Kaufman's Auto Repair / stolen oil filter & oil

Columbus, GA, United States

On 8/15/2018 I changed my own oil (7 quarts) and oil filter with Mobil 1 20k miles annual protection that cost me roughly $75. On 9/27/2018 I took my truck in to the Kauffman Columbus, GA location #666 to fix a flat along with rotation and balance with tires that i bought from #666 Kauffman previously. At my 8k mile mark since swapping my oil & oil filter I decided to do a check on it to make sure everything was right. Only to find my truck was severely low on oil by 3 -1/2 quarts of oil & upon further inspection my Mobil 1 oil filter had been replaced with a filter that Kauffman #666 uses. I filled my truck up with oil needed to survive but at this point I had put at least 4k miles on my truck since the visit. I went back to the store to get a good explanation & the sales associate whom I dealt with the same day as the theft occurred verified it was their oil filter but couldn't give me a good explanation and offered me a free oil change because of it.

This is not acceptable. My truck could have serious engine damage as a result of someone putting their hands on my vehicle in places they shouldn't have been. I came in to fix a tire with rotation and balance but I was stolen from and my vehicle left without adequate oil as a result of your employees/ techs. I need for this to be made up to me big time. I am currently seeking legal action

Kaufman's Auto Repair

Oct 22, 2018

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