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I bought two years of hosting from justhost, and this is the first time I've ever bought something online and been ripped off so shamelessly.

Within 4 days there was a problem with the site due to the resource limit, that's understandable and I asked for a refund since it turned out not to be a suitable hosting solution for the site. BUT two months later I'm yet to be refunded. Despite the promise of an 'anytime refund'.

Their refund department, after a little bit of negotiating agreed on an appropriate figure. However, that's as far as it got. When I wrote to confirm I'd like the refund, they sent some random automated reply that was totally irrelevant to the situation. I asked twice more, waiting patiently between mails. They are definitely ignoring me.
Furthermore I've been locked out of the control panel (they appear to have changed my password), so I have no hosting now either.

Every step of the way they try to sell you something, they are very slick at making sales, and it seems they use the even more ruthless tactics to profit from departing customers.

Unfortunately because I paid with PayPal and the 45 days within which I can dispute has elapsed. It's horrible when a company makes you jump through hoops to get your money back, but even worse when after all that, they pocket your money, add you to some 'ignore this customer' list, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

At the end of the day, it is among the cheapest hosting you can get. But these people are crooks. I've seen reviews that the exact same farcical things have happened to other people. Only use this company if you are desperate. If you can afford it, go with a half decent and legitimate company.

Hosting companies I've hosted within include, BlueHost, Hostgator, Lunarpages, openmindhosting, KnownHost, ServerLoft. I definitely recommend all those companies, BlueHost and Hostgator offer good cheap hosting packages.

In case anyone is interested, here's a transcript of my conversation with their refund department:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sorry to bother you once more, but I've still not been refunded, and after waiting a few days justhost haven't even replied.
I'm not sure if the last technician was following the conversation but I have been offered a $50.80 refund by Addie Saber (see below). This is because the site was only hosted 4 days, even though two months have elapsed since, the site hadn't been online at all during that time, so it was agreed justhost would waive the hosting charge. There was a problem with the hosting, it just wasn't the right fit for my site (we needed more resources, and within 4 days it was exceeding what this hosting package allowed).
I accept this refund.

If it helps speed things up, here are details of my payment:

PayPal Subscription Payment (Unique Transaction ID *****************)
Amount: $80.75 USD
Date: 4 May 2011
Time: ******** BST


**** ******

From: *********************
To: [protected]
Subject: FW: [#2579281] refund
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 22:16:09 +0000

My previous message was met by an automated response, that seemed out of context, I'm not sure what's going on.
So I am writing once more to clarify, I would like to take the $50.80 refund.

The domain is: *********.com
Thank you.


**** ******

From: **********************
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: [#2579281] refund
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 16:08:45 +0000

I would like to take the refund.

> Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 00:25:13 -0400
> To: *********************
> From: [protected]
> Subject: Re: [#2579281] refund
> Hi John,
> I apologize for the issue. I can confirm we can refund the amount of $50.80 after deducting $20 for domain registration fee. Please let us know how you wish to proceed.
> Kind Regards,
> --
> Addie Saber
> Cancel Department

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  • Da
      Jul 05, 2012

    Justhost are the worst hosting company in the world. They are cheats, they lie about everything. If your account gets hacked, they will never accept responsibility. They are just the worst in the industry. Please stay away from their scam-ridden offers

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