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Kelly Printing Supplies / shady and full of lies

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I am the manager of a small business. One day i received a call offering me toner and/or ink for a printers, after initially saying no and i was fully stocked up... Eventually they offered me 1 toner cartridge at the price it would be in a 4-pack ($85 as opposed to $130)... Finally i agreed to it since i didn't want to be on the phone anymore and would eventually use it..

1 week later they call me asking when i want my other 3 cartridges?!?!?! i told them i i hadn't even had a chance to try the one they sent and only bought one!, they said it's a 4 pack and you have to get all 4... the original sales person made it VERY clear that if i did not want to order more than 1 i was not obligated to! they finally backed down...

1 week after that they called again, same story!!! we eventually aggreed that i would get 1 more toner cartridge (so this would now make a total of 2 i ordered when i was told i only needed to get 1) and that would be the end of it...

today (4 months later) i got a VERY nasty call from them saying i need to pay for 2 more toner cartridges whether i want them or not!!! i told them absolutely not and eventually hung up on them when the lady swore at ME!! ... the "supervisor" called me back 5 minutes later saying they take hanging up as a sign of me not willing to pay and they would take it to court... REALLY? take it to court when i havn't paid for 2 items i havn't received OR asked for??? ... he then said they are sending them and i better pay and hung up...

i MIGHT of considered ordering from them after the first cartridge before this VERY VERY shady business! ... if you ever get a call from these people HANG UP!!!

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  • Ja
      12th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    They call me constantly. Even though I tell them that we only us HP ink. At first they tell you that they do sell HP ink, and eventually give in and say they are compatibles. They insist on asking for the number to the printer. I told the caller to price HP15 and she would not do it without the model number of the machine. I said I don't know the model number, and she said in a very snotty tone "it's right there on the front of your machine". I then told her the ink was for another person in our office, not for me and she hung up. Imagine that. I wish they would lose my number.

  • Wa
      18th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    If kelly has an online site why let telemarketers get to you it is obvious those people are not ligit

  • De
      22nd of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I get a phone call from them about 3 times a month, I always tell them no thanks. The last time they called the guy actually started to yell at me. He's lucky I couldn't grab him through the phone or his ### would have been kicked. Now when they call they won't even get through saying hello before I hang up on them. What dumb ###.

  • Sh
      20th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This is just like another company out of California...they don't tell you it's a partial shipment and that you'll be required to buy the rest of the full carton within 30 days before you can "cancel your contract". They'll offer to ship in segments, but you still have to buy them all before they'll cancel even after telling them the product is completely inferior to their claims.

    We ended up filing a formal complaint with the BBB to get it resolved.

    I know there are honest folks out there...but...beware...if it sounds too good to be usually is.

  • Au
      7th of Nov, 2013
    +2 Votes

    The posts here are Correct and Accurate as to the tactics of this company. The rep actually lied to us. The non stop calls are annoying. The calls insisting I pay for another 3 cartridges when we only ordered one at the discounted price of $85 which is supposed to last longer than normal toner. Incidentally after installing the cartridge the copier read the cartridge was low and needed replaced, I thought surely that can't be so I tried to reboot my copier, shake the cartridge and make adjustments yet nothing worked. The cartridge is useless. No doubt we were taken. They continue to call stating we are obligated to pay for 3 more cartridges. Guess what Kelly... an invoice is not evidence of a debt!! Sue my company.

  • Ki
      18th of Nov, 2013
    +2 Votes

    The sales rep told me I had 30 days to evaluate the product and return at no cost if I didn't like it. I said I would need more time and he said absolutely I would get 90 days and then return at no cost. I just got a call that the invoice was past due. I told the woman that the bill was not past due and I had 90 days. She said "read the invoice it says NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS" you should read your agreements" I haven't used any of the products they sent me. They are demanding money. I am not paying for it. I filed with BBB. I expect them to remove the amount owed, since I never "ordered" anything and they can have back the items that I NEVER USED or OPENED. They lied to me.

  • Tr
      4th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Kelly Printing calls our school regularly saying that we requested a sales call when certain ink or toner cartridges are on sale, not true, we have never requested that. When I tell them our tech guy handles all our printing needs and I won't give his name because he's an independent contractor, they hang up on me. Obviously fishing for a name to attach to "requested" orders and very rude! I am making a complaint on every website I can find, makes me feel a little better. I'm so sick of rude, shady sales callers!

  • Ng
      27th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I ordered a lazer printer cartridge after being "guarantee" that I would get twice as many copies from their cartridge. I was told I could try it for 30 days and if I wasn't satisfied, I would not have to pay for it. At day 28, the cartridge stopped with less than the copies we had been getting and the phone calls started. I was told the invoice was past due because it hadn't been paid within the 30 days. I told them it was not as represented and they responded they will gladly send another cartridge at no charge - Once I pay for the first one!!! DON'T THINK SO. Their products are inferior and the staff are all rude and liars. Certainly not a professional or credible business. I have filed a complaint with BBB. BEWARE - should have checked them out before I agreed to try their product.

  • An
      14th of Jun, 2014
    -8 Votes

    you people are so ###ing unfair and lie 1st of all they are all trying to make money like us its their job it feels so disrespectful when people shout and hung up in ur ears yall need to stop i have used there cartridges and they do lasts twice as long and cost effective yall need to treat telemarketers same way you would treat ur staff remeber they have a job and responsibilities also families to take care of yall need to be respectful!!!

  • Ta
      10th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I was called by a Kelly Printing supply person and was told that their ink cartridges held twice the amount of ink that I am getting from a refilled ink cartridge. When I got their two black cartridges and three color cartridges I weighed an empty black ink cartridge and one of their black ink cartridges. The difference between their full black cartridge and my empty cartridge was the amount of weight associated with the ink in their black cartridge. I also compared the weight of the ink in a refilled cartridge against that empty black ink cartridge and found that the ink in the Kelly Printing cartridge was 1 ounce short of the refilled cartridge I had in my inventory. Kelly Printing said I would get twice as much ink as what I was getting from an ink refill business. My measurement showed that Kelly Printing sent me two black cartridges and each was 1 ounce short of what I was already getting from a local Ink Cartridge Refill company. The local Ink Cartridge refill company says they fill the HP cartridges to HP specifications. When you shake one of their full black ink cartridges, there is no sloshing around sound from that cartridge. When you shake the "full black ink cartridge" from Kelly Printing there's a lot of sloshing around. The ink in the black refill cartridge from Kelly Printing was 1 ounce short. What they sent me, was obviously not twice as much ink as what the local Ink refill company was providing. As far as Ink is concerned, they sent me less than half the ink I was supposed to get. Kelly Printing has attempted to defraud me. They sent me an invoice for a product that was supposed to contain twice the amount of ink I was getting from our local Ink cartridge refill company. As far as I am concerned, I received less than half the ink they are trying to charge me for on their invoice.

    The Kelly Printing Invoice is now due and they were quick to call me for full payment. I am only going to pay for what I received. They sent me 1/2 the ink I was to receive, so I'm only going to pay for 1/2 the invoice. These people are quite dishonest in the way they do business. Never again will I do business with Kelly Printing.

  • Cy
      18th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have dealt with Kelly Printing and was and am quite happy. I got everything that was promised and more.
    My printer ran better, the cartridge lasted more than twice as long as the ones I was getting at Staples. And
    I don't have to feel bad for making Mitt Romney richer (he owns Staples).

  • Ta
      18th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    As a follow up, when I put the Kelly Printing supplies Ink cartridges into my HP printer, the HP printer said they were not valid HP Cartridges. My HP Printer froze up and wouldn't work at all with the Kelly Printing Supply print cartridges loaded. I couldn't get by the fatal errors the printer displayed with their cartridges. The boxes for the Ink cartridges said they were for my printer, but they caused fatal errors on my printer and my printer would not work. I sent their cartridges back to them and they were signed for at the US Post office by M. Kelly. Those people solicited me to try their cartridges and they misrepresented the amount of ink that was in those cartridges. They lied to me when they said these cartridges had twice the ink in them of the refilled cartridges I was already purchasing. The Kelly Printing Services cartridges had less ink in them for almost double the price of what I was already using. And on top of that I found their products don't work in my HP printer. I've wasted a lot of time and $10 return shipping costs on a product that is 100% crap. Never again will I do business with that company!

  • So
      17th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    We have received so many calls from this company specially from Cindy x 1003, and yell at me asking for money and threatening me. When they call the first time, they said that the first product was FREE and if I liked it, I coud order more on better prices than in the actual market price. TOTALLY a lie, they want me to pay the fist lot. So I don't get nothing for free and the price is much higher than the ones I used to buy. I wont recomend this company at all.

  • Ri
      7th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    After many phone calls from this company, we decided to give their products a try. Never again. After receiving the products it was a while before we needed to actually use the ink cartridges and past the 30 day trial period. When finally installing the cartridges, there wasn't any ink in them. I called the company and they mailed out replacements. The replacements lasted less than a week and we don't do a whole lot of printing. Needless to say, the product is worthless and we will not being doing business with them anymore. They are crooks.

  • Ae
      21st of Jul, 2015
    +2 Votes

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. This was my first experience with Kelly Printing and the way they conduct business. As soon as the 30 day trial period was over, they faxed an invoice to our company, and proceeded to call us each day demanding to know the check number we were paying them with, even though I explained we pay our bills once a month. They were pushy, rude, and all staff members complained about them calling several times a day. I deal with all kinds of suppliers daily, and this is the first time i have had such a negative experience. Even if their product really does last 2 times as long as our original ink cartridge, I would NOT continue to buy from them, based on the conduct of their sales representatives and customer service. I strongly suggest buying elsewhere! Not worth the harassment and frustration.

  • Sh
      31st of Jul, 2015
    +3 Votes


  • Ga
      2nd of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This company called our office with the same 'deals'. Try one cartridge for a special price. I did take the special to try the cartridge. Then 2 weeks later I got the call that I had to buy 3. Well, ok. But then they called 3 weeks later to say I would be getting 4 more as part of bundle price. I said 'no, the deal was 3 total". The saleslady started to talk over me and say, "no, no this was a special price deal". I again and said "no, and if she called again I would call the Better Business Bureau". That seemed to work because then she said she would make a note in my file and close the account.

  • Je
      7th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    They are constantly harassing lying they sent me 3 toners then cb and said the order wasn't complete so i OK the remaining toners once they arrived they called again saying that the order was missing another 3 cartridges to complete the special "price" they gave me i told them to hold off since we work on a budget .. she said she would put it off for 90 days within a week the toners arrived a few days later a bill ad then followed the harassing phone calls to pay up. I payed them and asked them to remove us from their calling list. they stopped for like 2 months and now they are back at it again.

  • Ph
      28th of Oct, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I too had a problem with this company. I also was called and received a "too good to be true offer". I did accept the order because we used a lot of printer cartridges. I received 4. This was in March. Between March & May I did not receive any calls. In May, I received a call threatening collection action, (We are a municipality), because we had not paid our invoice. I explained that I had not received an invoice to pay. After exchanging a few "pleasantries", she hung up. The next day, I received a call from Vickie. Again, I told the same story. No invoice. I asked if it could be emailed to me. Our invoices are only approved by Council twice per month and we had a meeting coming up. I did not get the invoice and the meeting passed. She called again and again I told her I didn't have an invoice. We had a heated exchange and I asked to speak to her superior. I then got a call from Lee. He forwarded me the invoice via email. I explained that it wouldn't be approved until my next meeting, 2 weeks away. He assure me it was fine. I also explained that one of the original cartridges only produced a minimal amount of copies. He sent me a replacement. I told him that I would no longer deal with their company unless I could deal directly with someone other than the gals that I had talked to. He told me to contact him directly and he gave me his phone number. After my conversation with him, I again received calls and told them in no uncertain terms that I will deal with no one other than Lee in the future and told them to no longer call me. It took a couple more times relaying this information but finally they stopped calling. I have since resigned my position but I never had a problem after that and anytime I needed something I called Lee and I had it "next day".

  • Tr
      17th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    They called me 2 months ago and said they would give me on carthage to try at no cost to me to try. So i agreed. Then 3 weeks later I get another call from them saying that they needed to ship the remaining 5 carthages. So I told them no beacuse the first one only lasted 2 weeks when it was suppose to last 6 months. So I told them not to send them. 1 week later I get 4 carthages in the mail that I did not order. I called them and they said they would give me a discounted price if I payed for them. So like a dummy I agreed. Then Today I get a call saying they needed to ship the remaining 12 carthage's. I told them if they shiped them or even called me again that I will sue them. So if I get another call from them that is what I will do.

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