John Robert Powers / This is a just a rip-off company

United States

First of all they show you a video with a bunch of disney tv stars so that you think they put them through school. FACT: none of the disney stars actually went through their school. they are only contracted to say that they did.They are getting paidto say that they used john robert powers agency.

Secondly, they tell you that they only have a limited number of spots open and your child has been selected. FACT: they tell that to every one so you make a quick decision and feel like your child has a real opportunity.

Third, the agent tells you that all your money is refundable IN FULL. FACT: in the smallest fine print the contract they want you to sign states that all of the money is refundable EXCEPT the intial payment of 300$!! therefore your money is NOT REFUNDABLE IN FULL! like the agent states. Plus to cancel a contract with them they want you to get anotarized letter and mail it to the corporate office within three business days of signing the contract. Its easiest to just cancel your card and get a new one.

Lastly, this is a just a rip-off company that has been around for as long as it has because it knows how to get through legal loop holes. All the women who claim to be actressess are really paid off women from foreign countries. This company sells you fake information to make you feel like yourchild really has something special so they can take your money and use the legal system to their benefit doing so.

Terrible Terrible experience. The agent who helped us was named Andrea, she was of asian desent (i am not racist, simply describing her to the best of my ability for the next potential victim) her direct cell is [protected]).


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