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I would say the real scam is this - Mr McGarry masquerades himself as a well-educated, astute businessman and the owner of a visa company that ‘he’ believes is the number one visa agent in Pattaya, this is so far from the truth as nearly everyone in Pattaya has a tale to tell about you and the word is out, they don’t believe or trust you anymore.
The real reason why people don’t post their names is very simple Mr. McGarry they value their privacy and don’t want any threats as I have heard you often make to dissatisfied ex clients. However everyone is entitled to their opinion as you are in your many different guises posting about other company’s in Pattaya, surely this smacks of desperation and anyone who has been in business or has received a moderate level of education will understand that having a go at your competitors guised as a client is cheap shot. The internet is littered with you and other company’s arguing in guises of clients trying to discredit one another it only takes a few moments to look.
My tale is common to those disgruntled clients who regularly post on here and your Facebook page. I gave you a deposit to begin work on my partner’s settlement visa application. We then forwarded you all the required documents. We then waited then waited some more. Finally we tried phoning you and it’s a common theme from your disgruntled clients you never answer, return calls or reply to e mails. After FOUR months of waiting and no progress we decided to go elsewhere. You wouldn’t give back the deposit. . We chose another agent in Pattaya, after updating pays lips and bank statements, the application was lodged inside of 5 days the visa issued in two weeks so that my partner could join me in the UK for Christmas. My case was very simple salary employed for over 15 years with an income in excess of £45, 000 per annum plus I and my partner had been in a relationship for three years. It does seem the most simplest of applications and it was posed difficulties for you perhaps a word of advice is needed here – STOP the overseas visa business and concentrate on your UK Embassy income letters and passports as this really does seem to be the level that you and your business are at and stop pretending or ‘masquerading’ to be something you clearly are not which is a professionally run visa company. It may be only a ‘visa’ or ‘money’ to you but what you’re dealing with is peoples relationships and future relationships it is unthinkable how many relationships have ended because of the poor service and advice you offer through your company, please step aside and admit finally you can’t offer the services your marketing and let others do the work you obviously cannot.

Jan 23, 2017

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