnt like the terms, the sales person acted dumb and said he "didnt know" and the guy doing the paperwork said "you should read the small print" They openly acknowledge that their sales people lie! So they basically forced me into buying the car.

2. Six months later I was moving and had to sell the car. When I was selling it the buyer pulled up Carfax report and turned out that the car was always registered in New York and was in a major accident before I bought it. The Carfax report that KG Suzuki showed me before I bought the car was for the same year, make and model but it was for a car that was registered in Philly and had a clean record. KG Suzuki showed me a fake Carfax report! which cost me thousands of dollars when I was selling the car.

3. Warranty refund. I was naive enough to buy a 3rd party warranty from KG Suzuki. When I sold the car and asked for a refund, the warranty company sent it to KG Suzuki within 10 days. It took me 4 months and around 30 phone calls to finally get a PARTIAL refund. They used a million excuses for the delay, when I demanded to speak to the manager they wouldnt even tell me his name, and when I finally got through to him (his name is Richard) he simply hung up the phone. So when 4 months later, after I was constantly calling them and threatening a lawsuit they sent me a check for $800 instead of $2000 that they were supposed to send. When I demanded an explanation Richard had a nerve to act like I was trying to take something thats his. He claimed there's a paper that I signed that said that there is a $1700 cancellation fee (warranty was for $2500). Lier! When I was getting the warranty I specifically asked what Id get if I cancel it before the contract expires and I was told Id get the prorated balance back and that there's $25 cancellation fee. I told Richard to fax that paper that he claims I signed to me and he never did. But its pointless to even keep trying because it would take nothing for these criminals to forge my signature.

KG Suzuki is run by top notch scam artists. Their business is not selling cars, it scamming people out of as much money as possible, they know you wont go back there again so they try to steal as much from you as they can. They should all go to jail and I think someday they will.

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  • Ny
      2nd of Oct, 2010
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    I agree, this dealer is terrible and I got bad vibes from the moment I walked in..I had a similar experience and changed my mind halfway into the deal and walked out after they said they were adding $3700 onto the listed asking price for a "certification"

  • Cl
      21st of Mar, 2013
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    they are the worst they gave me a fake gap insureance and added 4000 to the listing price that imran khan is a crook i dont even think its his real name that mother @@@ker lucky he has camres in his room cause he would have gotten a beat down

  • Ka
      29th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    If anyone is interested in getting even with these guys text me at 203-687-7958 they stole over 5, 000 of my money. They lied about the sale price and refused to give me any paper work for about 30 days.

  • Rv
      17th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    Im sorry for your experience
    I wanted to cancel an extended warranty and they asked me to go into the lot to check milage and then locked the gates and took off the plate from the car! after 20days! I had an active loan and registration! The police came and they couldn't do much because it was a contractual matter. It just makes me outraged to know that sleazy people like this are allowed to have business where they publicly violate other peoples rights. They are simply professional robbers.

    How can there be so many negative reviews and claims and reports and no legal action is taken on this dealership. I agree with you they should all be in jail.

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