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DO NOT use this company. We received two pair pj's as christmas gifts. They were the wrong size. I paid to ship them back, put in writing the new order request, paid for the difference in price and wrote EXACTLY what address they should be sent to.

They totally screwed up the order and send only one pair to the address of the original purchaser who had to pay to ship it to us. Meanwhile, the 2nd pair is nowhere to be found.

I have called three times, emailed twice and have been told by a rude "manager" that there is nothing they can do. After I reminded him that I had done everything per their instructions and that the error was their fault, he told me someone from fulfillment would contact me. Never happened. I called again and spoke with a young man who was moderately helpful, but took 45 minutes to unravel the problem. He called me back one time to gather additional info and promised to call me back with a resolution to the problem. Never happened.

I've never experienced such poor customer service and such incompetence. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. There are plenty of other pajama retailers who value their customer and will make good on their promise. JumpinJammerz is not a professionally run or competent organization. They do not deserve to be in business.

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  • Te
      18th of Nov, 2009
    Jumpin Jammerz - Bad service
    Jumpin Jammerz
    United States

    When you order pj's on this website, be aware that this business is poorly managed and service is bad:

    - pj's with manufacturing defaults

    - after waiting for 2 weeks and calling the customer service, I was told my order was not in stock and would take at least another month to arrive. Upon my question why I was not informed about that, I was told that "our system doesn't allow us to do that". So basically when you orderm you never know when you will get your order: it might be a week or a month or more

    - every order so far (I have made three) had something going wrong: 1. pj's with manufacturing default 2. not in stock - still waiting for it to arrive- I was told it's on a boat coming from China ! 3. I received the wrong pj's - instead of the kisses I received skulls. Upon complaining the customer service basically told me I could only get the right order after sending in the wrong pj's. Result: lots of hasle and paying for shipping costs for another mistake made by jumpin jammerz. I insisted this was ridiculous but upon checking with the owner, I was told by the customer service that this was the only way.

    It is clear that this business is managed poorly. Reading other customers reviews it is clear that they all have similar experiences. Conclusion: DO NOT ORDER WITH JUMPIN JAMMERZ ! SERVICE IS HORRIBLE.

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  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    Jumpin Jammerz - Poor Service
    Jumpin Jammerz

    Do not order from Jumpin Jammerz, unless you like pain!

    Placed my order on 10/10/09. Paid for express shipping, and was told to expect the pajamas within 7 business days. My credit card was charged as soon as I placed my order, to ensure "Fast shipping". After 7 business days, a check on the website revealed that my order had never been shipped. Call was placed to the company, and I was told that they were sold out- even though my credit card had already been charged. I told them to cancel my shipping, and send it the regular route.

    After two weeks, I called again to check on the status of my order, and was told that they still hadn't received their shipment, and that they hoped more would come in at the end of the week.

    After two more weeks, I called again, and was told that I was in luck, my pajamas were in stock, and they would be shipped immediately.

    After another week of no progress, I called again, and found out I was lied to by somebody working in their customer service - the pajamas were not in, and they didn't know when the next shipment was coming in. After that, I canceled my order, and demanded a refund.

    Jumpin Jammerz took a week to refund me, with no apologies.

    I suspect that Jumpin Jammerz is in some serious financial troubles, please be wary of ordering from this company. I would suggest going to an alternate source for Pajamas.

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  • Jo
      17th of Dec, 2009
    Jumpin Jammerz - Terrible Service
    Jumpin Jammerz
    United States

    I'm so tired of dealing with this company, I don't even want to type about it. But I will, and I want you to think of that effort when you decide whether or not to shop there.

    I ordered a pair of pajamas from them on November 11. It is December 17 and I haven't received them. I wasn't even told that they were "backordered" until I inquired about them some three weeks later. They told me they'd ship absolutely by December 11. They did not.

    I ranted. I raved. I wrote in bold type. No one even bothered to answer me. Think about that one for a minute. It tells me loud and clear that 1) they have too many complaints to really worry about one and 2) as a company, they don't really care about that fact. They sell overpriced pajamas and they've been steadily growing for years now.

    I received an email yesterday saying that they had shipped via FedEx, with a tracking number. I just looked: they are scheduled to arrive December 23. That's cutting it rather close, and if they indeed arrive on that day it will be 43 days after I ordered them.

    After reading numerous other jumpinjammerz complaints, I am now concerned that I may not receive the right size/pattern that I ordered and will be expected to ship the pajamas back to them at my expense. Do yourself a favor and patronize a better company than this.

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  • Do
      20th of Jan, 2010

    I received and sent back pajamas from Jumpin Jammerz as they did not fit right. It has been over a month and they still have not credited my account. I have called to follow up and they will not call back . I do not think I will get my money back. Terrible company, terrible business, do not buy from them.

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  • Jo
      18th of Feb, 2010

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Terrible. Scam artists at work. Hidden charges, fees, re-stocking, you name it!

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  • Bo
      22nd of Dec, 2011

    I also ordered a set of pj's from this horrible excuse for a website, I made a purchase on Dec 6th for a gift for my girlfriend, I did not receive a order conformation email from them, which I found strange. I waited about two weeks to see if they would contact me at all and send me anything; i.e. a thank you email, a tracking number, a "your order has been shipped email, but no, they did not contact me at all. So I check my bank statement and sure enough they charged my account on Dec 7th. So I emailed them, and waited a few days and still did not receive any response, so I emailed them again and then began to call their so-called "customer service" number... no one ever answered. A few times the answering machine told me that the VM box was full! I left several messages and no one ever called me back. I find this unacceptable, this company basically stole my money. I called my bank yesterday and reported them, the bank returned my money. I am very disappointed, their products looked great, too bad they dont know how to run a business... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT WEBSITE.

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