JustAirTicketI highly recommend you never use justairticket

I highly recommend you NEVER use JustAirTicket.

Thinking we were saving money we made plane reservations at, a site that came up searching under Google Flights. I checked, and the VISA charge for tickets went through. But JustAir claims that they cancelled our purchase because we didn't return their phone calls (4 made in 24 hours) all of which went into the junk category (number not recognized, message odd and unclear). They say they emailed us, but to a wrong address with their typo, so we never got that either. Only by chance did we find out the tickets were cancelled. They had given a refund but we didn't know it.

And why did we need to talk to them anyway? The guy I talked to said they needed to verify information to protect us (?), the floor manager said it was to confirm my bank balance (?? It was a visa charge that went through and anyway why would a bank give out my balance??), and the guy My husband talked to said the flight price went up (too bad, we had already paid?) and they wanted to increase our fare. After cancelling our flight, they did nothing to let us know we no longer had tickets. Can you imagine my ire had we arrived at the airport not knowing that, or even had we found out when we checked in a day before? We had a confirmation email!

They say this is routine practice from them. My routine practice will be to tell as many people as possible NEVER to do business with this company.

Nov 21, 2018

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